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Southampton Town Supervisor To Meet With Shinnecock Hills President, Michael Bloomberg On Tuckahoe Road Reroute Proposal

Yes, Gregor said NO and we all owe him our thanks.
My guess is tons of money will be given to his opponent in next election cycle by Club types. Alex has been ethical, has put people principle first. Same can't be said of some others. Warning: A bought and paid for Highway Supt. one day down the line may cave. From now on, candidates for that office sign a pledge to leave Tuckahoe Rd. alone because surely Club will try again down the line. " Sep 13, 16 12:37 AM

Petition To Keep Tuckahoe Road Open Gains Traction

Maybe he really doesn't know right from wrong, and that's pretty disturbing, because if he did he would have dropped this thing weeks ago.
" Sep 13, 16 8:07 PM

Southampton Golf Range Receives $6.5 Million Recreational Easement From Town

If Jay in any way thinks that buying some spot for the locals to whack golf balls around in any way justifies his attempted sellout of Tuckahoe Rd. where his buddy Bloomie whacks balls around, well, he's got another think coming. " Sep 17, 16 7:43 AM

Southampton Town Supervisor To Meet With Shinnecock Hills President, Michael Bloomberg On Tuckahoe Road Reroute Proposal

The Club could have thought up its own common sense "pedestrian safety" solutions and implemented them long before now, with Town help if necessary. They haven't, or won't.
The Supervisor could have heard the people by now. He hasn't, or won't.
They are up to something else and whatever it is it is wrong, and that's worth looking into, too. " Sep 18, 16 10:39 PM

Petition To Keep Tuckahoe Road Open Gains Traction

Actually, he did discuss it at the Aug. 4th meeting and was, as you say, NOT interested in the idea at all. Good for him." Sep 20, 16 10:30 PM

Class Warfare And Land Use

Anne is spot on, as usual. " Sep 21, 16 12:52 AM

Proposal To Reroute Tuckahoe Road Is Put On Hold

It's a TOWN road, not a Suffolk County road. More nonsense." Sep 28, 16 11:34 AM

Next we are to hear that Meadow Lane homeowners are offering several millions to buy the County Park on the eastern side of the Inlet, in time turning it into a recreation area for their newly formed association. Gates and a gatehouse will subsequently be installed at the southern end of Halsey Neck at Meadow Lane. Government officials are said to be in support of the idea since the threat of tsunami is ever present, endangering those who camp there.

" Sep 28, 16 2:10 PM

The hospital has been in a tight neighborhood since forever and somehow ambulances have managed to come and go. College property is bounded by open highways north and south which can only promote faster, easier access than little village streets. Tuckahoe is a no-traffic open expressway compared to Lewis Rd. It needs to be re-routed why? Tell me again?
Ambulance access another BS cover story to distract from real issue, greed for real estate Tuckahoe Rd. sits on.
No matter how much certain ones have given or promised to give to hospital capital fund, there will be no public road in exchange for the fundraising. Sorry. " Sep 29, 16 7:44 PM

Not a bad idea! Remember the clothesline law? That got to be known about far and wide and this is much more interesting." Sep 30, 16 1:16 PM

If County wants to do something in the neighborhood it can put up shelters on 39. There's one needed right in front of the club where yesterday I saw a caddie waiting for a bus ride. Otherwise stay in Hauppauge and shut up. Quit it with giving cover to this bogus Bloomberg business. " Oct 4, 16 9:26 AM

Petition To Keep Tuckahoe Road Open Gains Traction

Right. Tuckahoe is a Southampton Town asset, not a Tuckahoe School District property. What's one got to do with the other? Apples and oranges. " Oct 4, 16 7:50 PM

Southampton Town Purchases Development Rights Of East Quogue Farm

True, so answer is to change farming practices not abandon farms to housing. " Oct 7, 16 10:55 AM

I drove through there this morning. Nice to know it is now preserved. " Oct 7, 16 11:10 AM

Special Litter Vehicle Purchased To Clean Up Southampton Town

Take it down to the beach. " Nov 4, 16 5:50 AM

Hampton Bays Bar Will Reopen With New Name, Owner

Define "tons."
Next, explain the mindset that would wish economic distress on a neighboring community.
" Nov 8, 16 4:24 PM

Ponquogue Beach Pavilion Design Options Presented

Oh, dear...even though himself evidently lives in glorious Southampton, therefore making him special by virtue of geography, he must still not be too terribly sure of his place and status in the world as we see he needs to be nasty to and make "other" of his perfectly nice near neighbors. Pity. " Nov 16, 16 5:02 PM

A Private Meeting To Discuss A Proposed Tuckahoe Road Reroute Is Canceled As 'Premature'

WTF part of NO was not understood the first time? " Nov 30, 16 3:01 PM

He doesn't want to play golf. He might, however, want to run for Congress. For that "players" and their money would be so helpful. " Nov 30, 16 3:41 PM

Early Demolition Work Begins At Canoe Place Inn In Hampton Bays

According to the Town code a structure needs to be "at least 50 years old" to be considered a heritage resource. The Canoe Place Inn is 94 years old, nearly twice as old as the qualification. To say that it is not at all historic is to say something not at all accurate." Dec 12, 16 2:06 PM

East Hampton's Briar Patch Estate One Of Most Expensive In Country

There is something very weird about this site's fawning fascination over astronomically expensive real estate..." Jan 4, 17 11:12 PM

Hampton Bays Library Board Will Seek Taxpayer Approval Of $9.9 Million Renovation Plan In March

For Christ's sake, renovation of the Canoe Place Inn isn't expected to cost that much.
" Jan 22, 17 7:04 PM

The library is "supported." Every budget gets passed.
"Supporting" the library does not necessarily mean voting for an unnecessary $10M bond. " Jan 24, 17 10:42 PM

Schneiderman Skeptical On Approval Of Tuckahoe Center Proposal

Yes, and we will happily remind him of this if that Tuckahoe Rd. nonsense ever comes up again. " Jan 25, 17 5:09 PM

UPDATE: Protesters Say Weekend Rally At Zeldin Event Was Peaceful

no, not hypocritical much. Hypocritical VERY VERY much. " Feb 3, 17 8:58 AM

Zeldin Blasts Russian 'Aggression' As Spy Ship Lurks Off Long Island

Probably just Trump's rich Russian friends scouting ocean front rentals for the upcoming social season." Feb 16, 17 10:38 AM

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