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Southampton Tire soup kitchen can reopen

That's great news! Can you feed their families too? That would save on food stamps. Can you educate their children in Catholic schools? That would save on my property taxes. How about opening up a nice hospital or clinic for them? That would probably save me from having to pay extra health insurance to cover them. I wouldn't ask but I'm just a year round poor working stiff that does my own landscaping and can't afford to go out to eat. In fact, I'm just barely hanging on. If my job gets cut (the gov is always threatening) I'll be lining up, too. I thought if they were doing jobs Americans won't do, and if there were no more jobs, they could go home. So what's the plan?" Apr 14, 09 4:01 PM

You know, it's not a good idea to feed the wild deer either for almost the same reason." Apr 16, 09 10:16 AM

Anti-illegal immigration protester reports car window smashed, sign stolen

Those of you who want these illegals here are just a bunch of hypocrites. You just want to exploit their cheap labor so you can enjoy cheap landscaping and rake in profits at the expense of your follow citizens who must bear the burden of paying for them. Why don’t you really show how much your care? Open up your Catholic schools to their children. Instead of them being a drain on the tax paying residents, fill up Our Lady of the Hamptons with their children. Let the Catholic Church pay for their remedial education since they want them here so bad. Take away their government handouts, etc. and let the rich community that wants them support them. Better still, buy them a one-way bus ticket back home since there aren’t any jobs for them here. And stop calling everyone who resents this invasion racists, haters and other names. You can call us Americans, though. And don’t tread on us." Apr 16, 09 10:45 AM

Mr. Jones, you don't have to tell if they are illegal just by looking at them. Just look at their I-9's or green card, or social security card. If they don't have one, don't hire them!" Apr 16, 09 11:30 AM

Sorry, I couldn't tell by looking." Apr 16, 09 1:43 PM

Southampton Tire soup kitchen can reopen

Good, all you holy people can take them all in and feed them and cloth them and educate them. Just don't lay this burden on the rest of us because we don't have your resources, and they are hurting us. And we want to keep our country sovereign, not open its borders to the rest of the world. Isn't that what our vets fought and died for? Shouldn't our citizenship have some meaning? Oh, and the crosses and nooses? Come on, don't play those old cards." Apr 16, 09 4:01 PM

First off, how are we going to support all of these people who come here without legal papers when the jobs are all gone? Who will feed them, who will house them? They are living in the woods, now. Will you build housing for them in your neighborhoods or do you want to shuttle them off to Hampton Bays or Flanders? Will you check off the box on your Fed Tax return that says, "Yes, I want to pay an extra $1000 to support people that are here to take jobs Americans won't do". (yeah, I know that box doesn't exist yet). Secondly, what happens when all our servicemen and women come home? Will we have jobs for them? Or will they have to compete with the people from South of the Border for jobs, after they've risked their lives for their country? Thirdly, what happens when they start demanding the same wages as American citizens? If you think that will never happen, think again. Fourth, what will happen when they wrest political control from all you bleeding hearts and they start running the country? You know, legalize cock and dog fighting, etc. Change our culture to suit them, start requiring all of us to speak Spanish in order to get jobs, etc. Oh wait, it's already happening. How easily you give up our country for cheap landscaping." Apr 20, 09 2:02 PM

Knife wielded in clash between immigrant and protester

I'm with you, Squeaky. These are foreign nationals invading our country. We are Citizens of the United States. We don't want them here. We don't want to support them. We don't want them taking over our country. We don't want them overrunning our neighborhoods. They must go." Apr 27, 09 10:00 AM

The law says you must follow certain procedures to enter this country. The law says you must have certain paperwork to work in this country. The law says you can't have 30 people to a house. The law says that you must pay payroll taxes and, if you are an employer, you must collect these taxes. So, why the heck aren't these laws enforced? Why do some of you people think this is ok? If you have a lot of money and want to be humane, send money to relief organzations. Look at all the suffering in Haiti, for example. The answer is not to take in the entire world, how can we? America first, then help out. I bet that those of you who favor the invasion of illegal aliens don't have to live with them or bear the brunt of their support. We have to start putting the citizens of this country first - it's our country, we pay its taxes, many of us fight and died for it. You can't just give it away." Apr 28, 09 1:08 PM

