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Auditors Say Southampton Police Department Compensation System Is Easily Abused

Aahhhhh! Wilson found a problem with record keeping of time off. Was that the "lack of judgment" Malone was talking about? A second grader could tell you that people being in charge of their own time off is a BAD idea. Human nature always comes into play along with greed and stupidity. What a shame they ran Wilson out of town, he was actually trying to clean up the mess that was 22+ years in the making. Guess his honesty and knowledge of how a police department should be run intimidated the majority of the board. Made them look inept so it was time to send him packing. Looks like after this us attorney investigation, looks like Wilson will have the last laugh. Every taxpayer should be outraged that there were any discrepancies what so ever, ones that I am sure will never be disclosed. There is NO TRANSPARANCY!!!!!" Apr 1, 13 4:24 PM

This very well might be the most interesting article yet. Here is what I took from it: ATH states that there were unwritten policies which she was told about by administration of pd which entitled departing officers more money than contractually agreed upon. So why set up limitations within a contract and why is she allowing pd members to set their own terms of employment? Who is in charge here? Who is looking out for the taxpayer? This is outrageous! Pay an auditing firm to come in for thousands of dollars to clear up something that should have been handled by human resources? What does kratoville do exactly? That is business management 101. " Apr 3, 13 11:49 AM

I would also like to know what other unwritten policies the town has? That they don't promote women? That they cover up corruption? What exactly is an unwritten policy? " Apr 3, 13 11:58 AM

Southampton Supervisor Calls For Investigation Of Police Department

What wrongdoing would anyone find?? I mean all of the birthday cards have already been shredded!" Apr 5, 13 3:49 PM

The International Association of Chief"s of Police or the Police Executive Research Forum and the Attorney General's Office will investigate for FREE. I can see why the board would not want any of these agencies to investigate because they could not dictate the results to such a firm. The board wants to keep a firm grasp on the findings and what is released to the public. ATH wants to give the community confidence in the pd so the only way to do that is to hire a paid agency to say what she wants them to say. Any negative finds would go against her reason for the investigation so she will never allow that to happen. We are on to you and your wicked deception. God forbid anything negative turned up about Kiernan or Pearce or the "unwriiten policies" or inappropriate dealings with board members and an outside law enforcement agency was backed into a corner and actually had to do something. Only way to avoid that is to manipulate the results which can only be done with a paid agency." Apr 5, 13 6:31 PM

Southampton Town Police Logged Long Hours Following Sandy

Where is Malone the numbers guy? Lets do some math here: there are 336 hours in 14 days, he worked 40 hours regular time each week totaling 80 hours then in addition to that he worked 215 hours in overtime which totals 295 hours leaving a mere 41 hours that were not worked, which means that he only took 2.92 hours off each day for 14 days. Why is the numbers guy not concerned? " May 10, 13 1:39 PM

Sagaponack Will Hold Public Meeting To Discuss Forming Its Own Police Department

The PBA hasn't chimed in because they know Sagaponack has been shafted by the Town. The SOA and PBA have no standing in Sagaponack's decision making process here.

And I seriously doubt that ATH will allow any layoffs as her kin was just hired by STPD...last in first out. " Jul 18, 13 11:34 AM

The Village of Sagaponack is uniquely positioned to reset the bar concerning policing. They are not subject to the Town's contractual obligations to the SOA and PBA. NYS law allows them to completely set compensation and benefits as they see fit. Civil Service allows the use of certified officers from other agencies, eliviating the need for costly health benefits. A first rate organization can be established, offering a far superior level of service to Village residents, at a fraction of the 2.3M price tag that SH Town is charging for their paltry presence.

Sagaponack will also shed the perceived association with the Lt. Kiernan Street Crime corruption debacle that still plagues the STPD. See today's Press for coverage of another Kiernan related law suit. " Jul 18, 13 12:19 PM

So happy it's always sunny in your little worlds!

Please retort to Disgusted's points on Kiernan pleading guilty to disciplinary charges. Does seem a bit strange if your post above is valid. And, if what you say is true, why would you post details of a Federal investigation? Aren't these message boards subject to subpoena?

This article references why Sagaponack is considering its own Police Department, really not the place for making the argument for them. If you all work for the STPD there can be no doubt as to the answer of why they want out.

Have a great weekend! " Jul 20, 13 12:12 PM

UPDATE: Police Identify Woman Killed In Fatal CR39 Accident

Interesting, it has been stated here that chief Wilson should not have been on vacation during hurricane sandy which happened in October as if he could have held back the flooding and called upon the heavens to prevent the east end from being hit by the storm. Maybe if chief Pearce was not on vacation during the high season the officers could have had better direction and not have had traffic balled up for roughly 9 hours. Traffic which during the summer season in the Hamptons is already difficult at best due to the large volume of summer visitors. Fan or not, when there are only 90 days of high volume in Southampton there must be a more opportune time for the chief of police to take vacation. " Jul 26, 13 4:20 PM

My point exactly. But I guess that only applies when it is ANY chief BUT Wilson. Thank you blank for clarifying that for me. " Jul 26, 13 4:51 PM

Sagaponack Schedules Vote On Forming Police Department

"The cuts, town officials have said, could mean several police officers would have to be laid off from the already short-handed department."

If the Department is already admittedly short handed..where are you going to make cuts from?? This is a hollow threat and a weakly veiled attempt to pull at the heart strings of Sagappnack officials. Southampton Town's fiscal mismanagement of its PD is not Sagaponack's problem. Why shouldn't Sagaponack provide police services to its residents? " Aug 20, 13 12:49 PM

UPDATE: Southampton Town Makes Offer To Stave Off Creation Of Sagaponack Village Police Department

Are the town board members going to be considered heros in this scenario? They are offering Sagaponack part time/seasonal officers. What is wrong with the PBA for allowing this to happen? Part time officers can only work 20 hours a week during the off season. What is the board threatening to take away from the PBA for them to support this? Are they threatenig the 20 and out again or to lay off officers in the already short handed department? PBR there is not any equal opportunity obligations, Civil Service is the only authority when it comes to hiring police officers, chiefs etc. " Sep 11, 13 7:19 PM

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