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Zeldin Asks FAA To Change Helicopter Rules To Reduce Noise; East End Leaders Join In

There is no such thing as "unnecessary business," nobody calls their customers or patrons unnecessary!!!" Mar 11, 15 4:18 PM

He's another pandering politician, of no use to anybody, with not experience or expertise, other than having his hand out for contributions" Mar 11, 15 4:19 PM

Group Opposed To East Hampton Airport Restrictions Distributes Fliers Ahead of Hearing

Stop thinking the anti-airport groups are altruistic, most of them are real estate developers and builders!!!! Just because he is trying to make a living and survive doesn't make him a bad person. get over yourself, if it was your job on the line you would be thinking differently. " Mar 11, 15 4:23 PM

Regulations Will Change East Hampton Airport, But Actual Impact Is Still Being Measured

Are you actually reading the same article as the rest of us. let along that most of these committees are made up of Anti-airport groups. " Mar 11, 15 4:25 PM

Community Largely Split on East Hampton Town's Proposed Airport Regulations

How does his inclusion in the photo's about make him right, you could put a donkey up there and a caption under it, doesnt it mean knows what its talking about. Stop fooling yourself that Gruber has your interests at heart. Why retract a true statement" Mar 13, 15 1:58 PM

this is again a true statement, the BFAC came out themselves, and by their own admission, and reported by this same site, that they were unable to determine the effects.

Again it is a FACT that David Gruber's case was thrown out not three days ago by the appellate court.

Just because you may not agree, doesn't mean its a lie." Mar 13, 15 2:00 PM

Someone is drinking the Kool Aid.

By the way how is the weather in Jersey City?" Mar 13, 15 2:02 PM