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Is David Geffen Adding Real Estate Tycoon To Movie Mogul Title?

If 27East insists on making "news" of the fact that some are willing to pay obscene sums for property around here, how about balancing that fascination with an ongoing feature called "Affordable Home of the Week?" Real estate information us less glamorous folk might actually use would be appreciated. " May 17, 16 10:06 PM

Goldman Sachs CEO Sells Sagaponack Home For $13 Million

Why should I care about this? " May 19, 16 9:42 PM

UPDATE: Four Suspects In Stabbing At Hampton Bays Bar Ordered Held On $250,000 Bail Each

"Pro-active" policing amounts to the public paying security detail for private businesses that can't or won't manage themselves or their patrons. They profit, we pay. Been going on for years, especially at certain bars in Hampton Bays, as government and police officials congratulate themselves for keeping order and helping the summer "economy" hum along. " May 30, 16 4:41 PM

UPDATE: $15.8 Million Library Bond Referendum Fails In Hampton Bays

Nice common sense idea that would be a public service, but I very much doubt The Press is going to do that. See their editorial in favor of the project.
They say it's worth it to spend $15,800,000 (or more as costs go up) for a facility that will last 50 years. Really? My online calculator tells me that that's the same as an extra $316,000 a year for those 50 years, before interest.
Recall the total expansion is supposed to be 4,000 sq. ft. or $4,000 a sq. ft! I wonder if Trump Tower cost that much.
Quit with the Zumba classes and all rest and put books back on the shelves instead of in the dumpster. Maybe the library will be quiet for a change, the way a library is supposed to be." Jun 9, 16 6:01 PM

UPDATE: Schneiderman Unveils More Details About Proposal To Reroute Tuckahoe Road

First they take it from the natives, now they want to take it from the locals.
Not happening.
" Jun 15, 16 5:51 PM

South Fork Community Members Stand In Solidarity With Victims And Families Of Orlando Nightclub Shooting

Old Testament and fundamentalist religion is the source of the poison that led to Orlando.

" Jun 15, 16 6:34 PM

UPDATE: Schneiderman Unveils More Details About Proposal To Reroute Tuckahoe Road

Bloomberg joining a club with a road going through it, and then complaining he doesn't like it, is akin to the person buying a house next to an airport and then complaining about the noise. Typical. Poor Mike! " Jun 16, 16 11:19 AM

Because that would be smart, and easy and make just too much common sense....????
" Jun 16, 16 11:52 AM

The Town's Master Plan encourages retention of scenic vistas.
This plan would privatize and take away one of the best we have.
" Jun 17, 16 9:27 AM

How does being "a good neighbor, " whatever that means, mean anything other than that is what a neighbor is supposed to be? And, since when does being "a good neighbor" entitle said neighbor to a successful, selfish land grab?
Sorry, Shinnecock. You'll just have to continue sharing the road with the rest of us. Get over yourselves. " Jun 17, 16 2:36 PM

They want grass where the road is.
They don't want to share "their" view and vista.
They want to appropriate and privatize the land.
It's not about pedestrian safety. If it is, then just do what Mother always said and look both ways before crossing the street. How hard is that?
Why the hell is this even an issue? " Jun 18, 16 1:50 AM

Yeah, I wonder if the Mayor will show up himself to the predictably ugly public hearing on the matter, or if he will send a "representative?" " Jun 18, 16 5:11 PM

...and put it on backwards." Jun 25, 16 9:46 AM

Donald Trump To Attend Fundraiser In Southampton on Saturday

...yeah, and they're not red meat red, either." Jul 4, 16 7:33 PM

Shinnecock Hills Golf Club President Says Tuckahoe Road Proposal Is A Matter Of Safety

How about some things are simply not for sale for no matter how much to anyone, ever." Jul 7, 16 1:28 PM

The Community Preservation Fund is pretty flush. Why not make them an offer?" Jul 9, 16 6:48 PM

Southampton Town Board To Discuss Proposed Tuckahoe Road Rerouting Idea At August Work Session

Something stinks very much, yes.
I wonder if Highway has to be ok with this? God Bless Alex in our time of need! " Jul 13, 16 7:41 AM

Remember that part in a book much older than any movie? There was a betrayer in there, too, who's name also started with a "J," come to think of it. " Jul 13, 16 8:48 AM

Almost Four Years After Sandy, Home Repairs Begin

That's a handsome house." Jul 15, 16 9:02 AM

Southampton Town Board To Discuss Proposed Tuckahoe Road Rerouting Idea At August Work Session

The only thing wrapped up is them, in their bubble. " Jul 17, 16 3:01 PM

REMINDER: August 4th is day after tomorrow. " Aug 2, 16 9:40 PM

Details Of Tuckahoe Road Reroute Proposal Emerge Amid Community Outcry At Work Session

Mr. Pickett "appreciates and respects the passion of the community." Does he now? What condescending b.s.

