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Knife wielded in clash between immigrant and protester

Actually the Police do check the id and status of everyone arrested - felony or not, whenever they are fingerprinted. The bail is set by the judge - the cops have no say in the bail. " Apr 22, 09 6:32 PM

Piping plovers are back with two beaches to themselves

The Fish and Wildlife service did not "shutdown" any beach in East Hampton, the reporter was mistaken. What they do in a wildlife refuge in Southampton may be a totally different thing.

" Apr 22, 09 6:39 PM

These boots are made for walking

Sounds fishy - according to the police, The parking guy called the police on the Driver, and they dont have any record of the supposed "arrest and unarrest" on her behalf. Her story doesn't fit. " May 26, 09 10:47 PM

Missing kiteboarder found; man had gone home after losing gear

Actually this guy had no leash and he was using a conventional surfboard - (and was in over his head) he overestimated his abilities which is common and had to shed his sail to get to shore. There was actually another sail found floating offshore shortly after this search. He was rather cavalier about the whole thing, as he admitted seeing the helicopters and rescue boats. He just didnt care - most people realize that if you leave something in the water floating offshore - it attracts attention. The victim here is the taxpayer - a few more of these calls and you will see the municipalities require launching permits - it is coming. It is just a matter of time. . " Sep 22, 09 10:18 PM

East Hampton Village to install second set of solar panels on Emergency Services Building

The next set of panels they should hook up to the buildings to generate electricity at those sites, rather than give the electricity to Lipa, as they do now. " Sep 22, 09 10:24 PM

Missing kiteboarder found; man had gone home after losing gear

If you surf on the East end and see our waves, and the amount of people we deal with in the water out here, you would know why a search took place. That's why the east end has "a 12 month "ocean rescue squad" of rescue swimmers that is not part of any fire department, or boat unit. it is the only one of its kind on the East Coast, outside of the US ccoast guard. They are top notch and they are all volunteers tied in to the local marine patrol Police, and local emergency preparedness. " Oct 22, 09 8:08 PM

Piping plovers are back with two beaches to themselves

You need more manpower, that reduces the need for pre fencing and early shutdowns - eventually people will understand and they will properly fund your department, there will be less beach shutdown time and everybody wins (including the plovers and terns. " Oct 22, 09 8:30 PM

Witness recounts fatal struggle in Southampton bar

Mr. oddone will not do well. - even if he does a year - in the prison system.. folks that kill kids or folks that kill cops don't fare well. How the prosecution handles the case - he said - she said is not relevant to the fact that - this guy killed some kids father and someone's husband who isn't coming home. maybe that fact should remain most relevant." Oct 22, 09 8:40 PM

Sag Harbor School Board, teachers to resume negotiations

You are correct. Ms. cosgrove earns 109,000 dollars per year, and perhaps earns every penny and is good at what she does - it is a difficult profession and well respected, - HOWEVER she earns more than most local Sag Harbor taxpayers. - a little humility goes a long way. If the board is being difficult have them stop, however -no one is starving over there - all the salaries are now available at http://www.seethroughny.net/" Oct 22, 09 9:03 PM

i agree .......New site it is amazing everything is now out in the open. http://www.seethroughny.net/ give them a fair contract of course, but get a hand on the spending absolute truth. " Oct 22, 09 9:11 PM

Septic system delays Southampton Town Justice Court relocation

why didnt southampton vet the contractor before hiring him - it is clear linda kabot does not read the local papers - yikes .... good luck " Oct 22, 09 9:34 PM

Beached humpback whale draws a crowd in East Hampton

It is normal to want to push it back out, in this case the stranding was witnessed by a Police patrol, and several times today at high tide, the whale floated - but made no attempt to move away from the beach. The Biologist (one of two) at the beach, was asked about this, and told the onlookers that the whale will drown in a weakedned condition, and that whales will on occasion beach themselves to avoid drowning. " Apr 6, 10 9:48 PM

