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Police: Bicyclist In Stable Condition Following Accident In Southampton Village

OR the bicyclist ignored a traffic light/sign. I agree with you, tho- too many people being distracted. As bad as driving drunk.
" Mar 24, 12 8:01 PM

Well, Semanar42- it seems like YOU'RE the one jumping to the wrong conclusion about what I wrote, because I did so to show that his conclusion was not necessarily what happened, then agreed that there are too many people being distracted, NOT that that's what happened here. Reread it before flaming next time. I feel badly for all involved & will chalk up your flame attitude and nasty namecalling to your being upset. And as far as being told what I can or cannot comment, who left you in charge? And what "falsehoods" did I lay down? IT WAS A GENERAL STATEMENT!" Mar 26, 12 9:43 PM

UPDATE: Motorcyclist Injured In Saturday Night Crash Has Surgery, Still in Hospital

Because Riverhead hospital is not a trauma center, while Stony Brook is. The EMTs have protocols to follow.
" May 1, 12 12:01 PM

Update: Police Chief Calls Amagansett Death A 'Terrible Accident'

Good point, VOS. Also, I wonder if they were walking single file or at least over to the side?
" Jun 29, 12 10:07 PM

UPDATE: Cops ID Nun Killed in Water Mill Hit-And-Run, Seek Public's Help In Finding Driver

What about the word "ILLEGAL" doesn't everybody get? If he didn't have anything to hide, why did he run? Hit & Run- pretty descriptive phrase to me...

My heart goes out to the nun's family & friends." Jul 14, 12 10:39 PM

UPDATE: Man Rescued From Bay Doing Fine

When someone ceases breathing/circulating blood, they turn blue from lack of oxygenated blood (hypoxia) With CPR, (iif it's done correctly) the person "pinks up". EMTs are usually taught that once a person is in arrest, if they're successful, they have performed a 'miracle.' The majority of patients don't make it. All of you who worked & performed that save, good on ya! Especially the person/people who went for the CPR training." Aug 25, 12 8:11 PM

BTW- you can also be alert- you're fully awake- but confused as to person, place, date or something else you should know.

" Aug 25, 12 8:17 PM

Woman Rescued In Southampton Village Fire Dies From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Could anyone tell me if Ona Masters was a retired math teacher?
My condolences to family & friends- she sounds like she was quite a lady!" Oct 12, 12 9:25 PM

Flanders Man Arrested For Attempting To Rob McDonald's Of Hamburgers, Money

I take it he wasn't taping to send it to "World's Dumbest Robbers"? Or a "Dumb & Dumber" sequel?
" Oct 28, 13 7:57 PM

East Hampton Trustee Calls On State To Control Gillnets Better After Whale Entanglement

HOW ABOUT THE >>OVER<< 4000 POUNDS OF 30-POUND STRIPED BASS ONE OF THEM THREW BACK DEAD LAST FALL BECAUSE THEY CAUGHT OVER THEIR QUOTA. I surfcast & they set their nets close enough that you could step off the ridge next to the beach & touch the bouy & line. The fisheries are almost gone- ask the older people who remember what it USED to be like. Sad." Aug 29, 19 10:56 PM