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Drug court ceremony celebrates second chances

KAZ: there is a lot of information online about drug courts. in general drug tests happen regularly for each drug court participant and infractions/relapses are addressed on an individual basis with input by the drug court team, which usually consists of a judge, prosecutors, defenders, addiction specialists, and the like. consequences of relapse can mean jail, inpatient detaox or other sanctions. recidivism rates are much better for those who complete drug court than those who do not. a report completed by the nys court system in 2003 demonstrates this, and you can read it here: http://www.courts.state.ny.us/whatsnew/pdf/NYSAdultDrugCourtEvaluation.pdf - the summary starts on page 281. if you do a little googling you will find lots of good info on drug courts. they really are a great way of dealing with low level offenders." Sep 29, 08 5:13 PM

County considers roundabout for Flanders intersection

That intersection has always been sketchy. Anyone who has lived here for a long time knows this, and the new development at Gabreski just makes it worse. I agree that all anyone needs to do is pay attention, watch their speed, signal their turns, and simply follow traffic laws. But the reality is that people don't drive safely, so we need to make the intersection as idiot proof as possible.

Yes, it is a huge cost to design and construct the roundabout" Nov 3, 08 11:12 AM

County Road 39 billboards defaced

I don't condone vandalism, but I quite like the "new" signs. " Dec 2, 08 4:27 PM

Plan for seven office buildings proposed in Hampton Bays

Hampton Bays downtown could just as charming as Westhampton Beach Village, Sag Harbor Village and Greenport. Yes, those three areas have sewer districts which I don't believe HB ever will have. However, those three villages are great because of active engagement of the downtown business owners and residents. And of course they have active village governments, which certainly helps. But what we need here in HB is leadership and active, responsible engagement of the community, and a commitment to developing, then working toward a shared vision. Need to get businesses to move in, and to provide incentives and services that make it work. Just look up to see how Kapell got businesses to take a chance on Greenport. The "build it and they will come" approach of allowing a single developer to design a project is akin to throwing doodoo at a wall and seeing what sticks: is that how we want to think about our hometown?

If you want HB to look like another stinking Riverhead, give it away to developers who are in it for short-term gain. That's the doodoo on the wall approach. If you want it to be beautiful, get involved, get organized, and be in it for the long haul.

A great first step is honoring the moratorium and supporting the planning study." Feb 2, 09 3:29 PM

Former Southampton Hospital fund-raising chief starts own foundation

What a fabulous idea! Kudos to Mr. Farlow for taking this on." Feb 3, 09 8:16 AM

Town might seek forensic audit of capital budget

What an oddly worded memo the Supervisor wrote. I would expect it to say something like "due to a pending audit and the need to identify shortfalls all capital projects are frozen etc." and NOT "the newspapers are making a stink about this so I am freezing capital projects to make them happy." I am a total outsider to Town Hall and always wanted to believe that Kabot was doing the right thing but that memo really makes me wonder!" Feb 12, 09 7:43 PM

Southampton Town drafts wish list for stimulus funds

Am I the only one who likes this list? Let's see. $18M for road improvements, much of which improves drainage which is critically important since we live on a sandbar on top of an aquifer. Vehicle preemption system for safety and streetlights that use less energy. Then the two big pricetags: $20M for Jackson Ave complex and another $20M for the rec center. These are precisely the kinds of projects that the bill seeks to fund: advanced design work, creates jobs, has public and environmental benefits. Yes, I did read the ARRA. Have any of the other commenters taken the time?

Jackson Ave is slated to happen, needs to happen, and will incorporate green elements. Why not use fed money to minimize the amount coming from local coffers? The rec center may seem frivolous but the local benefit of a facility like this is tremendous. From the jobs created to the economic activity that will be supported for a generation. Not to mention that it will be a good, safe place for kids and families. I grew up here and feel comfortable saying that WHB is a great spot for a rec facility.

It's healthy do debate whether the ARRA was a good idea but let's not skewer the town for jumping at the opportunities it's providing. " Feb 23, 09 1:28 PM

Panera Bread to open in Hampton Bays

I was disappointed about both of the stores moving into that complex -- Petco and Panera. Both compete with local mom and pops, and both offer subpar products. Too bad the landlord didn't consider what the community might want. I have no need to visit either one - I'll continue going to the little pet store just down the road, and I can make better sandwiches at home for a fraction of the cost.

The Panera representative said "The more people that drive through Hampton Bays, the better" -- this is definitely NOT something that a resident would say! We are not Route 110, Route 58 or Jericho Turnpike. Those areas are already ruined and we do not want HB to go that way." Feb 26, 09 8:51 AM

Some opposition to proposed farmers market in Southampton

A little public education goes a long way. Tons of resources on how farmers markets benefit the community and generate additional economic activity are availalable on the NYS Farmers Market Federation website:
and see also the NYS Farmers Market Nutrition Program which helps seniors on social security to buy fresh produce. http://www.agmkt.state.ny.us/AP/agservices/marketing.html. " Mar 16, 09 10:17 AM

Fred Thiele backs gay marriage bill

Fred, if all elected officials were as thoughtful and ethical as you the country would be a much nice place. Thank you." May 6, 09 8:51 AM

East End transportation study will cost millions less than originally expected

correction: It's called a dual concept because it blends two alternatives that were studied during the lengthy study process: The north fork folks liked the idea for augmenting bus service and implementing incremental improvements in existing rail service; the south fork representatives were more interested in a coordinated raill-bus network.

the study was done by locals who are deeply committed to preserving the things that make the east end such a special place. this article barely scratches the surface -- anyone interested in knowing more should read the report and appendices at: http://eastendtransportation.org/
" Sep 24, 09 9:33 AM

Glad to see the article's been expanded. But there's a pretty big typo in the headline." Sep 30, 09 8:40 AM

Local leaders speak out against MTA service cuts

yeah, it's time. i don't mind paying taxes for worthwhile services, but the MTA tax KILLS ME. since i'm self employed, i have to send a hefty check to NYS every few months to pay for a system that barely serves my community. glad that thiele, lavalle, romaine et al are fighting for us. i support a peconic bay transportation authority 100%. " Feb 19, 10 4:22 PM

Commented above, but adding to it here. Having the MTA implement needed changes out here would be the optimal solution. There is a saying: lead, follow or get out of the way. If the MTA can't lead or follow, then there is only one other choice." Feb 24, 10 3:33 PM

Flood waters finally receding: Saga of unstable water table in East Quogue

sometimes high water table can be addressed through municipal efforts such as stormwater management. can be an engineering function for the town or village. possibly a hazard mitigation issue if severe enough." May 17, 10 10:52 PM

above was meant as response to hambone. additional thought is that even if the problem cant be addressed through local government intervention it seems to be an issue that community members could have in common and they might have an interest in discussing approaches for a solution. seems to be a good reason to have a community meeting." May 17, 10 10:55 PM

i'm not going to argue with you. there are instances where stormwater programs can help with groundwater problems - if that is the case in quogue i have no idea.
" May 18, 10 10:01 AM