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Southampton Eagle Scout honored

Congratulation Peter on what is arguably the finest achievement a person your age can attain. Thank you for showing us that there are still people out there willing to put in the extra effort and do the right thing. I am proud to say that our community can still help produce such a fine young man. Please keep up the good work. Our future depends on the kids of today." Apr 22, 09 2:27 PM

Stony Brook University will announce drastic cuts to Stony Brook Southampton

This is absolutely, postiviely the perfect example with what is wrong with this primitive government of ours. We will spend every dime we can get our hands on to help people not willing to help themselves or unable because of their legal status, yet spit in the faces of our kids trying to make something of their lives. This is pure loserville stuff. The people making this decision are the lowest forms of life and frankly should be investigated for incompetency. Man this just burns me up. " Apr 6, 10 8:11 PM

Two boats collide on Peconic Bay near Robins Island

Thanks to the fire and ambulance departments, let me rephrase, VOLUNTEER FIRE AND AMBULANCE DEPARTMENTS for everything these people do for our community. " Jul 28, 10 6:37 PM