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Knife wielded in clash between immigrant and protester

Some of you Liberals make me laugh oh its our fault these people pull knives on people drive illegally drink in public sell and do drugs and so on . You are all just like the President you elected always saying its Americans faults . Last i saw we sent about 3 BILLON Dollars to Mexico and who knows how much more to all the other Latin countrys plus all the untaxed MONEY they send home from working in our country ILLEGALLY Oh but our country is so bad .. Maybe some of you Liberals will be affected by some of these people doing illegal things they do. Forget about us paying for them to have kids in our Hospitals or when they don't feel well cloging our emergency rooms OH BUT ITS OK WELL PAY FOR YOU BUT WE SUCK. joe" Apr 25, 09 1:33 PM

Some of you say call I.C.E. well our great President and our Homeland Sec have put a stop to all of the programs ice had in effect.. Now when you try to check their ss # you get no were so WTF.. " Apr 25, 09 1:38 PM

Air Force Two damages another plane while departing Gabreski

David , Bigfreash , Captn America , Uncleronk it is so nice to read what you guys have added to this story unlike most of the people who read this paper you guys don't have your heads up Obama's BUT !!! Thank you guys i know we'll get blasted by all these bleeding heart liberals OOOOH VP Biden needs is vacation bla bla bla ... This bunch don't care what is going on with us the 1st ladie goes to Spain looking like a rock star mean time we must all sacrafice and have blood in the game . Thank god some rich guy let Old Joe stay at his house for free and that jet of his runs on Michele's veggies from the garden IS IT 2012 yet please...." Aug 12, 10 5:22 PM