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Deep Hollow Ranch Sold To J.Crew Chief

Remember when Rusty was re-selling other people's horses to OTHER people.
Imagine that. And how about that chop meat eating incident in Florida. They should change their name to LEAVE as in leave Montauk." Dec 12, 10 12:23 PM

Two Charged In Water Mill Deer Poaching Incident

Copiague and Lindenhurst, deer jacking in Water Mill. Nice. Just the kind of people we want around our kids." Dec 26, 10 12:55 AM

Rumors Of 7-Eleven In Amagansett Surface

At least it won't be on Egypt Lane, then we'd have some big problems." Feb 5, 11 10:52 AM

Town Will Investigate Charges Of Code Violations At Springs Home

God forbid 10 kids die in a house fire from a power strip that has been overloaded,
then and sadly then, something will be done. " Feb 25, 11 10:56 AM

Springs Officials Meet With Parents To Explain Cost Cutting Options

Make all public school tuition access only. Cash up front. Then eliminate the taxes
residents have to pay altogether. This will reduce class size, while retaining the best teachers. And of course no sugar laden drinks in the vending machines!

Ha! Nibble on that one for a bit..." Mar 18, 11 10:52 AM

$43 Million Tear-Down Approved In Sagaponack

If you build it they will come" Apr 27, 11 11:10 AM

Southampton Musician Seriously Injured in Post-Performance Assault In Bayport

We're pulling for ya Mick! This clown is going down like a Led Zeppelin!" Aug 1, 11 5:31 PM

Republicans Challenge Forced Police Retirements In Southampton Budget As Political

Should have become a cop. nice deal." Oct 12, 11 2:53 PM

Southampton Village Supermarket Law Takes a Pummeling, May See Revisions

I like arugula... really, makes a great salad, walnuts and pears, a nice dressing.
What were we talking about? Oh that airplane hanger called a museum! " Jan 25, 12 10:23 PM

Trustees May Charge Town For Sand For Mecox Beach Nourishment

The sea takes what the sea wants. " Feb 4, 12 12:51 PM

Veterans And Artists Both Want Spot On Montauk Green

EZ General Patton and Team Picasso just settle down, take turns on the green each year. Wait, that would be seen as a compromise. Congress doesn't do it why should we! Also, lighten up on the patriotic rhetoric, we had enough of that crab during the Bush Cheney years, and we are so sick of it." Feb 21, 12 11:09 PM

Tuckahoe King Kullen Plans Won't Deter Village Push For New Grocery

Turning the place into a dump!" Mar 8, 12 9:24 AM

Trenny Lowey Dies At 42

sad. She was a sweet person." Mar 14, 12 9:54 PM

Fishing Boat Freed From Beach In Montauk

Can't surf there but running aground seems to be ok. Cool. I thought a six pack was part of the captains test." May 16, 12 6:46 PM

Grand Jury Fails To Indict Hampton Bays Man Who Killed Cabbie

Roll through stop signs, signals optional, cutting people off who have the right away... eventually someone is going to get pissed off, and it happened. When people realize a car is a deadly weapon when not driven correctly perhaps the odd punch in the head won't happen. We've all seen it, again and again...." Jul 18, 12 7:49 PM

New York Knicks' Jason Kidd Charged With DWI In Water Mill

A true three pointer. Kidd gets charged with a DWI, Dolan loses his Cable because of it and the Brooklyn Nets are offering cash for any Jeremy Lin jersey out there!
Love it!!! Swish!" Jul 18, 12 7:54 PM

Police Say 30-Year-Old Hispanic Man Is Being Sought In Fatal Hit-And-Run; Name Still Not Released

The NY Post printed his name yesterday. Can Zaro be held accountable by hiring an illegal alien? Curios." Jul 21, 12 7:55 AM

UPDATE: County Road 39 Reopens Six Hours After Crash

That 35 mph zone really works! " Jul 24, 12 6:06 PM

Complaints Rack Up Over Noise At Village Nightclubs

Hansom House!! Ahh those were the daze!" Aug 13, 12 6:44 AM

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