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Oddone guilty of first-degree manslaughter, jury announces Monday

Peace on Earth.. After we're done strangling someone to death... Yes, peace on Earth...
And, give the gift of life..." Dec 15, 09 12:51 PM

Now that beachbum has made the excellent, oh so disgustingly truthful comment, in an amazingly artful manner… I will put in my two (ga-billion-trillion, because apparently size matters on this board) sense…
Jealous of their wealth?! Negative… I have wealth, and not only in my head… Because I’m sure that was the wealth you refer to…
More so jealous of their amazing capacity for emptiness, blindness, and expertise of numb-ignorance….
This is the best ‘The Bridge’ can do in terms of philanthropy?! Ho wait, that’s right, he fits their criterion… Underdog, with no chance…A human in a position to make a difference, but instead chose demolition… I home next time someone hears someone saying, “You’re killing him, you’re faulking (eds.) killing him”, they are both comprehensive, and humane enough to know what that means… Now, we have just escalated a sociopath…. He know feels capable of, well, getting away with murder…
I say this, as I glance in the direction of the ‘oh-so-scary’ coffee table, said unruly patron was removed from, not pushed, but removed from… As many, many people sit, and enjoy their what have you, peacefully…
This one’s for you Reister, because brilliant ignorance, stupidity, flaws in ‘the system’, and even a bit of shovanism, kept your reaper from his sow… Andrew, I will save a life in your name one day….

With every 'like' of this above comment.. The East End grows golder, I mean colder...
" Dec 15, 09 12:53 PM

INS, if someone strangles YOU to death... Would they be considered a murder?

No, because not many people would care if you were missing from this board..." Dec 15, 09 12:58 PM

*your" Dec 15, 09 12:59 PM

Dear Oddone Supporter:
Many people, actually innocent people, go to jail everyday, for longer terms than Oddone will.. And, they have never killed anyone... Why? Because they cannot afford an attorney.. So, is that to say it is just, when a man, who cannot afford an attorney, and killed someone, has his campaign funded by a bunch of arse-clowns swinging at plastic balls? Why? Because he recommended the right club? Because he holds their arsenal? Is this man now in their pocket for life? Will he be further used to continue out their wrath of stupidity and death?
He was not defending himself.. Numerous people tried prying this monster off Andrew Reister, numerous people made it clear to him, that he was killing a human being, and yet he continued. That is no self defense, and everyone who was there that night knows it.. When is the last time someone was beaten to death in front of 100 people? Never, oh wait, the last time Oddone was out at night, that happened... And, he did it.
You're right, there is no winner here, just one big effing loser... Too bad he can't lose everything, like Reister, and his family did.

"If this incident happene to an ordinary man, not a moonlighting corrections officer, I doubt people would have gone for his juggular vein."

What the hell does that even mean? Some sick pun, on the actual situation? I want Tony's ordinary mans' jugular vein myself..
And, again, 'Sorry' doesn't make it ok...
People need to be held responsible for their mistakes... Tony's parents? Perhaps..." Dec 15, 09 1:12 PM

We're not freaks, we're people, affected by situations around us, by our feelings. Go solve all those problems, I'm too busy trying to solve this one, for now...
And, you apparently are the one with time on your hands, to hit all those exclamation points." Dec 15, 09 1:15 PM

They do know Tony, Anthony 'The Killer Caddy' Oddone.. That's why it sounds trashy.. Because they do know him... You're all trashy.. Killers are trashy. People who side with them, belong in the same dump. Keep supporting your 'killer' mascot... " Dec 15, 09 1:19 PM

People were not too shocked to intervene.. Oddone was set in his ways, to hurt this man the best he can.. Also know as, killing...
After he had dropped him cold to the floor, rendering him unconscious... He left, in fear of retaliation, as you said.. Except, legal retaliation. When you kill someone, usually you're found guilty of it..." Dec 15, 09 1:25 PM

East End still digging out after record snow

Most of you just ruined this lovely rarity of a gift nature just gave us... Politics cannot taint snow, but people sure can.. Bah humbug..!

" Dec 21, 09 3:19 PM

Workers finish dredging Shinnecock Inlet; project comes in $3 million under budget

Less politicians, and politicking.. More people.." Jan 18, 10 12:05 PM

Broderick to star in Hamptons-based sitcom

Jersey Shore is on its' way as well.. This will be fun..." Feb 2, 10 2:37 PM

Alert issued after girl is questioned by man driving a tan van in Remsenburg

I concur.. And, to add... Knowing the psychological side of pedophilia (having studied Psych extensively in college, including Abnormal Psych..), it is a cycle of abuse just like most. Pedophiles were often abused as children, and/or feel they have been robbed of their innocence, and feel the need to "return the favor" in kind...

