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UPDATE: Emma Rose Elliston Beach In North Sea Reopened To Bathing

I can't wait until both of you find a new hobby... You're a dying breed, you racist types. Do you realize how many people would have to bathe in there to get to those levels? Do the math.. I know both of you have the time.. Don't make me do it.. I'm working hard to keep your computers connected to the interwebz....!" Aug 5, 15 1:08 AM

Music Run Amok Has East Hampton Reconsidering Nightclub Permits

100%! And abstinence is not the answer... Everyone out here hates the summer crowds, yet we're nearly 100% dependent on them... " Aug 14, 15 7:47 AM

Plans For Median On Long Beach Road To Be Topic Of Discussion

Seriously. Because they did such an atrocious job at 'the NEW' deadman's curve fixing, I'd hate to think what they're going to 'fix' next.... That turn is now off camber, and appears to even have sharpened." Aug 17, 15 8:49 AM

UPDATE: Coast Guard Suspends Search Monday For Missing Hang Glider, Calling Reports Unfounded

Great to be able to check the local news when I see all this commotion in the bay. Hoping to hear good news..." Aug 30, 15 11:30 PM

SCCC Officials Break Ground On $18 Million Athletic Complex Monday

Razza- there's a sale on tinfoil at Waldbaums before they close.. Might what to stock up on it." Sep 28, 15 10:14 PM

UPDATE: Man Brought Into Custody In Sag Harbor After Suicide Threat Prompts School Lockout

What a great opportunity to talk about mental health... No?" Nov 4, 15 8:42 PM

Deer Sterilization Effort Begins Again In East Hampton Village

I love it when people prioritize animals over people.

Malnourished, dangerous, etc... Take a look at people in the world in the same conditions, then I'll start paying attention. You'll speak out x comments deep on deer, yet nobody speaks out in support of the other article mentioning war torn vets, at the direction of our government. But no, let's keep an eye on the effin' deer." Nov 4, 15 8:48 PM

UPDATE: Three Arrested Protesting Beach Excavation In Montauk

See, what nobody realizes is that it's a lesser of two evils. If a line is not drawn, nothing will be left at all. The beach will erode regardless. No beach, or no town..? Choice is yours..." Nov 7, 15 9:37 AM

Sag Harbor Village Board Will Drop Proposed Regulations On Drones After FAA Action

One drone crash, and they've already got regulations in place... I love this town. " Jan 4, 16 4:16 PM

UPDATE: East Hampton Man Named In Monday Morning's DWI Crash In Amagansett

OH THANK GOODNESS we know who...I'm about to eat dinner, but couldn't wait to dust off my pitchfork first... I was afraid our towns might've finally put this archaic form of public humiliation to rest..." Feb 15, 16 9:56 PM

Wait until a wrongfully accused takes their own life, I've got my money on that being the final straw... One's own blood must be drawn... Sounds like a decent lawsuit in the end, too. How American." Feb 16, 16 6:33 AM

Lack Of East End ATV Parks Frustrates Local Riders

Reopen the power lines... It's time for "The Land of NO" to change its MO..." Feb 17, 16 12:51 PM

BenSwezey for president!!!!

All you miserable old farts should've blown an O ring by now... 43 years ago this place was wilder than the West..I think you meant to move to the North Fork, where nothing ever happens. Oh wait, they're cool with people riding snowmobiles straight to Orient, so perhaps you should just move elsewhere..?" Feb 17, 16 7:38 PM

Town Trustees Surrender Authority Over Village Beach Driving

Realistic- 4x4's have cruised the beaches since before your time... And hopefully they will after it, too.

Let me guess, you must be one of the ones that bought a house near an airport, and complain of noise...?" Feb 25, 16 3:45 PM

New Livery Driver License Contemplated For Southampton Town

Yeah, this is the government doing the exact OPPOSITE of what we need... Uber drivers have always been clean, courteous, and safe... meanwhile we all know what the local cabs look like, damn near gypsy cabs..." Mar 8, 16 2:27 PM

Mouthampton FOR PRESIDENT!! Brilliant ideas! Hahaha I love it." Mar 9, 16 9:57 AM

Sag Harbor Residents Start Petition Against Installation Of Synthetic Turf Field At Pierson

In 2014, NBC looked into the potential link between the rubber crumbs used in artificial turf and female soccer players getting cancer. The broadcast focused on Amy Griffin, associate head coach for the University of Washington’s women’s soccer team. Griffin, in her words, has discovered “a stream of kids” that have played on artificial turf and soon gotten cancer. Griffin has compiled a list of 38 American soccer players–34 of them goalies–who have been diagnosed with cancer. At least a dozen played in Washington, but the geographic spread is nationwide. Blood cancers like lymphoma and leukemia dominate the list.

Goalies go to ground a lot more than any other player. Unless they're strapping radioactive gloves on, there's few other potentials..." Mar 10, 16 8:44 AM

Sagaponack Declared Zip Code King For Most Expensive Median Home Sale Prices

What a crappy milestone to be trying to make a living next to..." Mar 12, 16 8:29 AM

County Road 39 Blinking Light Program Scheduled For This Week

That light has been exactly timed to make all the drivers at the Sandy Hollow light (headed west) speed their butts off to make it. For 10 years I've been making that commute. I've called Johnson Controls and they don't even care.. Perhaps they'd care if someone investigated what exactly happened for that memorial to be placed right at the 'finish line'.... A photo finish for their atrocious and careless oversight. And a life lost.

What is the point of making tens of thousands of cars over the years, stop twice within a quarter mile?" Apr 19, 16 1:25 AM

Trump Trounces On East End; Clinton Captures Close Contest

Wow, I never knew the 'East End' supported racism, and general idocracy... What a shame. Poor showing "people"...." Apr 20, 16 6:34 AM

But then what do we do with our love affair of inexpensive labor?!" Apr 20, 16 1:25 PM

Donald Trump To Attend Fundraiser In Southampton on Saturday


Police: Six Sold Alcohol To Minors In Sting Targeting Southampton Town Businesses

How about we focus on the epidemic of heroin in Long Island, rather than a non-issue of underage drinking...? When is the last time a bartender was held responsible for an accident involving an under age drinker..? " Jul 10, 16 3:55 PM

UPDATE: Peaceful Black Lives Matter Rally Held In Westhampton Beach

Anyone who thinks BLM is racist is an idiot. The same idiot that would go to a Breast Cancer Awareness walk, screaming and shouting, "WHAT ABOUT TESTICULAR CANCER!!???!"... Well, it sure does exist, however, that is not the purpose of the BCA campaign.

The purpose of the BLM campaign is to raise awareness to the fact that so many unarmed blacks are gunned down by cops. End of story. How about those (8) cops in Chicago that just got/are about to be fired for firing (15) shots into a man that was allegedly "lunging at them" with a kinfe.. when in reality he was walking away, according to the video contradicting COPS stories....That is the problem. Yes, all lives matter.. but, all lives aren't being taken by COPS at the same rate.... " Aug 18, 16 2:09 PM

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