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UPDATE: President Trump Arrives In Southampton

Oh yeah. I forgot “Mr. Z”. A real libby prize. " Aug 17, 18 9:51 PM

Community Members Urge Southampton Town To Consider Legislation Limiting Local Police From Communicating With ICE, Honoring Warrants

This article is an example of the lopsided reporting that has become all too pervasive in American media. Not once were the terms “illegal”, “undocumented”, “aliens”, or get this one, “LAW” found in this article. Typical liberal reporting, injecting a sad story of fear against the law. We all know who’s paying for our overcrowded schools, courts,prisons,hospitals, WIC programs, etc. I know there’s an agenda here, but please be a bit less partisan. There is nothing wrong with a sovereign nation protecting its citizens, hence, taxpayers. Sanctuary cities are a recipe for disaster. " Sep 26, 18 7:21 PM

UPDATE: Fire At Creeks Estate In East Hampton Began In Attic

Lol. Ron Perelman. He seems to be quite the catch with the ladies. What an upstanding citizen. lol " Sep 29, 18 7:32 PM

Southampton Town Police Lieutenant Receives $185,000 Settlement From Town

Gross. Pathetic. Dirty. Clowns. All involved. And once again, we pay up. " Oct 19, 18 5:44 PM

NY Times Poll: Zeldin Leads Gershon, 49-41, In Upcoming Congressional Race

Just remember to vote. Remind your family and friends. Just vote Red. " Oct 19, 18 5:47 PM

Volunteers Extinguish House Fire In Noyac Thursday Night

Thought I’d tell you to check the first name in the Ficarra article. " Dec 21, 18 10:02 AM

Man Who Left His Friend In A Burning Car In Springs Is Sentenced 20 Years Later

Looks like someone forget to disable the comments? " Jan 29, 19 7:12 AM

Legislation To Regulate Landscapers In Southampton Village Tabled For Two Weeks

It would make more sense to only allow licensed businesses and homeowners themselves to use gas operated machines. There, we just cut the noise by 50%. " Mar 16, 19 9:31 AM

East Hampton Village Seeks To Muffle Landscaping Noise

Once again. Weed out the non-licensed cash “companies” by enforcing town licensing instead of just collecting a licensing fee. Let the tax paying professionals do their jobs. " Mar 21, 19 6:50 PM

UPDATE: Town Officials Respond To Shinnecock Plan For Billboards On Sunrise Highway In Hampton Bays

Hope it happens. We will see. Rights are rights, let’s let it play out, hopefully honestly. We all can’t have everything we desire. " Apr 27, 19 10:17 PM

East Hampton Man Charged With Arson In Connection With Indoor Tennis Fire In December

Wow. This guy........ scary stuff. I feel for the family who are being stalked and victimized by this guy. Unfortunately, there never seems to be an appropriate sentence for creepy crimes like this. Get this creep some help while you’re at it. " Apr 27, 19 10:23 PM

Boaters Advised To Stay Away As Coast Guard Investigates World War II Tanker Southeast Of Shinnecock Inlet

Lets send the coast guard to Lake Agawam and all other inland bodies of water on the east end. Maybe they can help with the toxins. Lol. " Apr 28, 19 7:31 PM

Popular Nightclub Could Be Moving To Southampton Village Main Street Spot

Anybody hear about the “upstairs” at 75 Main? Hmmm" Apr 28, 19 7:40 PM

Nathaniel Rogers House Faces Another Financial Setback In A Nearly Decade-Long Renovation

Another example of gross incompetency and mismanagement. Shame on all involved. The never ending project. " May 14, 19 6:01 PM

UPDATE: Shinnecock Tribe Continues Billboard Work As Lawsuit With State Looms

The state is under a ton of pressure to react. They would’ve issued the c&d order weeks earlier, had they felt there was truly a violation. I don’t see this ending well for NY State. " May 18, 19 11:41 AM

First Of Two Shinnecock Billboards Nears Completion

The sign looks great! Good revenue for Shinnecock. " May 25, 19 3:57 PM

Southampton Village Elections Heat Up As Candidate Challenges Incumbent Mayor

I like Warren, Parash, and Pilaro. I think this could work well. Relatively young blood in the political community. " May 30, 19 5:59 PM

I like Warren, Parash, and Pilaro. I think this could work well. Relatively young blood in the political community. " May 30, 19 5:59 PM

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