Next breath: He will be sitting down with the Town Board to discuss citizens' concerns. Really? He will be doing that? How generous! How tolerant and kind!

If Mr. Pickett is so very understanding he will understand that everyone understands this selfish attempt at a land grab for what it is. He will then understand some more that the smartest thing to do would be to drop the subject. " Aug 5, 16 10:36 AM

The concept plan provided by the Town (referenced above) doesn't show the freshwater wetlands just to the east. " Aug 6, 16 4:44 PM

Above, more good suggestions from folks with brains.
" Aug 6, 16 6:14 PM

I suggest we pay ever more careful attention to their "noise" and its warning. The best of what's left from what was stolen from them will next be stolen from the locals if people don't wise up and make "noise" real fast.
What is this latest stunt brought to us by Schneiderman and Bloomberg if not an attempt to "steal" "our" land?" Aug 7, 16 7:46 AM

Right, hitting golf balls across a public road is not good. Therefore, the Club should put up berms and nets so that their game does not endanger the public. Their logic and sales pitch is "We are endangering you with our play, so sell us your road and let us build you a new one that will cause you more problems than you have now and that will be good for you."

Some people some of the time "fly" on all roads, windy and otherwise. What else is new? Let the club ask for increased police presence or a lowered speed limit. They have apparently made no attempt to help themselves (except for dispatching Bloomberg to schmooze with Jay) and instead want the rest of the world to bend over backwards and frontwards until they get what they want." Aug 8, 16 9:59 AM

Indeed. " Aug 13, 16 12:35 PM

UPDATE: GoFundMe Campaign Collects Donations For Family Whose Homes Were Destroyed By Fire Friday

If there is a rebuilding fund to contribute to I hope the Press will let us know. " Aug 27, 16 7:56 PM

Hampton Bays Superintendent Expresses Concerns Over Town Supervisor's Accessory Apartment Idea

Time for a townwide school tax. Even it out." Sep 6, 16 11:21 PM

Southampton Town Supervisor To Meet With Shinnecock Hills President, Michael Bloomberg On Tuckahoe Road Reroute Proposal

Yeah, holding the Bloomberg's grandson. They've already had their meeting.
Cute kid. Ugly Sellout of a Supervisor. " Sep 8, 16 11:56 PM

Yes, Gregor said NO and we all owe him our thanks.
My guess is tons of money will be given to his opponent in next election cycle by Club types. Alex has been ethical, has put people principle first. Same can't be said of some others. Warning: A bought and paid for Highway Supt. one day down the line may cave. From now on, candidates for that office sign a pledge to leave Tuckahoe Rd. alone because surely Club will try again down the line. " Sep 13, 16 12:37 AM

Petition To Keep Tuckahoe Road Open Gains Traction

Maybe he really doesn't know right from wrong, and that's pretty disturbing, because if he did he would have dropped this thing weeks ago.
" Sep 13, 16 8:07 PM

Southampton Golf Range Receives $6.5 Million Recreational Easement From Town

If Jay in any way thinks that buying some spot for the locals to whack golf balls around in any way justifies his attempted sellout of Tuckahoe Rd. where his buddy Bloomie whacks balls around, well, he's got another think coming. " Sep 17, 16 7:43 AM

Southampton Town Supervisor To Meet With Shinnecock Hills President, Michael Bloomberg On Tuckahoe Road Reroute Proposal

The Club could have thought up its own common sense "pedestrian safety" solutions and implemented them long before now, with Town help if necessary. They haven't, or won't.
The Supervisor could have heard the people by now. He hasn't, or won't.
They are up to something else and whatever it is it is wrong, and that's worth looking into, too. " Sep 18, 16 10:39 PM

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