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'Cities Of Peace' Leaves Its Mark In Armenia

Terrific project - more people need to know about the genocide which Turkey to this day denies. My late husband was Armenian-American. Many of his relatives were victims/survivors of the massacre. I particularly remember his aunt who lost her 4 children on the march. Good luck with your project. " Feb 11, 16 11:41 AM

Southampton Town Moves Forward With Pedestrian Safety Project In Bridgehampton Amid Push From State Official

Pitiful bureaucratic nightmare. Yes drivers & pedestrians need to be vigilant but lighted crosswalks would help both. Why not at least use the $$ by adding safety component to the crosswalk in BH where an actual death occurred - and it was 2 years ago‼‼ Not only pitiful but dangerous negligence of responsibility. " Mar 2, 17 11:21 AM

Local Officials Ask State To Repave Eight Miles Of Route 114 By Summer

Dream on. Took several years to get the first part repaved. And the remaining 8 miles by the summer‼ Get real‼" Mar 2, 17 11:29 AM

East Hampton Village Roundabout Completed

Now drivers have to learn how to navigate the round-about (or rotary as we called them growing up in Massachusetts!) I was in the circle the other day when a car coming from Toilsome Lane drove right thru, not yielding to my car which was in the circle. " Nov 1, 18 12:17 PM

Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers Will Be Banned In Summer In East Hampton Village Next Year

Blowers on the golf course will not create noise for nearby homeowners except those on the boundaries of the 200 acre course & those affected are likely members who want the blowers to clear the course regardless of the noise. " Aug 8, 19 12:23 PM