Missing kiteboarder found; man had gone home after losing gear

The guy that turned up to collect the board from the cops was a 40 year old guy with a french accent who couldn't have cared less. - the kiteboarder was no kid. " Apr 6, 10 9:56 PM

East Hampton bows out of tuition meeting with other districts

William, I agree, Have someone come up with a new formula which does not favor any district over the other. The problem with much of the current debate is that the info to the public is largely influenced by one paper and one reporter (not the press)

what actualy takes place between boards is not known by the public as a result. , and not even known between boards. " Apr 27, 10 10:08 PM

Springs budget up 4.8 percent; Schurr and Gonzalez run unopposed

Mr. Hamilton Knew exactly what the back payments were going to be for last year - he used the delay in payments to keep the increase down last year, and failed to disclose it to the taxpayers or board members. He thought East Hampton would have come up with a better tuition formula by now and he wouldnt have to make a big back - payment. He gambled with the Springs taxpayers money. They need a new business manager that is up front about the money problems and deal with the tuition issue. Montauk was actually hit the hardest by the increase - That budget went way up, Reporter should have checked this. Negotiate a better tuition deal and plan better." May 13, 10 8:37 AM

Brooklyn man drowns, friend still missing at Cupsogue Beach County Park in Westhampton

The homicide squad is not dispatched to the East End unless a death is thought to be suspicious or can not be explained by normal means (possible homicide, suicide with weapons etc ) Generally accidents and other non suspicious deaths are handled by local detectives with the Suffolk Medical examiners office taking the lead role. " Jun 6, 10 5:48 PM

Kabot hearing concludes with no decision on arrest tape

If the tape showed that she was fine - her attorney wouldn't be challenging the admission of it in court, he would be welcoming its use to exhonerate her. The issue here in the end, is whether the person was driving drunk. The purpose of throwing out the physical evidence is that the trial then relies only on officer testimony, and if the officers involved have done something foolish in the past or done something that questions their honesty (not motivation) then their testimony can be discredited. The Lieutenant in the case is not involved in the arrest, so his gaff is not evidence that helps the womans case, - and any evidence that an officer is targetting someone does not in itself, impact the outcome. The case is likely to go to trial. " Jul 20, 10 8:34 AM

East Hampton High School pushes for better performance in mathematics

It's worth it, spend the money. Tough decisions like moving underperforming teachers have been talked about for years - now it is out in public. Taking the first step is admitting that they can do better. This is good news. " Sep 1, 10 9:23 PM

Southampton Town Officials Discuss Installing Beach Markers

Good start, but might be better to use the name of the beach and properly post it.
"Im at beach number four" wont help you much when you dial the wrong emergency dispatch center...

creating a new system may not be needed if streets are properly marked and beach signage is consistent and monitored. Every hamlet and town has these issues, when signs are not posted, or they go missing over the winter. " Nov 21, 10 2:39 PM

Erosion, Not Snowfall, Is Blizzard's Main Impact In East Hampton

Most of the news coverage from all the local media has focused on the private property damaged, and not on the aid issue. The Fema led federal aid that is mentioned and suggested is not provided to private property owners, nor the municipality where the property is located. Nor does the damage amount of the private property count in calculating the total damage numbers. The aid that could be sought, would be aid for areas damaged that were previously shored up or improved as part of a municipal mitigation program or shoreline improvement. The Federal aid will not reimburse a municipality for losing a beach or for shoreline erosion that has occurred. The Local Fema Representative said as much several days ago. It is good that they came and looked, d and that the local govt. responded - this is the time to reduce the likelihood of such events with planning, legislation and codes that keep us from putting ourselves in harms way. " Jan 8, 11 9:20 PM

Quogue Village Police Chief Collapses At Town Event

Hope The Chief has a speedy recovery, a good guy, - well respected. " Jan 14, 11 9:06 PM