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Deliberations in Oddone trial resume Monday with testimony reread to jury

I am wondering why the friends of Tony think his past is irrelevant to this case....his past paints the picture of what Tony is capable of...violence infused by drinking...I'm still wondering if it was roid rage!!! I think so!" Dec 12, 09 10:20 AM

Blood drive scheduled for James MacWhinnie, injured in accident

I am pretty sure that any blood type will be accepted and is needed- especially at this time of year (platlets too!). If a blood drive is being held for a specific person they will accept any blood type and it will still benefit the patient by replenishing the blood bank.
" Dec 14, 09 3:38 PM

Oddone guilty of first-degree manslaughter, jury announces Monday

Thank goodness for everyone involved that it has come to an end. I will not hide the fact that I am as satisfied as I can be with the verdict. I am wondering what and when a sentence will be declared by the judge.

God Bless you Stacey. " Dec 14, 09 7:10 PM

God, I hope not. I think the Judge has more than the minimum on his mind!!!" Dec 14, 09 7:19 PM

Thank you Juror 2 for coming on and here and for helping us to further understand the deep emotion behind your courageous decision!

God Bless the Reister Family. " Dec 15, 09 7:33 AM

East End still digging out after record snow

Life's a beach...until you get snowed in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Dec 21, 09 5:32 AM

Mall developer seeks new retail in Hampton Bays and Bridgehampton

I remain faithful to Southampton Stationery Store!!" Jan 1, 10 7:01 AM

East Hampton Town harbormaster arrested for marijuana possession

I am wondering, is the name calling really necessary?" Jan 8, 10 5:59 PM

Despite loss in court, man renews effort to control dogs on beaches

Don't have to look at a calendar to know that it is January in the Hamptons.....

Not much else to report on right now, so we'll go with the feces story!" Jan 9, 10 9:20 AM

Instead of contributing to his defense fund, contribute money so we can build a decent dog on the East End. That would solve everyone's problem." Jan 11, 10 9:33 PM

East Hampton harbormaster resigns after marijuana arrest

Seriously, it is NOT a photo that needed to be posted online or printed in the Press!

Don, I don't know you but I am sorry that this had to happen. However, I am happy that you were fully vested. I hope you get to move on to something else you enjoy with the benefits of retirement in hand. Easier said then done, don't look back!! Good Luck!!!!" Jan 13, 10 6:04 AM

In-home bars, pub rooms and libation stations

Wondering who drives your friends home?" Jan 15, 10 5:16 AM

Suffolk County National Bank reveals breach in online security

Very concerned over this breach in sercurity as I am among the less than 10% of their customers that this has happened to!! And those little perks do not make up for identity theft!" Jan 19, 10 5:10 PM

Foundation rejects volunteer's application at animal shelter

I am wondering how can she Sue them in good conscious? Protecting herself while taking money away from the Shelter. Lady, all you care about is yourself." Jan 28, 10 6:37 AM

Mustapha Kahia of Southampton dies at 52

I am so sorry for your loss. I didn't know Mr Kahia well, only from visiting the store-- he loved when I walked by with my dog. If he was not busy he always took the time to come out and say Hi and share some kind words or a story. " Feb 5, 10 5:52 PM

Home in Mastic funded by Southampton Town Section 8 money shut down

Paulgabe....My Gran Dad taught me to "never say never" cause you bever know.

What a wierd party game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Feb 7, 10 7:11 AM

Because you NEVER know............." Feb 7, 10 7:12 AM

No...not on public assistance...I work hard for money!

Wierd party game." Feb 7, 10 2:35 PM

Paulgabe...highhatsizes cares...you care about showing off your "intellect" in front of your tough superbowl-party friends...maybe you should stick to game commentaries!" Feb 8, 10 7:20 AM

Local stationery and office supply shops react to Staples planned for Bridgehampton Commons

I have no intention of shopping at Staples when I can shop at Southampton Stationery....are you just assuming their prices are high? They have as many good sales as Staples. Have you ever seen their 3 inch thick catalog?....and they are more knowledgle...not to mention friendly...most importantly, they care about the Southampton commnunity and the East End...more importantly they care about their customers!!!

I am all for filling the vacancies in the commons...but fill the void instead of fueling competition" Mar 27, 10 7:51 AM

Southampton resident Harry B. Dopp dies at 89

A Very nice gentleman, a loss to VFW Post 7009" Apr 3, 10 11:03 AM

Oddone sentenced to 22 years in prison

Judge Hinrichs had some tough considerations to make.
Thank you for your service to our county!!!" Apr 14, 10 7:22 PM

I am wondering why it is a surprise to so many that the folks from The Bridge are backing someone like Oddone.....internally they are known for their corrupt ways....

Is there a lawyer out there who will back Stacey so she can get what she needs?!

As for the Publick House not stepping up, this surprises me so much. I am sure there are lawyers out there telling them to do nothing till they're sued. If they made any kind of remorseful gesture it would be an admission of guilt.

The Publuick house was a restaurant that I went to often, but not since this incident..." Apr 17, 10 6:29 AM

Local launches online picture book writing course

where can I find out more info on taking this course?" Apr 17, 10 6:38 AM

Oddone sentenced to 22 years in prison

hamptons1.....prettty sure the Judge did his research on this sentencing...he didn't pull 22 years out of a hat!!

I wish thy drug tested Oddone. Roid Rage is still my guess." Apr 18, 10 4:07 AM

High Hat Size, aren't you going to weigh in here?" Apr 18, 10 4:08 AM

East Hampton teenager wants to walk with high school class

Just wondering....didn't EH school district pay the BOCES tuition....doesn't that make this student and EH district student? Setting a precedent by allowing him to walk in the graduation ceremony...he attended EH schools the majority of his school career, sounds like an upstanding member of the school community and is meeting the requirements equal to a high school diploma-- give him an honor that is equal to his peers.....let him participate on the ceremonial process.

EH high schould be proud that they offered a student a different path to their ultimate goal of graduation and higher education and it was successful....revel in that success and let this student walk with his peers.

I think the precedent set will be a positive one." Apr 22, 10 6:11 AM

East End Moms Launch The Whoopsiee

Certainly cuter than anything else on the market!" Feb 23, 12 3:55 PM

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