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UPDATE: Local Stakeholders Take DEC And Sand Land To Court, Seeking To Block Settlement

The report from Suffolk County noted high levels of Toluene. An additive found in race fuel. They are concerned about mulch contaminating the water but not Toluene. Read the golf course results carefully. They are adding plenty of nitrogen to the aquifer, just not enough to trigger the alarm. Thousands of pounds of nitrogen added to the course every year. " Apr 18, 19 4:25 PM

Pitch To Filter Algae From Wainscott Pond Has East Hampton Town Trustees Asking Questions

Could not agree more Knitter. I guarantee that not one of the "Friends of Georgica" or "Wainscott Pond Project" have updated their septic systems. Instead that pat each other on the back a cocktail parties while that ask the municipality to move heaven and earth at the tax payers expense. We all know the solution is to update septics and stop fertilizing your lawns around the pond." May 4, 19 7:35 PM

Southampton Town Board Holds Public Hearing For Goundwater Monitoring Law For Mines

How dare you suggest that golf courses pollute! How could Bob Deluca host his annual salary benefit at Golf at the Bridge if golf courses were not a benefit to the environment. Golf courses actually save the environment by funding Deluca's $200,000 salary." May 4, 19 7:41 PM