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Southampton Village Business Owners Claim Starbucks Will Cause Parking Problems

Citarella certainly breezed through the entire process, plus village assisted benefits. Although I don't like Starbucks, they shall prosper at that location, for it is too late to complain after what Citarella was allowed. Wouldn't hurt to have a friend who knows the mayor either. " Oct 15, 14 9:29 PM

UPDATE: Cleaning At Southampton After Enterovirus Diagnosis Underway

Cleaning at Southampton What?? Poor headline. " Oct 15, 14 9:38 PM

Bishop, Zeldin Criticize Obama On Handling Of Ebola, Trade Barbs On Other Issues

Unfortunately, both of these societal leeches are just your typical run-of-the-mill dime-a-dozen politicians. Liars, them all. America. " Oct 18, 14 7:37 PM

In Southampton, Owner Says Herrick Hardware Is Not For Sale Despite Rumors

Herricks is one of my favorite shops in Southampton. Anything you can think of, and very, very competitive prices. Just because it's in Southampton does not mean that is a high-end store. " Oct 22, 14 8:20 PM

County Officials Won't Remove Guardrails On Long Beach Road, But Suggest Road Redesign Instead

There shall be no road redesign, nor will the guardrails come down. Can we stop wasting money already? We've already wasted enough with the guardrail installation. Let's cut our losses and me more proactive. " Oct 23, 14 9:46 PM

Voters Approve New Southampton Ambulance Building On Friday

Although I know the Ambulance Corps, that deserve total respect, and need more space, I do think that we over did it on the cost. I know we have a wealthy community, and we enjoy relatively low taxes for such a beautiful area. However, the firehouse on windmill lane would be a perfect base. I think everyone moved too fast. " Nov 1, 14 9:39 PM

UPDATE: Bishop Concedes Race To Zeldin

Congrats to Lee. Always been a standup guy. Best of luck, buddy. " Nov 5, 14 10:17 PM

Police: Two Charged With Robbing Man In Hampton Bays

I've come to really despise Hampton Bays. Thankfully for the CCHB, maybe things will begin to turn around. There has been almost zero enforcement on the garbage that goes on over there. Add to the fact that these people are paying ridiculous taxes; things have got to change. " Nov 12, 14 10:19 PM

Update: No Charges Filed Against Driver Who Killed Pedestrian Friday Morning

Yes, but who was the driver?" Nov 14, 14 10:32 PM

Preliminary Tuckahoe, Southampton School Merger Vote To Take Place Tuesday

Would someone PLEASE tell me how adding more students and ridiculous teacher salaries to an already subpar district would make it worthwhile to suck more taxes from me? Please explain. " Nov 16, 14 7:31 AM

UPDATE: Tuckahoe-Southampton Merger Fails At Polls

. “I am personally disappointed with the outcome, but now it is time for us to really start concentrating on student achievement and increasing our performance in Southampton.”.... Thanks so much, Farina. It's about time you and your staff did just that. Move along, now just be glad Southampton didn't get even more over it's head. First things first, Farina. " Nov 18, 14 10:36 PM

Kevin- the Southampton School District cannot even handle it's responsibilities as they stand right now. We see a disgusting amount of overspending and waste at every level of our government. So the fact that there are people who recognize that our local system should not partake in such fiscal problems is just that-sweet relief. " Nov 19, 14 7:06 PM

Southampton Town Police Arrest Two Men For Stealing, Beating Up Man

Look at all of Gallo's arrests on the internet. So far looks like a career criminal. Always stealing money. Wonder what for? Sag Harbor, Hofstra, what else? Nice high bail though" Dec 25, 14 6:24 AM

Lynch's Garden Center, A Southampton Staple, Is Sold

Wow! Lynch's is one of my favorite shops in Southampton. Wonder if the Lynch name will stay. Best of luck to Gerry Lynch and the Fowler family!" Jan 7, 15 5:55 PM

Garbage Piled Outside North Sea Dump After New Year's Closing

Another fine example of government hard at work! You're such a cool boss Anna!" Jan 8, 15 9:16 AM

Jesse Steudte Sentenced To Prison After Fatal DWI Accident

Yes, that is very strange. I have no idea what Allison Rydberg looks like, even after all of the coverage of the case. Selective journalism perhaps?" Feb 28, 15 12:27 PM

I would even settle for a cheap artist's rendering of Rydberg at this point. She must be a ghost, right? Not. One. Single. Mugshot. " Mar 1, 15 8:10 AM

Allison Rydberg Sentenced To Prison Following Fatal Water Mill DWI Crash

1) Move this article near Steudte's.
2) Provide a photo of convict. " Mar 1, 15 8:40 PM

Tim Bishop Named Distinguished Professor At St. Joseph's College

Of course, throw the distinguished ex congressman a bone as some sort of a moral leader. Just a hop skip away from his future bs role as a high paid lobbyist for some bs blood sucking corporation, which has ZERO interest in the people. " Mar 11, 15 11:15 PM

Search Continues For Elusive Eruv Markers In Westhampton Beach

Well then, it seems that the entire eruv issue is a non issue after all" Mar 21, 15 9:23 AM

Sag Harbor Man Apprehended In California, Charged In February Home Invasion

Yes, it seems this is not exactly Coolio's "Gangsta Paradise"!" Mar 21, 15 9:26 AM

Southampton Village Plans To Extend Building Moratorium

How about we let people build on their own property according to the laws that are currently in place. " Mar 23, 15 12:05 AM

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