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Forces Tried To Oust Southampton Town Police Chief

seems to me crusader she's smart enough to stay out of the rhetoric! BRAVO to her!" Mar 31, 12 7:20 PM

Southampton Police Chief May Face New Challenge

again crusader I commend her for staying out of the rhetoric as well as the rest of the board with the exception of ATH for doing the same!
" Apr 7, 12 8:53 PM

East Quogue Golf Course Development Gets Green Light For PDD Application

Wow nature- I always thought you were one of the smarter bloggers but saying that Bridget has a brain, let alone the only one on the board you completely disappointed me. Fleming has proven herself to be nothing more than a pandering talking head, time and time again given that preservation is off the table at this point she offers no alternative but plays to politically expedient answers takings the easy way out. It takes knowledge creativeness, strength and courage to see the potential to be able to standup to an initial reaction to the public and accept the challenge in finding result which best benefits the towns residents. Congrats to most of the board for being able to have that strength and fortitude. " Jan 15, 14 4:38 PM

Nature-you're working your way back. I couldn't agree more on your second point that she knew how the vote would go. On your first point, I would only note that while not quoted in the paper, if you watch the video, both ATH and SCALERA well articulated their positions. " Jan 16, 14 8:56 PM

Southampton Town Board Debates, Adopts Politcal Guidelines For Board Appointments

That was the joke of Fleming's supposed ban of committee people- even under that you could do all of those things. At least the resolution that passed is what claims to be- an attempt to provide continued politically diversified representation on each of the boards in question. I commend Scalera, ATH and the rest for making good on a promise to work together and put the residents first. Now let's move on!!!" Feb 26, 14 7:41 PM

To eastend joy and the rest - you are all in bitter denial. How about you face the fact that Flemming is pulling you all (a few) around to the wrong side of every issue . She has clearly proven to be incapable of working with anyone and incapable of leading. How about you stop looking to blame everyone else for being able to effective at both. " Feb 27, 14 9:24 PM