..At least they still are obviously driving around vans.. And haven't upgraded to anything else yet... " Mar 15, 10 12:08 PM

Whale killed with bullet; experts defend how beaching was handled

A friend of mine had the (one of the) honors of being present, as a marine biologist at the scene... She said he had no chance, as all three of his stomachs were empty...

We dispose of our metal ships, even war tanks, for artificial reefs in the ocean.. We can't bring out a lump of chum for disposal? Sharks/everything would have torn it to shreds in a matter of a days...

A prime example of how headless all of our DEC, Town Boards, Trustees, etc are... How about they leave the whale alone, and take a peek at how their Highway maintenance lot is under 5 feet of water at the north end of North Sea Road... That whale will do a lot less damage than all the pollutants that are milling around that poisonous should-be superfund site... Oh, but that's right, the town is immune to its own laws.." Apr 14, 10 9:28 AM

Southampton Town code enforcement slaps landlord with 50 violations at six houses

Wow, amazing.. So you mean to tell me that the Town Board actually busts people guilty of actual crimes, too?! Fantastic..... I figured they simply kept their boats afloat by belittling those attempting to build their first and, final homes, here on the East End. Oh wait, sorry, I forgot, this was the work of the Code Enforcement officers..." Jun 9, 10 3:45 PM

Heart attack victim's brother doesn't miss a beat

A great ending, a fairy tale even... Way to be aware of a "weird noise" from the garage... Awareness is key in times of need, and time is of the essence.
I've given the Heimlich four times in my life, so far... And, all, from learning it in an 8th grade gym class, 12 years ago, and, I'd be ready to do it again in a heartbeat! I think a brush up on my CPR would be a great idea, too. Nothing is more amazing, than having the opportunity to save someone's life, and knowing exactly what to do." Aug 26, 10 3:29 PM

View The Kabot DWI Police Tape

It's not just WHBPD.. It's ALL Small Towny/Village PD out here.. High horses don't work in small towns, too many connected ears... How many of these officers attended college outside of the academy?
We hear of cops that cheat on their wives, even share common partners, all in their quest to emulate all the Boston cop movies they have stuck in their head. I've even heard of cops with questionable second earnings, come on now.. The Sopranos are done with, so be done with him!
Anyone can be a crook and take for themselves.. But, can you be a straight shooter, and make a difference in the world around you.. ? Apparently not, they'd much rather have nicer houses...

Do you want a man who cheats on his holy matrimony, entrusted with the power and authority police have? NO thanks.. I don't even want the squad dating, or living together, no matter their sexual orientation.. Time to listen up, where are internal affairs when you need them... This town is filthy. Haves, versus Have Nots.. And, there's little to no monetary definition meant there. Just The Good Ole' Boys.. Never Meanin' No Harm...

You can get pulled over in this town for driving after dark.. Plain and simple.. " Feb 3, 11 11:44 AM

Throw her's out, right after my created case, thank you very much.. I'm 6'2", you think two drinks intoxicated me? Definitely not. Did I get pulled over for leaving The Publick House after dark..? Most certainly.. For crossing a double yellow line, where there IS NONE... And, I have two witnesses to testify, are they worth anything..? No, because they're not cops..
Rest assured, the Authoritarian Tax Revenue Rescue Squad is hard at work! Protecting their future wages...
This town has become "The Land Of No"... You can't do anything without a permit, cops, the DEC, or the Town Board crawling straight up your arse with a bunch of hullabaloo...
The Hamptons.. It's no wonder why there are 5 obits today, as 'Breaking News'... People are dying to leave..." Feb 3, 11 12:36 PM

"Of course, her conviction of refusal to take a breathalyzer is evidence of DWI but the former charge doesn't depend on a judicial finding of the latter"

Why should someone be forced to submit to testing under false pretenses? And, be assumed guilty due to the lack of evidence...? I have my rights.. I have my right to not submit to a breath analyzer, I also can enjoy my year off of leisure driving. Why, because I exercised my rights to not submit? " Feb 3, 11 1:37 PM

