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Animals And Pets Felt Impacts Of Hurricane Sandy

Saw a brown pelican the day after Sandy, Tues Oct. 30 on Goff Point, Napeague Harbor, Amagansett. It was mixed in with a huge flock of gulls and it took two looks to realize that this anomaly was mixed in. It was much bigger than the gulls. It started to head south and dove in the relatively cold water, 60 degrees, a few times. Hope it made it back to warmer waters!" Nov 15, 12 3:10 PM

UPDATE: East Hampton Village Police Identify Driver In Crash That Killed Springs Girl

This is absolutely horrible and should not happen. And to anyone who says one should not ride bicycles on the roads, shame on you. Bicycles have a right to be on the roads and the roads should be designed to accomodate them as well as pedestrians, especially in a tourist area.

My sincere condolences go out to this family." Jun 16, 13 7:52 AM

Fish Farm Idea Floated For Ocean Off South Fork

Marlinspike, I hear you loud and clear, to an extent. Demand exceeds wild catch so the difference needs to be made up somewhere. Currently that difference is made up predominantly by imports of questionable quality and origin. If we can switch that to domestic production of responsible aquaculture all the better.

"Ban the use of untraceable monikers on this and all comment sites, it enables maliciousness" " Mar 20, 15 3:48 PM

And this project would be local...so your point again? Pretty convenient that you could do a quick search and find out a little about me while you hide behind your nickname. Hence my preference to ban untraceable names on forums like this, reveal yourself." Mar 21, 15 8:50 AM

Agreed on your point about feeding carnivores but the article does mention seeking alternative feeding methods. Feed conversion ratio (FCR) should always be considered when buying any fed food, terrestrial and aquatic. " Mar 21, 15 9:03 AM

I never said anything about not buying local fish sir. I agree with you 100% there, no tilapia for me thanks." Mar 21, 15 10:47 AM

South Fork Voters Talk Donald Trump

Trump Sucks" Mar 31, 16 10:36 AM

Southampton Town Officials Suggest Increasing County Road 39 Speed Limit

It's happened, a constructive and thoughtful comment to an article, thank you ADAMSG" May 9, 16 4:03 PM

East Quogue Sixth-Grader Takes Top Honor For Science Project Focusing On Water Quality

Awesome project! Love the title! Let me know if you want to take a tour of a shellfish hatchery, nursery or farm! Would be an honor." Jun 14, 16 8:16 PM

Seaweed Cultivation Could Take Place In Pair Of East End Bays

PBR in short, shellfish are cultivated year round but their growth occurs during the warm months. Kelp, the most likely seaweed to be cultured here, is a winter crop that is grown on lines mid-water, not the bottom. The timing for growers is ideal, as shellfish cultivation winds down, kelp cultivation cranks up and it's growing season is done by the time shellfish growth comes on again in the spring. Both crops can be grown in the same place, occupying more of the water column, a win-win and a great opportunity for growers to diversify. There is no downside to raising seaweed next to shellfish, only more benefits in enhancing water quality.

Hope that helps." Jun 29, 16 6:07 AM

Southampton Town Trustees Eyes Flying Point Beach As Drive-On Possibility

Sounds like a good idea, but wouldn't it make sense to put the access at the very end of F.P. road by the Cut? How would this proposed access work? Another cut through the dunes or would we be driving alongside people walking on the beach from the parking lot?" Jul 21, 16 6:05 AM

Tree Branch Causes Power Outage For More Than 1,000 PSEG Customers In Noyac

So much armchair commenting and anger people, Jeez. I'm pretty impressed with the lack of power outages we have considering all the storms and wind events." Aug 20, 16 9:36 AM

UPDATE: Southampton Town Officials Work To Clean Up Icy Roads

If people had to use a real name they'd be a lot less prone to be nasty in comments sections like this. I don't understand why it's allowed when one can't write a letter to the editor anonymously...

keyboard bullies...cowards hiding behind anonymity..." Feb 11, 17 5:20 PM

Due to the forecast of rain ahead of time the roads weren't pretreated because of fear of it being washed away" Feb 11, 17 5:22 PM

East Hampton Oyster Growers Seek To Create Disease-Resistant Shellfish

This is not GMO folks. This kind of stuff has been going on in the plant world for nearly 150 years. Got a bunch of plants that survived a blight of some sort? Use their seeds to grow more of the same that will survive said blight when it reoccurs. And voila, we have food in the form of disease resistant crops.

Most hatcheries already use disease resistant stock so they don't risk the time and effort growing a crop that may be wiped out when the water warms and they succumb to this ubiquitous bacteria. Key word ubiquitous. It's no different than selecting fast growers to spawn/reproduce which also occurs in other realms.

Here are a couple definitions of GMO to help elucidate the issue:

"When a gene from one organism is purposely moved to improve or change another organism in a laboratory, the result is a genetically modified organism (GMO). It is also sometimes called "transgenic" for transfer of genes. There are different ways of moving genes to produce desirable traits.(Genetically Modified Organisms)"

A GMO (genetically modified organism) is the result of a laboratory process where genes from the DNA of one species are extracted and artificially forced into the genes of an unrelated plant or animal. The foreign genes may come from bacteria, viruses, insects, animals or even humans. (GMO Education-Institute for Responsible Technology)"" Mar 24, 17 2:48 PM

The state of our waterways is certainly a problem, but not relevant here. We are not dealing with a pollution issue but a ubiquitous bacteria issue that has been prevalent for decades. Part of the reason we produce millions of shellfish each year to seed throughout town is to help clean up the water. " Mar 24, 17 2:51 PM

Bike Buddies Ride Weekly For Nearly Two Decades

Great read, beautiful thing these ladies have going! Go girls!" Jun 29, 17 11:26 AM

Southampton Town Trustees Open Mecox Bay To Oyster Dredging

Interested in that 60 acres! Please contact me: barleydunne@gmail.com." Apr 18, 19 9:49 AM

Southampton High School Students Become First In World To Raise Species Of Goby In Marine Lab

Absolutely awesome!! Great job!! Can't wait for my kids to get in there. This is an amazing resource and Metzger and Elefante are doing a spectacular job. " Jun 14, 19 6:35 AM

New East Hampton Shellfish Hatchery Designs Unveiled, But Doubts Remain

And thank you whoever you are!!" Jul 12, 19 12:24 PM

East Hampton Rejects One-Day Weekend Hunting Ban

I once won a chili contest with venison chili, also a priceless response! Kudos to you Deb for not using a moniker in this comment section! Helps keep things civil when you're not anonymous..." Aug 23, 19 6:59 AM