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Police Say 30-Year-Old Hispanic Man Is Being Sought In Fatal Hit-And-Run; Name Still Not Released

Per the 27east user agreement:
You understand that posting on 27east.com is a privilege. We retain the right to remove any user generated comment, photo, or any other uploaded content from a user, any time for any reason. Repeated violators of 27east.com policies will banned from posting on site without notice." Jul 17, 12 9:38 AM

Head-On County Road 39 Crash Backs Up Traffic For More Than Six Hours

When two stories (the breaking news version and the print vresion) are linked. They share the same comment thread, which then appears under both articles." Jul 27, 12 7:21 AM

Sag Harbor To Get Less Than Expected Revenue From Condos

Yes, Bob, according to village officials, 2 percent of every sale will still go to the CPF. Thanks for the question, it was a good one." Aug 9, 12 9:13 AM

Surf Camp Causes New Conflict At Picnic Area Beach

The article has been corrected to reflect the correct name of the school and the correct spelling of Mr. Dyckman's name. The Press regrets the errors." Aug 23, 12 10:12 AM

Stony Brook Gets $3 Million To Help Restore Western Shinnecock Bay

The photo of Mr. Bishop, and the others attached to the story, are from a press conference on Monday at the school to announce the gift. The story will be updated to include comments from the event." Aug 28, 12 11:05 AM

Veteran Sends Care Packages To Husband In Afghanistan

The story has been corrected online. We regret the errors." Nov 8, 12 10:36 AM

The Top 10 Stories Readers Viewed On 27east.com In 2012

With 11,575 views, the story about the hit and run of Sister Jacqueline Walsh was the 17th most read story of 2012. It can be viewed here: http://www.27east.com/news/article.cfm/General-Interest-Southampton/431232/DA-Police-Still-Searching-For-Hit-And-Run-Driver-Who-Killed-Catholic-Nun-In-Water-Mill
" Jan 1, 13 1:06 PM

Springs Woman And Son Will See Obama Inagurated

The article has been corrected. Thanks for pointing out the error." Jan 2, 13 6:13 AM

Contractor Horror Story With A Happy Ending

The portion of the story you are referring to has been removed online and a correction will appear in next week's edition of The Press. " Jan 5, 13 9:22 AM

UPDATE: Sears To Remain In Custody, Orders Of Protection To Be Requested For Children

The story has been updated to reflect the legal definition of child pornography, which includes the practice of "morphing," of which Mr. Sears has been accused." Jan 25, 13 2:26 PM

UPDATE: Some Schools Closed, Delay Starts On Monday

Sorry, the story was never intended to be locked. It is now unlocked and will remain so. It was a technical issue." Feb 8, 13 7:29 PM

Bay Shore Man Arrested On Sex Abuse Charges In Quogue

The story has been corrected to reflect that the judge turned over custody of the defendant to the Southampton Town Police Department, which is investigating possible other charges outside of Quogue Village." Mar 14, 13 4:57 PM

PLUM TV No Longer Available In The Hamptons

The story has been corrected to indicate that Mr. Scott founded Plum TV." May 9, 13 7:11 AM

Truck Crashes Into Jobs Lane Business

The article has been corrected to reflect that the accident occurred on Wednesday, not Thursday." May 23, 13 10:16 AM

East Hampton Village Board Replaces Goldstein On ZBA

Yes, angelwings, the headline was incorrect and has been corrected. Thank." Jul 2, 13 5:17 PM

Greta A. LaMonda Of East Hampton Dies July 2

The article has been corrected. We regret the error." Jul 18, 13 1:32 PM

Traffic Solutions Remain Elusive Following Accidents Requiring The Closure Of County Road 39

The Press News Group is a local business that employs dozens of local workers who rely on their jobs to support their families. The simple, honest answer is that researching, reporting and printing news stories costs money, from the reporters who write the stories to the graphic artists who assemble the papers to the drivers who deliver the papers--not to mention a top-notch support staff answering telephones and helping customers.
While some of our income is met by advertising, we need people to subscribe to the papers and website as well to stay in business.
We're not just a news website, we provide in-depth and comprehensive coverage of the events happening locally on the East End.
Readers who appreciate what we do may consider subscribing to ensure that we keep doing what we've been doing locally for well over 100 years." Aug 2, 13 7:23 AM

Route 114 Closed For Two Hours After Truck Crashes Into Utility Pole

The article has been corrected to reflect that Route 114 is a state road. Sorry for the oversight." Aug 18, 13 9:26 AM

East Quogue Golf Course Proposal Back In Spotlight

That is correct. The story has been updated to reflect that a portion of the property lies within the core preservation area." Aug 23, 13 10:15 AM

House Ethics Committee Says Reason To Believe Bishop Violated Law With Campaign Donation

Due to a glitch in The Press's email system, a response wasn't immediately received, but was sent, to the reporter. The story has been changed to include Mr. Bishop's statement." Sep 12, 13 1:32 PM

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