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Pending Southampton Town Attorney Appointment Leads To Political Squabble

.......and this is exactly why I would never get into politics. Many good ideas, never any real solutions. It's just the way the system is supposed to work. " Feb 24, 16 11:02 PM

Truck Strikes LIRR Bridge Near East Hampton Train Station

I'm thinking 2-3 times a year in EH. Old crossings. It's only a matter of time before there is an awful accident at the Stephen Hands Path underpass. But the underpass at North Main Street is always getting hit. " Feb 27, 16 10:44 PM

East Moriches Man Sentenced To 30 Years In Prison For 2013 Home Invasion Killing In Eastport

Bring back the death penalty. And make it swift. " Feb 27, 16 10:52 PM

Bridgehampton School Board Reduces Proposed Budget, Still Faces Tough Decisions

$$$$ 60,000+ per student each year. $$$" Mar 11, 16 6:14 PM

Southampton School District To Hold Community Forums On Purchase Of New District Office

Joan is right. Someone needs to be a watchdog. I think it is ridiculous that this purchase is being considered. How much space is really needed? Looks like somebody wants a big fat trophy office for themselves here. " Mar 11, 16 9:14 PM

UPDATE: Farina Denies Rumored Allegations Regarding Explicit Photo

Wait......$235,000?! What a great racket!! Little itsy bitsy district with VERY marginal academic success, and this guy wants to spend $8,000,000 on a new district office?!?! Shame on us all!! And shame on these DAMN unions!! And shame on ANY supporters of the proposed purchase!! I'll be at the next board meeting, FOR DAMN SURE, As most of us have obviously gotten too damn complacent to this racket. " Mar 17, 16 10:51 PM

UPDATE: Farina Denies Rumored Allegations Regarding Explicit Photo

What is he, like 15 years old? Well, guess we can't say he didn't teach our students anything this week. " Mar 18, 16 1:17 PM

UPDATE: Girl Unharmed

I'm waiting for a description of the girl " Mar 22, 16 10:55 PM

Springs School Parents Speak Out Against Language Barrier In District

No entiendo este artículo. podría alguien por favor, traducir en Español??" Mar 23, 16 4:52 PM

Eruv Proponents Offer Deal To Westhampton Beach Village; Board Is Considering Offer

Ahh.....religious disputes. How strange this is" Mar 30, 16 9:36 PM

Gender-Neutral Restroom Provides Safe Space At East Hampton High School

I suppose there will be gender neutral locker rooms soon " Apr 7, 16 6:26 AM

Republican Candidate Donald Trump To Attend Fundraiser In Patchogue Next Week

Who should we vote for? Hillary Clinton? Why? The reason why Trump is favored is because he is NOT the typical corporation backed and fabricated politician. I'll take my chances with a guy like Trump a thousand times over a psychopath like Clinton v" Apr 7, 16 10:24 PM

Trump is called a racist because he wants a secure border. OK. He's called sexist because he might be. OK. But I would still prefer him over the Psycopathic criminal, (Clinton) as the person running this country. Either way, we are being hoodwinked, as all world leaders are egotistical and narcisstic asses. The better of two evils is Trump. " Apr 8, 16 8:53 PM

Shinnecock Man Killed While Crossing County Road 39 On Foot Friday Night

How does one get hit by a car when crossing the street? Unless the car came ripping around a corner? Unless the headlights were off? Bad judgment maybe? I wonder what might have happened " Apr 10, 16 8:57 PM

UPDATE: Southampton Publick House To Take Over Drivers Seat; Drivers Seat Issues Statement

Great news. I honestly can't remember when someone suggested to meet at the Drivers Seat. " Apr 10, 16 9:03 PM

Vigil For Murdered Immigrant Held In Patchogue While Trump Appears At Fundraiser Down The Road

There will always be one group that gets bent out of shape when their interests are threatened" Apr 15, 16 6:43 AM

I don't see any problem with a nation enforcing immigration laws" Apr 15, 16 5:16 PM

UPDATE: Farina Will Receive Nearly $300,000 After Resigning From Superintendent Position

Go on to your next overpaid position, Scottie. And take Esther with you-unfortunately, we will never be privy to your nefarious activities " Apr 16, 16 5:44 AM

Disgusting. I'd resign too. I just threw up a little....." Apr 19, 16 9:12 PM

Campaign Commercial Shoot At Southampton Town Hall Ruffles Political Feathers

How stupid can one be? After all the abuses of power in government, why would she partake in a situation like this. Stupid stupid stupid. " Apr 19, 16 9:20 PM

UPDATE: Farina Will Receive Nearly $300,000 After Resigning From Superintendent Position

Barefoot Scotty. LOL. And the dog?" Apr 21, 16 8:58 PM

Looking forward to the new school board members, for what it's worth. Ones with strong conviction. " Apr 21, 16 9:01 PM

Southampton Elementary Principal Cookie Richard Reflects Before Retirement

Thank goodness........next, please. " Apr 28, 16 5:57 AM

Thank goodness, next please. " Apr 28, 16 9:30 PM

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