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Supermarket Opponent Offers $1.6 Million For Glennon Property

It obvious that the Mayor is in the pocket of Glennon. First the Mayor said that we need a supermarket yet none of the sites identified can hold a supermarket. Now he calls it a grocery store, Mr. Mayor a gocoery store is not a gourmet food shop which is what Fresh Markets is. We already have several of those.

Obviousely your continued commitment to a bad cause can only lead one to believe theat there is something in this for you. Is Glennon paying you off?? Probably your father in law will builid the new store or maybe two years from now you will get a cash paymnet if this zoning change is approved.

Changing to zoning at this location is clearly spot zoning and will add dramatically to an already horendious traffic situation.

Down with the the Mayor, Nancy Mc Gann and the senile guy whose claim to fame it helping relocate the post office to the worst possible location possible where traffic is beyond belief and an accident in the making.

While the Mayor is not running again, Nancy you won't have to bother coming to mts anymore, we are going to vote you out and the same for the guy next to you.

" Mar 16, 12 12:03 AM

I love food markets, especially upscale fancy food places. Your right they all rip you off but you are incorrect.
First you need to learn how to be civil

Second if you like getting ripped off, guess you have a lot of moeny so why don;'t you buy the Glennon property??

Traffic may be bad but putting a fancy food market at the intersection of 39 adn 27 will only make things far worse. Image this, a truck is coming to make a delivery at the Fresh Market in teh summer, The traffic is heavy. People are trying to go east, others are trying to go down Flying Point Rd. to get home or go to the beach. and some going west or to the village. The truck making the delivery hits a car, a regular event now, the result a couple more hours of traffic for those trying to get somewhere.Thats why the Glennon property is zoned for low traffic users.

If this doesn't satisfy you I would love to debate the issue with you in public, So lets do it." Mar 16, 12 9:58 PM

Abraham Wallach Was Sued, Then Hired, By Donald Trump

interesting story. why do i think he didn't give a real answer to what he thinks of trump" Sep 1, 18 8:08 PM