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Springs School District To Host Fifth Budget Work Session

I don't think today is April 11. Unless I overslept." Apr 4, 12 2:50 PM

Springs Community Notes, May 2

Great article, Ronnie! Keep 'em coming!" May 1, 12 4:56 PM

A Special Place For Special Players

Wonderful! Thank you for shedding light on this talented troupe." Jun 6, 12 10:06 AM

Gay-Lesbian Youth Support Group To Host Town Hall Meeting This Month To Discuss Teen's Suicide

An additional point is that it's the Gay STRAIGHT Alliance. It's a safe place where kids can come together in tolerance and respect, with no regard to sexual identity. They sponsor events like "No Name-Calling Week" and "Think Before You Speak," which cross the boundaries of race and creed, and serve to protect everyone.

We are very lucky to have such an active GSA in our midst, especially with gay teen suicide being 300 times that of other groups who sadly choose to end their lives, and I hope that a community center for LGBT youth finds a home out here." Oct 10, 12 1:26 PM

Southampton Town Officials Christen Big Duck Bathrooms

Christening? Must have been like water off a duck's back...." Oct 26, 12 4:09 PM

Cancellations Due To Hurricane Sandy

The schools are Red Cross shelters. It would be irresponsible to allow children in the schools with so many strangers. I've been to the East Hampton High School and seen how many beds there are occupied in the gym. Until the schools no longer need to be used as shelters, they will remain closed to kids. Common sense." Oct 31, 12 9:54 AM

Plans Progress For East End GLBT Community Center

@Steven from Joel Johnson: The center isn't about a central place filled with office workers and social servants. I used to travel 60 miles every week to go the parties LIGALY holds every Friday. It wasn't because I was depressed. I was having trouble coming out to my friends and seeing so many happy, open, accepting people made me feel like I found a place that, no matter how my friends felt, would accept me completely.
Every day of the week has a different event. There are parent support groups, transgender Q and A sessions, Safe Schools training, etc. Every year, a team of adults and teens come all the way from Bayshore to educate the school administration, parents, and students. The work they do in our school is irreplaceable.
When I began my transition, they got me through the first steps. Not just in moral support, but in their resources. They were able to recommend trans-friendly doctors and psychiatrists. They answered every question I had.
In March, LIGALY hosts a conference that any high school student can attend. It offers tons of amazing workshops and fabulous guest speakers.
Also, LIGALY offers Sex Ed. programs that are geared toward all teens, not just the LGBT community.
A center on the East End would give kids the empowerment they needed to become leaders in their community, which in an age where "gay" has become synonymous with "stupid." I can't tell you how many kids I met at the Friday night OUTlets that shared stories about how scared they were to tell anyone they were gay until LIGALY stepped in and made it safe. A place where LGBT teens and their allies can network and have a little time in a place where the ignorant homophobes of the world are the outcasts is vital. It is irreplaceable. It is entirely essential. If you could envision a place stronger than that to give so many people so much confidence, let me know so my GSA can have a bake sale for it. Until then, I'm flying a rainbow flag for the Long Island Gay and Lesbian Youth. -- Joel Johnson" Dec 7, 12 7:03 PM