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Historical Marker Installed At Shinnecock Canal

Be sure to sign the petition! I think part of the whole "Save CPI" push, was to shield the fact that they are going to destroy Tide Runners..." Sep 19, 13 9:19 AM

Southampton Village Residents Hoping To Save Historical Pyrrhus Concer Home From Demolition

Ah yes, let's be sure to tell people what they can and can't do to their own houses..." Sep 26, 13 9:39 AM

If this house is so historically significant, why are we only hearing about it now?" Sep 26, 13 9:40 AM

Landmark Beach Rebuilding Project Begins In Bridgehampton

Just in time to screw up the fishing season!" Oct 4, 13 2:18 PM

Dog Park Proposed In Southampton Village

In that case, we should be slaughtering the geese by the thousands..
The amount of pet waste, during open hours, left behind by owners, would be miniscule compared to that of the geese..." Oct 23, 13 12:23 PM

Well, I don't think it would do much harm, relatively speaking. Personally, I feel since this place has been coined as "The Land Of NO!", I think a bunch of canines smelling butts in a dog park might actually lighten up things a bit.... Let alone, 600 signatures should be suffice.." Oct 23, 13 4:53 PM

Armed Robbery On Sag Harbor's Main Street; Suspects At Large

Yeah, pretty soon it'll be 'no right on red'..." Nov 20, 13 11:17 AM

UPDATE: Second Rare Whale Found In Bridgehampton Monday Morning

Although I agree this should be clearly mentioned.. A necropsy can only be performed postmortem.. So, unfortunately this guy didn't make it." Jan 6, 14 12:29 PM

Protesters Gather In East Hampton Village To Oppose Deer Culling

If you were actually from around here, you'd know there's no space between south, and hampton... First comment, used a space... Let alone you immediately politicized this on a county level...Methinks you not from these parts...V.Tomanoku is right!" Jan 19, 14 9:44 AM

Proposed Hill Street Home In Southampton Village Meets Resistance From Neighbor

Hey jealousy! Hey jealousy!

People in this town need to learn their property lines, and abide by them.." Jan 22, 14 10:22 AM

Read chief1's comment..., below:
The house is on an acre which is larger than the other adjoining lots. The house is 35 ft from the property line which is further away then any of the whiners at the meeting. The house will not be visible from Hill St, and is super private location. These people have gone mad, and Mrs Pyne is wrong the ARB can't vote the house down if it is within the parameters of accepted square footage. " Jan 22, 14 6:24 PM

Westhampton Beach Police Officer Suspended Without Pay After Stalking Arrest

Wow, you can lose a handgun, THEN lie about it... And keep your job as a cop? That's it, I'm quitting my job..." Jan 29, 14 5:10 PM

Coast Guard Rescues 12-Year-Old Girl From Boat In Southampton

I cannot believe you are going to force me to use one of my 'comment quota' to say this.... 4:15PM is NOT "late at night", as you say.

Also, boaters do not need to slow down, idiots need to slow down, or perhaps just not buy a boat in the first place. For some reason you need a license to operate a waverunner, yet you require absolutely no license to captain anything once you're over 18. That is stupid because anyone with a blank check can go and get into something like a 38' boat with no experience (just an example) and something like this is more likely to happen. I cannot read the article, but it is also very possible this gentleman is an avid boater, and a bar simply shifted in some weather.

However, I do agree that the poor girl was injured at the hand of the captain." Jul 28, 14 9:36 AM

Fight Erupts After Cheating Accusations At Fishing Competition in Montauk

Someone related to a TV show had some drama go down out here?! So weird... Imagine that?!" Jul 30, 14 9:18 AM

Effort To Save Philip Johnson House In Sagaponack Fails

Yes, we must continue to stop people from doing what they want on their own property, without falter!!

We were not coined "The Land of 'NO!'" for nothing!

An ugly old saltbox had famous friends, next!" Sep 8, 14 2:59 PM

Mystery Solved: Artist Michael R. Zotos Is Man Behind 'Spontaneous Entities'

Perhaps you forgot to put your blinders on that morning..? Just a thought. It's people like you that keep this place as dry, and sterile as possible... I bet it was the mention of the word "smile" one too many times in the article that got to you.." Sep 10, 14 11:00 AM

East End BWIs Reach All-Time High This Year

Especially considering that most of the boat traffic out there was law enforcement themselves.. Barcelona this year consisted of about 20 pleasure boats, and no less than (6-8) types of law enforcement." Sep 11, 14 1:45 PM

New Data On East Hampton Airport Traffic Shows Increases Through August

Of course it does! Peconic Bay now sounds like Jamaica Bay! I swear I actually hit the deck one foggy night when something big was coming through....

Pretty soon they'll be no more right on red out here! " Sep 16, 14 5:27 PM

Design Review Board Receives National Recognition For Timber-Frame Preservation Project In East Hampton Village

No, no, no and no. No, this town does NOT need ANYMORE power to be distributed amongst anything other than the people.
This town already tells you everything you can and cannot do to your own damn property. If you purchase a home, what right does ANYONE have to tell you what you can, and cannot do?
Just because someone wins the popularity contest, it does not mean they know what they hell they are doing. Are these people showing these lovely houses, for all of us to walk through, and enjoy? No.
Are we about to start purchasing, and maintaining all these places? No.
Is it reasonable for the town to assume that people should purchase, and be responsible for the upkeep and maintenance, etc, for these older homes? No.
You have oysters to catch, you don't have time for the DEC to sit there, and make sure every oyster you catch, isn't of historical significance...." Sep 22, 14 5:06 PM

Police Looking For Man Who Stole Handbag From Southampton Village Store

Weird, I thought it would 'hinder investigations' and be 'dangerous' to release this information so quickly. Oh wait, HE STOLE A HANDBAG.. It's not like he just ran someone over and killed them or anything as petty as that." Sep 22, 14 5:08 PM

Woman Found Dead In East Hampton Had Difficult Life, Family Says

So, let me get this straight.. A woman sets out to kill herself, forgets the noose, and uses her own sweatshirt? AND to top it all off, no autopsy was done, and she's now being buried.
So, not only can you get away with a hit and run in this town, but apparently murder as well.

Murder doesn't sell houses, nor rentals." Oct 9, 14 2:53 PM

Jeep Submerged At Georgica Pond On Sunday

Yes, don't share a sober person's identity when they've done something stupid... We only judge by newspaper/WLNG when someone is pre-trial for DWIs, etc.." Oct 27, 14 10:58 PM

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