Poor economy exacerbates persistent East End tension over immigration

Hey Tim, How many illegal immigrant families do you have living next door to you? Do you have any idea what an invasion of illegal aliens does to a neighborhood? How much do you think your house will be worth surrounded by rentals packed with illegals, with toys and litter strewn throughout the neighborhood? Think you can sell your house with Corona beer bottles littering the streets and bits of clothing hanging from trees? How about 6 cars per driveway and loud music blasting from their cars, kids hanging out of screenless windows? And you expect us to live with that?" Apr 29, 09 11:26 AM

Oy, they don't speak Yiddish!" Apr 29, 09 3:47 PM

To Ms. Jane, the bottom line is someone, somewhere is evading paying taxes and is, therefore, breaking the law of the land we love. Maybe you are aiding an abetting. Legal contractors charge alot because they have to have a license, have to have worker's compensation and have to deal with payroll taxes. If someone gets hurt on your property it's good for their company to have workman's compensation. Without it, the worker has no option except to sue the homeowner. American workers get paid more because they have to pay state and federal taxes. Most of them live in legal dwellings and those are more expensive. Some things transcend money - the love of country, for example. When you give a job to an illegal worker, the American worker loses out. His labor is thus cheapened. Multiply this and look at the effect this has on your fellow Americans. Maybe some of these American workers are veterans who fought for this country. Don't stiff them. " Apr 29, 09 5:18 PM

Hey Tim, the South relied heavily on slaves for their cotton plantations. Didn't make it right then, it isn't right now. No illegal workers, period. You are a traitor to your country, Tim Bishop. I hope you never get elected for anything again." Apr 30, 09 4:25 PM

12 million foreign nationals have invaded our country. They do not pledge allegence to our flag. The work off the books. We are not allowed to resent them for this. They are trying to change our culture to suit them. Our politicians want to give them amnesty and a path to citizenship (the right to VOTE!). They think they are entitled to push ahead of people who have applied for visas legally. Some people think it's being "humane" to feed these "day workers" and take care of them when their own fellow countrymen are starving back in their countries. So, again, why is this situation ok? If you follow this to the ultimate conclusion, do we open our borders to everyone who is worse off than us? How can we logistically do this? American citizens are crying out for answers and we are called racists instead. You will all do well to listen to us now, and start addressing our concerns. We have not yet begun to organize into groups or show our strength but this is our country and we have a long history of fighting for it. Our voices will not be silenced so easily nor will we sit back and let our country be taken. If you want to be humane, give them a one-way ticket back to their country where they will be free to apply legally for a visa. Or you can just drive them back." May 4, 09 12:52 PM

I wish there would be some way to fix this situation. But the problem starts with the Federal government. They must somehow have the will to close the border first. Then they need the desire and the means to deport. Just to say it can’t be done is a cop-out. The IRS needs to be involved with heavy fines for evasion of payroll taxes. E-verify must stay in effect. The state and local governments need to do their parts, as well. To look the other way when they see laws being broken is horrible. They know these workers aren’t paying income taxes and Social Security taxes (and Medicaid). They let them congregate on the streets knowing they are being picked up to work illegally. Maybe it’s time for every contractor and landscaper doing business in Suffolk County to be licensed and insured. Spot checks could then be done. Yeah, landscaping and other labor will become a lot more expensive. Maybe these jobs will once again become attractive to American citizens. Stop giving illegal aliens free stuff. Our streets are not paved with gold. Charities must pick up the slack, but a ticket home should be a priority, along with the loaf of bread. If you feel bad for these people, why not help their whole country, not just the ones who broke in? I know I don’t have the answers but there are some pretty smart people out there. I hope they can think of solutions and hold the politicians’ feet to the fire so they uphold our existing laws. To just keep letting them pour in is a set-up for disaster, in my opinion." May 5, 09 2:22 PM

Hampton Bays woman founds new pro-immigration organization

And let's not forget the young mother who worked in her father's fish store in Westhampton. She was raped and murdered by an illegal who also worked there, and had a crush on her. She spurned him and he killed her, took her car, and burned it. She left behind a 5 year old boy. I didn't mention her name because I didn't ask her family for permission to use her name. But she should be remembered and maybe she should have a butterfly garden planted in her name and a scholarship set up in her name. While we're freaking out about hate crime victims, let's not forget about these crime victims." Jun 5, 09 3:38 PM

