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Code Enforcement Officer Among Six Netted In Drug Sting

HHS is correct: legalizing the use of drugs in this country is the sane solution. Many people who use controlled drugs, both prescription or illicit street intoxicants, will do so whether it is legal or illegal. The choice to stop because of personal consequences, if there are any, should be be supported by the government by funds now used to "battle" the problem criminally. The same holds for gun control: what makes anyone think that if owning guns is illegal it will stop the people seeking them from obtaining them? If you have money, you can buy any type of gun in this country, pure and simple. Gun control will only stop the people who obey the law from obtaining them, which are the citizens you really want to own guns in the first place. In short, making something illegal may make some people feel better, but it does nothing to stop the problems of gun violence or problematic drug use. " Apr 28, 12 8:33 AM

In California, marijuana is now de facto legal, it is absolutely decriminalized in almost every form. There are legal growers under strict agricultural controls overseen by the state government and, let's face it, pretty much anyone with any health complaint, whether documented or imagined, can obtain a legal prescription for weed. I think California is heading in a smart direction by furnishing users legally for something they are going to obtain anyway. " Apr 28, 12 6:59 PM

What you're not getting, with all due respect, is that it doesn't matter if drugs and alcohol are legal or illegal. People will continue to use these substances regardless. The difference is, that if the use of drugs is legalized, the criminal element, with all its awful fallout on society, will instantly disappear. I get that you hate drugs and alcohol which is your right, but their use will continue whether you like it or not. I don't use drugs, not even prescription narcotics prescribed by a doctor. I don't really care if it's legal or illegal, not even because of any moral issue: I don't use them because I don't want to deal with the consequences of taking them, I want to preserve my quality of life drug-free. Wide access to treatment is the solution, not jailing users. (the exception is if users drive while impaired or hurt others while intoxicated)" Apr 30, 12 9:54 AM