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Southampton Students Wear Hoodies To Honor Trayvon Martin

Educate the bigger issues...who is profiting from polarizing our country? The issues are many. Gun Laws, Areas with violent people hanging around that brings on ARMED neighborhood watch groups...also is it smart to dress in a shadey manner and walk in a dangerous neighborhood.? Not saying you CANT but Would you? I do not want to EVER blame a victim but I know if I was in this neighborhood, I would be scared of armed people trying to protect me & the people they were trying to protect me from. This is just a sad sad story from every side. RIP young man" May 8, 12 12:10 PM

I believe the bigger question would be why are there neighborhoods that need legally armed neighborhood watch? " May 8, 12 12:15 PM

Southampton Gymnast Wins All-Around Title

Great Girl, Great Mom Great News! Go Hannah! " Jun 1, 12 11:51 AM

Re-Vote For Tuckahoe School Budget Passes, 256-222

Part of a good education is realizing when it is time to volunteer. Chief it is time for you to volunteer for the local board of education. We need tough people trying to help the schoold educate efficently. These are tough times and eduation is under fire. It is time for communities to help schools operate and educate. Private schools are no better as they do the same brainwashing. Many of the teachers are trying to get public school jobs-what does that tell you? Dont demand results from people who GIVE THEIR TIME. You help too!" Jun 27, 12 7:49 AM

Family Circles Wagons To Keep East Quogue Cafe Afloat

Great people and great food. My kids love this place with the fuzball and the friendly feeling. If this business cant work what can? Lets all try and support them.
" Sep 14, 12 7:45 AM

Press Columnist And Author Reynolds Dodson Dies Following Battle With Cancer

Sorry to hear of this. I loved to read his column. He inspired, challenged and opened our minds..." Sep 17, 12 10:48 AM

Westhampton, ESM Gymnasts Make Sacrifices To Represent Their Schools

These hard working gymnasts are also great students. Hard work from gymnastics shows through everything they do! Glad to see they got recognition for this." Nov 29, 12 11:46 AM

Judge Grants Order Forcing Temporary Removal Of Vehicles From Speonk Property

Don't question what is pouring into your drinking water from this junk yard and try living in The Real World. This is what I want MY taxpayer dollars working on. " Jan 13, 13 10:58 AM

Town Seeks Grant To Fund Duck Farming Exhibit In Flanders

This is fantastic. My family visited the display at the Westhampton Historical Society and learned a great deal. A big Thank YOU! to all the people who have been working towards this." Jan 18, 13 11:47 AM

Southampton School Board Considers Student Uniforms

How about learning to express yourselves through writing,art, poetry, singing or playing an instrument? I wore a uniform for 2 years and did not for 2 years of high school. Guess where learning was stressed? School is not a fashion show. It is for learning. It is time that our country understands this. Bullying will not stop but it will be reduced...that was my experience. Clothes are a socio economic statement, without that, intelligence is left as a status symbol. " Feb 3, 13 8:19 AM

Attorney In Westhampton Beach Censured Due To Deed Error

Wow, any other professional commiting a crime would loose their license. This is nearly an endorsement. Hire the guy that would do ANYTHING for a client. Falsification of documents will tip the scales of justice! " Feb 3, 13 8:55 AM

Flanders Couple Sues Peconic Bay Medical Center Over Emergency Center Naming Rights

I feel sorry for the people who have volunteered their time and energy to the Hospital for dealing with this. Someone needs to take a can of spraypaint and spray every name that they could possibly want and get over this. Back to helping people which is what the hospital is...not a billboard. " Feb 23, 13 8:15 AM

Westhampton Beach Police Investigate Alleged Teacher Misconduct

The district handled this allegation as well as possible. Unfortunately there are many allegations that end up to be baseless and there is no ramifications for the accusers...for the person accused...they are never fully aquited once the rumor mill starts. Multiply that exponentially when you are looking at middle school girls with texting capabilities. I am sorry to hear the naysayers say such inflamatory things. Please let the authorities work things out and try to act like adults...not tweens...and dont jump to conclusions. " Mar 5, 13 5:11 PM

Thank you and well put!
" Mar 5, 13 6:10 PM

Eastport Firefighter Injured While Fighting Barn Fire

Speedy recovery wished for the hero who battled the flames in 100 degree weather. Heard the sirens and said a prayer!" Jul 19, 13 10:25 AM

List Ignites Investigation Of Hundreds Of Hampton Bays Properties

Thank you SHampton press for a well written article that does not inflame racial tension. It is sad and frustrating that race and lawyers are brought into every issue. We can see the frustration from the comments. It is difficult for all involved to do their jobs free from lawsuits and scrutiny. Overcrowding is dangerous and residents should expect to have neighbors that live in a safe and legal way in our communities. We need to demand that these issues be resolved at a National level ..rather than local. " Jul 19, 13 10:41 AM