Application for 29-lot subdivision in East Quogue is withdrawn

Did the developer buy the land knowing it was Pine Barrens land and hoping he could tear it all out and develop it? What part of clearing restrictions don’t you understand? Hope he’s planning on putting up a 10 foot fence or the deer will be eating his corn. Better he should donate the land to the town and get a tax break. Everyone’s always trying to destroy the Pine Barrens. Can’t we just enjoy nature? It seems like there are already plenty of homes in the area." Jun 11, 09 11:54 AM

Some are pushing for a new environmental review committee in Southamton

In my town, the developers have completely ruined the neighborhood with rental housing giving it a slum-like appearance. They have torn down wooded areas adjacent to the core of the pine barrens destroying the habitat of rare migratory birds. Instead of the beautiful natural area for which I purchased my home, I now have to look at ugly rental housing. These greedy developers now have their eyes set on the core, itself, and one has even succeeded in building yet another house there. So much for protecting the pine barrens. I would say the public needs an input." Jul 16, 09 11:30 AM

Just like most people I thought the core of the pine barrens was safe. It isn't. Wish I could buy more land but I'm just a poor working stiff - not rich, but paying my bills. Isn't the CPF supposed to buy land for open space and preservation? And shouldn't developers post public hearing signs where they can actually be seen and not hidden in the middle of the woods where no one can see them in time? And shouldn't town officials care about all of the town not just South of the Highway? And shouldn't developers who build to rent be made to ensure that their tenants keep the houses and yards tidy and not eyesores?" Jul 16, 09 4:42 PM

State DOT will install traffic light on Flanders Road this fall

Why don't you make the speed limit 25mph and gives us all bumper cars?" Aug 27, 09 12:53 PM

Car crashes into utility pole on Montauk Highway in Southampton

Enough already of asking for more traffic lights. This place is going to turn into Manhattan with a light at every corner and it will take hours to get from one end of town to another. This is the country - peole have to drive slow. There are deer crossing the roads and other dangers. Drive slow or crash!" Sep 4, 09 12:52 PM

Report says anti-immigrant atmosphere in Suffolk County fuels violence

I will try to be logical and unemotional. Let's have a national referendum. Let's ask the US citizens if they want millions of illegal immigrants to come in and stay in this country. Let's ask them if they want to accommodate them with regards to language, special classes, health care, etc. If it is truly the will of the majority of the US citizens then let's make it so. Otherwise we need to find a way to keep them out and maybe send the ones that are already here home. This country still belongs to the US citizen and we do have the right to steer our country in our desired direction. Thank you for posting this - I hope I wasn't too racist." Sep 18, 09 2:33 PM

We have to deal with the here and now. Unless you want to go back to Adam and Eve, lol. Yes, if anyone stays past their visa they should get deported no matter where they come from unless they claim sanctuary for legitimate reasons and go through the required steps. And it became a threat when millions of people demonstrated in the streets with the flags of their nations and demanded the same rights of US citizens without becoming citizens, paying taxes, serving in the armed forces, etc. I'm sorry that we took parts of Mexico, I'm sorry for what we did to the native Americans, I sorry for slavery and for what the Cro Magnum did to the Neanderthals. But realistically we can't undo the past. We can only keep our own country on course. Let the US citizens decide our country's fate." Sep 18, 09 4:57 PM

To Yearrounder, do you mean that you don't respect the sovereignty of the United States of America? Do you mean that the citizens of this country do not have the right to repell foreign nationals on its soil? That we have to meekly accept any invading force? I'm sorry - that doesn't seem right to me. I think we'd better wake up and look around a bit. Some people are trying to give our country away right out from under us." Sep 18, 09 5:27 PM

You can all argue back and forth all you want. The bottom line is, this is our country by law. We uphold the Constitution of the Unites States and we will defend our country no matter what names you call us and no matter how you try to intimidate us and no matter how many allies (traitors) you get on your side. If you don't like that, you are cordially invited to return to your third world country. Please, don't tread on us." Sep 21, 09 10:43 AM

You can try, but you cannot justify being in this country illegally. Try telling that to ICE." Sep 21, 09 2:15 PM

Town housing officials walk out of civics meeting in East Quogue

You can drive down most streest in Flanders and you can tell which houses are rentals and which are not - Try it, you'll see what I mean. And it looks to me like they want to put these Flanders rentals in the Pine Barrens. Where's Bambi going to live? " Oct 1, 09 3:33 PM

