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Annual CPF Revenues Expected To Eclipse $100 Million In 2014

Nooooo...time to put its revenues to ever more good use. " Jan 5, 15 10:07 PM

Nitrex System Promises Big Results, Minimal Odor

Someone else's waste treatment is already going on in your back yard. Your front yard and side yard, too. And, right under your house and garden as it makes its way to the bay which can no longer be our communal waste water facility by default. " Jan 9, 15 4:05 PM

Southampton Town Board To Make Final Decision On Canoe Place Inn Application Tuesday

I don't think today is July 9th. Snow on the ground tells me so..." Jan 9, 15 4:11 PM

Now that you point it out, PBR, I'm happy to explain.
A quick, well-meant attempt not to have the year-to-date anninversary of that bad day in hot July confused in the public mind with the cold and snow of January went wrong for misreading on my part. Your'e right. 30 is not 36.
In any case, too many months. Disturbing. Agreed. " Jan 10, 15 9:51 AM

Nitrex System Promises Big Results, Minimal Odor

Whether the population is suburban or not, high or low or not, 10 weeks of the year or 52, apparently conditions are enough to cause concerning algal blooms.
The article indicates that the system has been tested in other places.

" Jan 10, 15 10:13 AM

Concer House Property Owners Place Parcel On Market, Abandon Building Plan

Yup. Money don't equal class.

Whoever buys the property should be encouraged to incorporate into their new house those parts of the old house recovered prior to demo. For that they should get a great big multi-year tax abatement thank you from the Village, especially if the rebuilt house substantially evokes the original." Jan 11, 15 12:43 AM

Southampton Town Board Approves CPI And Canal Development Project

I believe Cinderella and The Ugly Duckling would beg to differ." Jan 14, 15 1:58 PM

Exactly, Erin. How stupid the above sounds. As well as nasty and pointless.
BTW, since the canal is between the bays, about midway, I guess according to Walt that half of each is good bay, the other half step-child bay. Dumb. " Jan 17, 15 9:52 PM

Search Continues For Elusive Eruv Markers In Westhampton Beach

If the rabbi says the earth is flat and the moon is made of green cheese, I suppose I should believe that, too. " Mar 21, 15 4:00 PM

Southampton Town Sets Timeline For Upcoming Historic Renovations

CPF money can't be spent on beaches, roads and reefs.
" Apr 10, 15 11:37 PM

Hampton Bays Residents Sue To Stop Shinnecock Canal Projects

To read the the plan is to see that it calls for the 'poop' to be captured on the townhouse site in septic tanks and for overflow wastewater to be treated before release.
Nothing will be going 'right into our waters' as it would if the area was operating as usual today, or if the area were built according to usual zoning tomorrow.
What is going into water, however, is untreated waste rolling down hill from a neighborhood to the east.

" May 15, 15 3:23 PM

No work can start until the plan has gone through every process and every approval is in place. That is why no renovations have started. " May 17, 15 4:02 PM

Ah...with one remark he giveth. With the next he taketh away... " May 21, 15 11:57 AM

"Tear the damn thing down..." Then there will be no reason to preserve one of the most significant sites and structures in all Southampton and no reason to negotiate state-of-the-art waste management, either.
" May 21, 15 12:02 PM

Please, what "expense" would that be exactly?" May 22, 15 7:57 PM

UPDATE: Town Police Searching For Woman Who Robbed Hampton Bays Bank

Another gratuitously negative remark from Southampton.

There are thousands and thousands of bank robberies a year. Friday @ Chase was merely Hampton Bay's turn. " Jun 28, 15 2:09 PM

Hampton Bays Diner Closes After 30 Years

Next time it's renovated return to original 50's era chrome and kitsch! " Jul 17, 15 8:34 AM

Your Diner remarks deserve comment in light of the following: "It is not what enters the mouth that defilith the man, but rather that which proceedeth from it."

" Jul 17, 15 11:54 AM

UPDATE: Funeral Services Set For Tuesday For Respected Shinnecock Elder, Elizabeth Thunder Bird Haile

Will 27East keep us posted on date and time of services?
I and many others who loved that lady will want to attend. " Aug 22, 15 11:32 AM

CVS Officials, Others Express Interest In Hampton Bays Diner Property

Absolutely not.
Listen up Town Hall...absolutely NOT.
Don't even think about it.
Got it? " Sep 16, 15 10:33 PM

Bouwerie Mansion On Meadow Lane In Southampton Meets The Wrecking Ball

Repulsive destruction of a work of art.
The Philistines are back at the hedgerow.
Bye bye Southampton. Used to be a nice place.
Now, too much money, too little class.
" Dec 4, 15 11:18 AM

Requiem For The Bouwerie

Newsflash to Newcomers: No one is impressed by your destruction and display. " Dec 7, 15 10:59 AM

Bouwerie Mansion On Meadow Lane In Southampton Meets The Wrecking Ball

Southampton Village is not so much a "village" anymore. It increasingly occurs as an enclave of the ego-driven and self-entitled who don't know how to behave, with an arrogance enabled by servile government officials forgetting who and what they are supposed to be in service to. " Dec 9, 15 4:08 PM

Art Village Cottage In Southampton For Sale For The First Time

Maybe it can be torn down so some idiot can put a monstrosity in its place. Let's see what happens!" Dec 10, 15 11:04 AM

Bouwerie Mansion On Meadow Lane In Southampton Meets The Wrecking Ball

Yes, but "corporations are people" in this increasingly insane world of ours.

" Dec 24, 15 1:33 PM

UPDATE: Armed Man Who Barricaded Himself Inside Hampton Bays Home Identified, Charged With Several Crimes

More like near the intersection of Wakeman and Lynncliff judging by the State Police presence blocking off the block there last night. " Feb 20, 16 8:26 AM

Suffolk County Legislator Introduces Bill To Ban Plastic Bags County-Wide

Yes. I got an expanding mesh bag from Group for the South Fork over ten years ago and am still using it.
Since bag ban so nice to no longer see plastic "flowers" stuck in bushes all over town." Mar 3, 16 7:43 AM

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