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Knife wielded in clash between immigrant and protester

Maybe the real problem is on a deeper level. These people are here because OUR own citizens , in the name of saving the almighty dollar , began years ago to hire illegal aliens to work as maids , or nannies etc...
As time passed , more and more people entered the country seeking an illegal work /no tax/cash scenario , entirely made possible by those among us that were willing to betray their own country just so they could be a little richer. In few places is this more obvious nor adbundant than in the Hamptons.
Every day this scenario is perpetuated by each and every one of US that stops to pick up some mexicanos for the day , for $8/hour , to do work they dont really know how to do or complete with much in the way of quality anyway. Maybe , if people would hire American , buy American and show some damned loyalty to our country instead of , in almost every instance , outsourcing in the name of the almighty dollar." Apr 25, 09 2:43 PM

we might finally begin to recover econically. An economy MUST be a circle and not a straight line." Apr 25, 09 2:46 PM

Again , why is nobody mentioning those among us that provided the incentives for this influx of illegal , cheap labor? Why does nobody mention those that began overlooking things like a lack of a ss#? We started it...." Apr 27, 09 1:35 PM