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UPDATE: Sickles Returns To Duty; PBA Blasts Board Members, GOP For Making Him A 'Scapegoat'

Pension payouts are guaranteed by the State constitution, but States rights stop at Federal Bankruptcy court, medical obligations of retirees can be voided- I don't think this will happen to SH clownship but it is possible. Reference- Reuters "How a vicious circle of self-interest sank a city" and ABA Journal "The next chapter: Municipalities using chapter 9 to fend off creditors" " Mar 23, 13 10:13 AM

Peconic Bay Skilled Nursing Center Recieves 5-Star Rating

US News needs to walk thru after 3:00 PM and see the Nurses doing next to nothing and the understaffed nursing aides trying to do their jobs and being bullied for their efforts- have a loved one, please bring them elsewhere. " Apr 9, 13 6:36 AM

East End School Test Scores Drop, Reflecting Statewide Trend

At least the for the superintendents and a lot of the administrators the school serves as a unnecessary self-serving compensation scheme. " Aug 19, 13 10:25 AM

A Legend On The Mats And Sidelines Is Inducted Into Hall Of Fame

He wasn't so compassionate to the kids who weren't in the wrestling team- he was indifferent to them in gym class- he was some kind of hero, no he was paid to instruct all the kids under his charge and if you didn't wrestle or play football, etc, he could care less. " Oct 27, 13 10:18 PM

UPDATE: Former Officer Of The Year Identified As Trespass Suspect

He will loose some vacation time and that will be it- Police are pretty much immune from criminal charges they can do whatever they want." Jan 18, 14 10:09 PM

Not probably, he is represented by the PBA, and nothing will likely come out-just look to the STP- the cop with the drug "addiction" 23 misconduct charges were filled by Chief Wilson on his supervisor and what became of it, a suspension and back to the status quo.; it gets worse as you travel west, if its any consolidation." Jan 18, 14 10:15 PM

Hampton Bays Fire District Treasurer's Salary Has Doubled Since Taking Office

The hiring of the Treasurer has the appearance of self-dealing, the salary also appears much higher than other districts. The same position is advertised in this paper for Manorville-was the HB position also advertised, how was the selection performed? Wonder what the hours and pay are. As far as performance, reference the NYS Comptrollers audit of 2010-"Treasurer improperly reserved $310K; paid 17 claims before they were audited; no purchasing policy; didn't always comply with competitive bidding requirements, etc. Similar Larry Luce was hired by HB schools @70K about five years ago, he now makes twice that." Feb 4, 14 4:57 PM

Hampton Bays Fire District Commissioner Defends Treasurer's Salary

Lets see, no other local district comes even close to the salaries that are paid by Hampton Bays or the relatives that are the direct beneficiaries. Throw in the refusal to provide public information and the "its not because we have the money" or "she was next in line" thinking and it shows that some people think its a private company or the NSA. I agree a NY State comptroller or AG or even Suffolk DA investigation/examination is warranted. " Feb 7, 14 7:24 PM

East Quogue Superintendent Resigns; Board Announces Budget Cuts

Rightfully earned; a pension of almost $200 grand, its excessive -what was his salary, I would guess larger than all the Governor's in the US, Supreme Court Justices, etc. " May 7, 15 8:15 PM

UPDATE: Chief Says East Hampton Officer Is Stable, In Critical Condition After Accident

We played hockey together and Dan is a class act, talented and tenacious, always looking out for his team mates ( we were the Ticks). My family pray for his full recovery. Douglas Kelley" May 18, 15 7:48 PM

Hundreds Decry Montauk Weekend Mayhem

Why not ask the Troopers, SC Sheriff's and MTA police for help until a solution is found?" Jul 15, 15 9:52 AM

Hampton Bays Fire District Rejects Freedom Of Information Act Request

The Comptrollers recent report was a snap shop of how nepotism is a SOP, the bookkeeper is the wife of one of the commissioners and earns $60k per year and benefits ( I assume), East Quogue and SH Village use a per diem who in both districts makes a hourly wage and maybe 20 hours a week. As an aside was the monstrosity on Ponquogue really needed?" Aug 3, 15 6:46 PM

Hampton Bays School Superintendent Unveils $49.5 Million Budget For 2016-17

He is paid what- a quarter of a million dollars- more than Coumo, and his business super started at 70k and that salary has doubled- in short each district doesn't need superintendents do it on a county wide basis like MD and VA their schools are just as good without millions in wasteful spending. As for the Boards have just one, and don't stack it with with teachers and relatives who just rubber stamp the people the are supposed to supervise." Feb 13, 16 8:23 AM

His total comp for 2014 was $223,000- I find that excessive for ANY state public servant; especially a high school that is average, at best. The school taxes on LI force people and businesses to leave; we will end up with the very wealthy and the mexicans, the middle class will be gone. " Feb 14, 16 9:51 AM

What does the Town Board have to do with school taxes? Has the HBHS every made the US News top schools list? Dignity and class- I'll give you some public servants who fit that mold: my Dad a (ret) lieutenant in the six seven pct and a decorated WW2 vet, my grand father a civil engineer who was one of the senior engineers that built the Triborough Bridge, Brooklyn Battery and Queens midtown tunnels, I could go on.. their salaries now don't exceed $140,000. " Feb 14, 16 10:02 AM

Pending Southampton Town Attorney Appointment Leads To Political Squabble

So now they know how it feels, remember when Kratoville was hired" Feb 24, 16 1:11 PM

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