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Knife wielded in clash between immigrant and protester

This is only the beginning. The Illegal Aliens think they are entitled and expect sympathy. Let's see how long it takes for break-ins and robberies to start happening. The police department needs to contact ICE and have them all picked up. Southampton needs to take their community back while they still can. Last time I checked, we still have freedom of speech. It is a shame that Mr. King had to go through this, because he was standing up for what he knows is right. Our borders need to be secured and our immigration laws need to be enforced. This BS about immigrantion reform (which means Amnesty) is wrong. Stop picking and choosing what laws to enforce, enforce all laws!!" Apr 21, 09 11:11 PM

Poor economy exacerbates persistent East End tension over immigration

Michael B., what hate group are you refering to? I am against Illegal Immigration and my group is NOT a hate group. We have been called that and other names. Look at some of the groups and their web sites that support Illegal Aliens. Talk about hate groups. As citizens we have the right to protest and be heard. Illegal Immigration is a very heated subject. When you look at the cost and the crime created by Illegal Aliens, that is more than enough reason to demand it be stopped. The supporters of Illegal Aliens will always play the emotion card, that's all they have. Enforce our Immigration Laws, secure our borders and Deport all Illegal Aliens. Also for those that think the Illegal Aliens only work jobs citizens will not, think again. They are working in all of our work force, they have been found working on the roads, hanging drywall, meat packing plants and last summer in a company that makes parachutes for the military! Guess citizens just didn't want those jobs!!" Apr 29, 09 9:26 AM

Hampton Bays woman founds new pro-immigration organization

It's time to STOP rewarding the law breakers. People who come into our country Illegally have no reguard for our immigration laws. Yet they feel they are entitled to our entitlements. Just have an anchor baby (and it's not just one!!) and they receive entitlements because that anchor baby is a citizen!! WIC, ADC, Section 8, and the list goes on. Our Immigration system is NOT broken, the illegal alien supporters continue to say that. We need our Immigration laws enforced, secure our borders and DEPORT. Since the Illegal alien supporters always play on emotion "Don't tear the family apart", I say NO problem, deport the whole family and they will remain together." May 28, 09 5:51 PM