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UPDATE: Throne-Holst Promises 'A Seamless And Positive Transition' For Police Department

so when is the supervisor putting in her resignation ?
this man was never qualified for the job to begin with . it was the supervisor that wanted him there in the first place now he wants to leave ?
maybe most of you only read occasionally but I remember when it was the chief that wanted to get rid of all the experienced officers claiming that would solve the budget issue lol .
it turned out that not only did he get rid of the people that maintained the department but submitted the highest overtime compensation request in the history of the department .
if someone out there knows what he has done for the town other then create this patch that resembles the village patch and cost the town hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees and dismantle a division that helped keep thugs off the street please let me know .
and to the people out there that say that Lt jimmy Kiernan pled guilty , you should ask, if he was so guilty why is it that he is back in his post and his pay never skipped a beat . I’ll tell you , it's because the charges where BOGUS. a good mans reputation was ruined
and for what? 18 month of absentee service a new patch and a man that wanted to leave his "mark"
well, thanks chief for leaving ..
restore our safety by restoring the street crime unit, appoint the best man to run this department (Capt., Robert pierce) and let the cops be cops with no politics involved
that is not much to ask for !is it?
BTW whatever happened with that big investigation of the DA’s office regarding the alleged removal and/or destruction of sensitive police documents from police headquarters shortly before the chief took office ?

" Nov 7, 12 1:23 AM

I’m sure the citizens of new York would have thought the same if their governor was MIA as well . stop the B--- s--" Nov 8, 12 11:03 AM