Dune Road neighbor arrested for trespassing; claims he was protecting feral cats

A few things - a cat that is in a trap doesn't meow unless it's a tame cat. Ferals just thrash around but generally don't make a lot of noise b/c that would bring predators. So that was someone's cat. It is against the law for someone to trap and release a racoon. Most trappers take the whole trap, racoon and all, and immerse it in water. This kills the racoon in a very cruel manner. A real animal lover would never allow that. Feral cats should not be fed unless a trap, neuter and release situation is established. If you feed ferals without neutering them, you are making more ferals. All feral cats are decendants of tame domestic cats. In other words, humans created this problem and have an obligation to solve it by humane methods not simply by killing them. Although Mr. Young's heart is in the right place, he may have more success asking for help from an organization like ARF. Oh, one more thing. All traps should be monitored." Oct 8, 09 2:12 PM

Southampton councilwoman mulls bids to privatize town animal shelter

Wasn't this shelter built with donated funds from an animal lover? Maybe volunteers could run and staff it. What else are you going to do? Kill all the animals that are there now? What kind of town does that?" Oct 8, 09 2:39 PM

Proposed change to Southampton Village code would allow archers to shoot deer on their property

Why don't we import some mountain lions or wolves to thin the herds? It would be nice to see some predators roaming the countryside.

This problem arose because of overdevelopment and it's spreading rapidly. Keep the woods and drive slowly. Use birth control." Oct 16, 09 12:45 PM

Southampton Village continues to think about deer control

Digging a hole and letting deer fall into it? Are you kidding? Look - there are all these deer b/c their habitat has been eroded by over development (too many humans). The deer are not happy about it, either (well maybe some are). Fence in the shrubs that you don't want them to eat. Let them eat some stuff, what the heck. Drive slowly like you expect them to pop out into the roadway. Check yourself for ticks daily. Learn to live with nature, or move to the city or up the island. BTW, killing the deer will only work if you kill ALL the deer. If you leave some, they will just reproduce faster due more available food and you will still have a population problem. Birth control, while more expensive, will work better and be more humane." Oct 22, 09 12:29 PM

Supreme Court lifts injunction on use of Aldrich Park

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. Open up the floodgates and let them pour in. Hundreds of foreign nationals who came into this country illegally to take jobs from American citizens who are already laid off and looking for work. They won’t have to pay income taxes or for their medical care. Our taxes will pay for that. They’ll all be milling around in the park our taxes paid for, waiting to be picked up by the greedy contractors who won’t take out income taxes, don’t pay for worker’s compensation, and are probably not licensed to begin with. What a bunch of dummies we are." Nov 24, 09 11:44 AM

I guess it would be ok to take pictures of all the trucks (make sure to get their plates) and maybe invite ICE into the little park. Maybe they can have a lemonade stand or something." Nov 24, 09 2:29 PM

Coming soon to your neighborhood - Farmingville - with all its glory! Gee, is that what you all want? Just so you have cheap labor?" Nov 24, 09 4:10 PM

Let's make the park a bus stop. Rent out a Hampton Jitney fill it up with all those foreign nationals and bus them right out of here. They have rights all right. They have the right to get on a bus and go back to their own country. They don't have the right to steal ours. What about our rights? What about our right to not have 1/3 of Mexico overrun our neighborhoods and steal our jobs and suck the life out of our taxpayers." Nov 25, 09 10:29 AM

Driver flips SUV in North Sea, trying to avoid deer

Ha, ha, ha, Ryder. That was pretty damn funny!" Dec 8, 09 11:02 AM

Shinnecock Indian Nation wins preliminary federal recognition

Congratulations to the Shinnecocks, our neighbors and friends. As to the location of the wished for casino, Gabreski airport and the Calverton site are in the Pine Barrens. Can they not destroy this precious environment teaming with wildlife? The developers we have now are chipping away at it piece by piece. Once it’s gone what will we have left? Can the Shinnecocks stand with us and preserve as much as possible? As for Westwoods, what a beautiful place! But if they put a casino there in the middle of a neighborhood, what about all the traffic? Hundreds of cars barreling down these little streets – not good. Let’s all work together to find the best location." Dec 16, 09 12:12 PM

Parts of Southampton Village parks and beaches may become smoke-free

I used to like to go to carnivals but I had to walk though clouds of choking smoke. It was hard to breathe and I got nauseous. So I don't go to those kind of outdoor events anymore. My husband died of smoking related cancer - he was a smoker. Are all you smokers so certain that you want to continue smoking? Must the rest of us smoke along with you? Why don't you try to quit before the doctor gives you the bad news and then it's too late." Mar 11, 10 12:39 PM

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