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Montauk Businesses Weather The Storm

What happened to her dog?
" Nov 3, 12 3:53 PM

Robert E. Fordham Of Sag Harbor Dies February 6

R.I.P. Bob. Way too soon, way too young.

John Trimpin" Feb 21, 13 3:48 PM

Kardashian Clan Leases Jobs Lane Store In Southampton Village

Morley King, A bartender in Sag Harbor once famously said about summer Tourists: They come out here for the weekend with a hundred dollar bill and a clean white shirt and they don't change either one of them!!!
You guys have always hated the tourist and summer. Yet, I hear no complaining when you sell the family house (bought for $10,000) for a couple of million. You cant have it both ways kids.
" May 27, 14 6:13 PM