Southampton Village Poised To Pick Police Chief On Thursday

Yes, it would be great if we cleaned up our very own police force, ourselves. Instead of a popularity contest from a bunch of unqualified, overzealous police officers that place themselves above the laws which we must abide by, why not select someone by experience, and character? I'm tired of hearing all the stories of what goes on within our police forces.... Spring flings within the department should not be tolerated, nor should a Sargent, living with her subordinate. I'm tired of this "Good Ole Boy' mentality out here. Let's get some real police. We have enough police already, let's opt for quality, not quantity. We're such a lucky people to live in a beautiful place, let's not let our (5) policing forces ruin it just yet. It's already "The Land Of No", so why not "Just Say No" to improper policing. Internal Affairs, come on out, we've got some jobs for you." Jun 8, 11 9:35 AM

Residents Mobilize Against Proposed Camp Expansion In North Sea

17 more homes we don't need out here.. I vote for the camp. All you people complaining about traffic probably don't even drive anywhere anyway, while this camp is open. You're the "We don't go out between Memorial Day, and Labor Day" folks, that don't even understand what makes our economy tick around here. There will be a lot more green out there with a camp, rather than a bunch of cookie cutter homes stacked on top of each other, with "sod" for landscaping.
I'd much rather see them try to fill 500 spots in a camp, than 17 homes. Let them build the camp, and then let them find 500 people to attend. I highly doubt that number will even come to fruition, we don't have the population density, and I'd prefer it that way. And, as for the 500 people going to the bathroom comment, I'd pay $1M to see 500 people all go to the bathroom at the same time... And, that bet will stand, because that won't happen. " Jun 8, 11 9:41 AM

Montauk Man Charged With Drop-Kicking. Hitting Puppy

It's so simple, just don't get a dog then! Idiots... Kudos to those who did the right thing! And Disappointed - Great comment, unfortunately as necessary as street justice is in this world, that is the truth..." Jun 10, 11 10:42 AM

Flipover Stalls Traffic On County Road 39 In Southampton

My favorite part of the whole ordeal, was the STPD cop who opted to wait in the rest stop to bust someone making the U-turn.. Instead of directing traffic off the highway at the Hampton Bays exit, which would be much more suitable for the volume of cars exiting.. Kudos to the cop! You're a jerk... Instead of preventing the problem, he opted to wait, and tax-ate... " Jun 23, 11 10:07 AM

Plan For Southampton Police Sector Car For Sagaponack Put On Hold

Just what we need.. More cops out here.. Great..." Jul 13, 11 11:43 AM

Westhampton Beach Police Officer, Paramedic Save Man Suffering Heart Attack

Excellent work guys! Love to hear these stories... Brings a tear to my eye. " Jul 13, 11 11:48 AM

Appeals Court Denies New Trial For Oddone But Reduces Sentence

I was there, along with numerous friends.. About 10 people tried to pull him from Andrew's neck. He was clearly set out on causing harm. Had I seen through the crowd what was going on, I would have gouged his eyes out..." Nov 11, 11 9:42 AM

"This tragedy was an involuntary reaction from being dislodged from a table" - Table defense 101 - Strangle the dislodge-r to death. It's in the book, you're right Ron.. And, since when is it acceptable to kill people when you're intoxicated? I must've missed that law being passed...
Two wrongs don't make a right.. But, I don't see 'An eye for an eye', as an injustice in this case.. Someone should put Oddone in a death grip for 3 minutes, just to see how he fairs...
And, for the record Ron, I've been in the wrong place, at the right time.. Numerous times.. Except, instead of perpetuating the malignant situation, I did my best to come to help those in need. Notice nobody came to help Oddone, because he was the perpetrator. " Nov 11, 11 9:47 AM

Southampton Hospital ER Cleaned Up After Attempted Chemical Suicide

I think that is summed up quite well, here:
“His goal was to commit suicide, but I guess at a certain point he changed his mind and pulled up to the ER and walked in,”
Perhaps that was the update, thanks to your comment..? ;c)" Nov 16, 11 10:23 AM

Preschooler Found After Wandering Away From Southampton Elementary School

Sounds like the rest of the 'town.. Too much staff, not enough people doing anything.. Cops, teachers, all the people sitting in the town hall.. " Dec 12, 11 12:21 PM

Pell Refuses To Recuse Himself From East Quogue Dock Application

The Town Trustees are all overzealous bigots... Get off your high horses and stop living on your self proclaimed thrones of stupidity. You too, Marty Shea..." Jan 21, 12 12:26 PM

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