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Police: SUV Driver Was Using Cellphone During Fatal Crash On County Road 39

Voila! Mystery solved! Stay off your goddamn cellphones when driving. Simple as that. " Aug 23, 13 8:20 PM

What I am trying to say is, although children lost their beloved mom, it wasn't an accident. It was a highly irresponsible act that unfortunately caused a death. However, if a large bus was not on the receiving end of her car, it likely would have resulted in at least one other death, if not several. Grieve all you need, but remember this was not an accident. " Aug 23, 13 8:43 PM

Brawl Brings Abrupt End To Southampton, Hampton Bays Boys Soccer Game

Oh stop it, enough of this crap. Bunch of tough guys, all of them. Gonna protect their turf, right? Why don't we hold someone accountable for their actions for once? Staggered suspensions? No, I don't think so. Sorry, not enough players, then no game. Consequences already. " Sep 21, 13 6:40 PM

Analysis Says Grocery Store In Tuckahoe Could Hurt Village Businesses

Sorry, but Schmidts is not a grocery store. I can get more groceries at CVS. " Sep 22, 13 9:27 AM

UPDATE: Southampton Voters Overwhelmingly Defeat Merger Proposal In Straw Vote Tuesday

No firm numbers, no due diligence. No thanks. Tuckahoe had their chance a decade ago. Poor management of money, poor decisions. Sorry, but no thanks. " Oct 29, 13 6:58 PM

Thank you. " Oct 29, 13 8:28 PM

Arson Suspected In Fire That Destroyed Gaming Authority Trailer

Ha ha. Confirmed as arson. Cool editing. " Oct 31, 13 12:46 PM

Southampton Students Protest Failed Merger Vote

Shame on you, principal Brian Zahn, for suggesting this "protest" to these students. Most of these kids have no idea of what this is all about. Go back in your office, and stick to principal duties, not politics. " Nov 2, 13 7:08 PM

Both Southampton And Hampton Bays Football Teams Forfeit Final Regular Season Games

Hazing reported to school, no follow ups. Goodbye coaches. I wouldn't be surprised if we did not hear any more details. Sweep it under the rug. Classic Southampton schools, thinking that they're protecting some stellar educational institution. " Nov 3, 13 7:29 PM

Southampton Football Game Forfeited In Response To Sexually Explicit Act

Police NOW please. Do no protect these sexual deviants. This harassment has been going on for quite some time with this student. I've had it with the Southampton school bs. " Nov 6, 13 7:03 PM

Weapons Charges Dismissed As Riverhead Teacher Pleads Guilty To DWI

Great, a schoolteacher, driving drunk, at 3:30 am, with an illegal, loaded handgun, what's the problem here? None really, I suppose. Carry on fine fellow, carry on. " Nov 14, 13 5:16 PM

Schurek Named Captain Of Southampton Town Police Department

How are we supposed to be safe with guys like Sickles and Kiernan remaining on the force?" Nov 14, 13 5:22 PM

UPDATE:Oddone Released On Bail Monday

An aggressive, drunken, foolish attack by the defendant. Pay the price, learn from your mistakes, and shut the hell up, foolish loser. And shame on you, Wolinsky, you silly man. " Dec 22, 13 7:59 PM

What a shame. God bless the Reister family. This is a temporary block of justice. " Dec 23, 13 8:19 PM

27east.com To Implement Metered Subscription Plan

I'm surprised that this article isn't locked!" Jan 31, 14 10:15 PM

UPDATE: Fourth Health Aide Charged With Mistreating Patients Pleads Not Guilty; Posts $10,000 Bail

I am absolutely sickened by what these disgusting, lowlife "caregivers" are accused of. It always seems that there awful things that happen in any type of group home, and those are only the ones that we HEAR about. That's what happens when profits rule over all else. Huge insurance payments, low paid, and mostly uneducated employees will always equal huge profits. Too much BS in what should be a safe and responsible home for your loved ones. " Feb 6, 14 11:18 PM

UPDATE: Driver Charged With DWI In Fatal Car Crash

Devastating. Peace and love to the Pollack family. " Apr 19, 14 7:39 PM

ZZT- WOW. What do you mean? Hadn't heard of this. " Apr 21, 14 8:21 PM

Southampton Village Says Citarella Bags Do Not Violate Plastic Bag Ban

Citarella sure seems to be friendly with the mayor. " May 29, 14 5:23 AM

Handbag Dispute Leads To State Court Suit

Wow. How's that for bad press! Small store in a small town. How could this not have been avoided?" Aug 31, 14 10:13 PM

Southampton Expresses Doubt Over Merger With Tuckahoe

So sorry you bought houses in the tuckahoe school district. So sorry your school administration and staff were paid huge sums of the taxpayers money. So sorry nobody saw this coming. Sell your house, buy in Southampton district, and problem solved. So sorry, but the taxpayers of Southampton school district are not a charity group. Keep it to yourselves, and figure out your own financial problems. " Sep 3, 14 9:57 PM

Southampton School Board Decides To Bring Tuckahoe Merger To A Straw Vote Again

It is quite simple. It's not a perfect world. In a not-so-perfect world, taxpayers do not vote in favor of increasing their own taxes. The opposition of the merger is not a community issue, but an obvious financial issue. There is truly nothing that a merger could improve, instead causing higher taxes for Southampton District taxpayers, even more ridiculous salaries and benefits for employees, the eventual need for more construction and employees; basically tons of wasted money. It's completely obvious. I don't know why Farina and the school board would speak in contrast to their constituents. Shame. " Sep 12, 14 9:45 PM

Police Looking For Man Who Stole Handbag From Southampton Village Store

Why are multiple police agencies working on the crime of the century here? Reward offered by the police? Is this the first retail store to have been shoplifted from? I don't get it" Sep 22, 14 12:46 PM

Hampton Bays Residents Blast Board, Again, Over Illegal Housing

Thank goodness for the CCHB. Hampton Bays needs all the help they can get. So many illegal rentals and housing, all falling on the backs of hardworking and honest taxpayers. It won't be long until another school is needed. Once a place where property was more affordable, that savings is quickly being depleted by enormous property and school taxes. But nobody in town hall seems to give a damn. " Sep 24, 14 7:24 PM

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