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Venerable radio host Paul Sidney, 69, dies

Paul Sidney was a truly wonderful man with a heart of gold and a golden asset to the East End. He was an East End institution. I first met Paul in 1987 when I was 9 years old at one of his remotes. Paul let me use the microphone and get on the air. I was able to say HI to all my friends and family and it was a such a thrill and made me so happy. I became a radio star at age 9. He was such a nice guy. I had already been listening to WLNG at the time as it was always on in our household. I was already a Paul Sydney fan at that young age and always wondered who the man was behind that booming voice. After my initial on air experience, I went up to Paul at every remote therafter and he always let me on the air. As I grew up, I continued to call in to his show and by the time I became a doctor, he would always proudly announce my name on the radio as Sam, the doctor of Flanders. Paul created the best radio station that will ever exist in the world. The jingles, the program and the fact that the station and Paul always cared about every town on the East End can never be duplicated. The Station is all that I have ever relied on for any information. Even if I needed a phone number or other routine or silly info, I would just call the Station. And Paul and the station were always so open and nice and friendly. Only Paul could have created such a wonderful medium. The East End would never be the same without WLNG and the East End and WLNG will never be the same without Paul Sydney. Rest in Peace old friend. The good die young. Poor Paul died 30 years too young. All the best to Paul Sydney- Sam of Flanders" Apr 10, 09 10:22 AM