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UPDATE: Town Police Searching For Woman Who Robbed Hampton Bays Bank

Where are the super-grainy surveillance photos?" Jun 29, 15 10:22 PM

One Killed, Three Injured In Head-On Crash Thursday Afternoon In Flanders

I have been staying off Flanders road for years now, it's no good" Jul 10, 15 11:54 AM

East Hampton Softball Coach Tenders Resignation, Under Pressure, After 27 Years

What's the big, ginormous, not to be spoken of,secret in a public school setting!?" Jul 13, 15 10:20 PM

Tuckahoe Interim Superintendent Sets Goals For His Time With District

What's the goal? To receive 1-2 years of beautiful salary that will inevitably lead to the school's demise? Great. I'm glad I'm not a tuckahoe taxpayer. " Jul 13, 15 10:24 PM

Renovations Are Under Way At Hampton Bays Schools

Everyday I am thankful that I do not live in the Hampton Bays school district. Those people are going to be taxed right out of their houses. Just give it 5 more years " Jul 21, 15 4:07 PM

Southampton Builder Paints American Flag On His House To Exercise Property Rights

Mike's actually a pretty good guy. I think that he is just standing for the people who are given a very hard time about the aesthetics of their houses. Probably too much nitpicking going on. Somebody needs to draw attention to it. " Jul 21, 15 10:59 PM

Sal DeCarlo Celebrates 100th Birthday At Catena's In Southampton Village

Sal Decarlo. A great man! Happy birthday to you! And many more! " Aug 25, 15 8:16 PM

Southampton Woman Charged With Robbing Hampton Bays Bank In June

What a disgusting menace to our society. " Aug 26, 15 11:54 PM

Sagg Pond Closed To Swimming After Dangerous Algae Is Detected

Well,I guess it's OK, as long as the people who built on the pond have greener lawns, less insects, and a general sense of well-being" Aug 26, 15 11:58 PM

Southampton Town Will No Longer Fight Establishment Of Religious Boundary

The entire debate was a waste of time and money" Aug 27, 15 12:02 AM

No Lemonade For You; Seinfeld Lemonade Stand Shut Down in East Hampton Village

First off Lime, maybe we should be thankful that police out here have "a joke of a job". That, in itself, indicates we have relative peace and safety in our area. And it probably wouldn't have killed the seinfelds to have given a bit of a heads-up about their project. " Aug 27, 15 8:44 PM

UPDATE: Paul Hansen, Killed In Drunk Driving Accident Sunday, Is Fondly Remembered

From older media stories I've read, it sounds like the driver was a bit of a loose cannon. " Aug 31, 15 4:12 PM

Where is the story of infant child abuse at the Side By Side Day Care on North Sea Rd in Southampton reported earlier by other media outlets?" Aug 31, 15 10:03 PM

UPDATE: Paul Hansen, Killed In Drunk Driving Accident Sunday, Is Fondly Remembered

There is no way 230 Down is going to be responsible here. These are two very grown men who made some unfortunate decisions on Sat. night. " Sep 1, 15 6:04 PM

With Narcan, Overdose Patients Get A Second Chance At Life

Do you really want a second chance if you're addicted to heroin though? Just prolonging the misery and destruction it seems" Sep 5, 15 11:08 AM

Sag Harbor Native Moves To Israel To Serve In Army

Why not the United States Army? I don't get it. " Sep 9, 15 7:44 PM

Hook Pond In East Hampton Joins List Of Ponds Closed Due To Dangerous Algae Blooms

Shocker. Isn't Hook pond directly on the Maidstone golf course? It's a miracle if there are any non mutated living organisms in that pond. But at least the grass is nice and pretty for those golfers!" Sep 13, 15 1:19 PM

Southampton High School Assistant Principal Stars In Music Video

Get rid of her. A foolish move for an educator of adolescents. Nice lyrics. You O'Keefe, are an idiot. " Sep 16, 15 6:06 PM

Another black eye for the mediocre Southampton school district. " Sep 17, 15 7:10 AM

She must be the "cool mom" I'm guessing. " Sep 17, 15 12:26 PM

She's an idiot, no defense. Plain and simple. " Sep 20, 15 11:54 AM

Southampton School District Seeking Host Families For Foreign Exchange Teacher From Spain

Ms. O'Keefe could probably help out. It looks like she has a lot of space in the music vid. Lots of room for entertaining. " Sep 20, 15 1:58 PM

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