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Kabot says town government shoudn't be responsible for soup kitchen

To put this on Kabot's shoulder and taxpayers is absurd. The Fed State and County can ante up first. First you want the govt to wipe your derrier, but hat's not enough. After all, it's so inhumane to prevent THE STATE from assisting illegal do the same! Give work to Americans and their children first!
Also, please try to understand how the elite created the whole scenerio before laying it on a
Town or Village." Apr 29, 09 7:05 PM

DEC changes its plans for cleaning up Speonk plume

The profit motive and the corporate officers spewing cancer, then running away, sounds like a plan!" Jul 8, 09 9:55 PM

Deal gives Kabot GOP nod for reelection

Once the audit goes to the DA, Heaney and Kagel (Brookhaven again) will be sweating! Very entertaining." Jul 21, 09 10:16 PM

Long Island University to sell WLIU

Government for the people, by the people...yeah right!" Aug 11, 09 11:14 PM

Throne-Holst unseats Kabot as Southampton Town supervisor; Republicans maintain board majority

How many of them are going to mention George Bush? I can't take it! Ya'll are worried about Town taxes, like a 10% increase will result in an additional $100 on a million dollar house...OMG, horrors. Fire all the Town workers, esp. all those single motherrs that work for the Town. But don't mention the $30k per student spent by the school adnistration leeches that take up to 70% of your property tax bill. Oh, that's right, that money is "for the children"." Nov 4, 09 10:05 PM

WLIU employees working without pay; fund-raising struggling

Do you mean pre tax or post tax amount. Take 1/3 for tax, now becomes 40k. Subtract property and sales tax, user fees, application fees, licence fees, etc. The avg Joe is down to about $20,000 take home. Now if you meant school administrators and police admintration theives, you might have a point.
Don't go after the bus driver, please." Dec 20, 09 8:06 PM

Southampton Town analyst says proposed wind turbine would harm environment

Speaking of aesthetics, leaving the environmental argument to others, the fearless leaders in the Zoning Dept, have by- passed the quality of life protections by writing code that does not require minimum setbacks for ground based solar panels. Oh, and the Architectural Review Board is completely removed from the review process. In fact, roof based panels only require an electric permit. Hmm. The neighboring Town have stricter requiorements. So much for SH quality of life, Densification and falling property values. Brookhaven has planted their seeds of doom! Does Anna have a chance?" Dec 25, 09 2:08 AM

Laws force upgrades at numerous East End gas stations

Dave Hawke has done a great job. He should be given an award because he has upgraded the community environmentally, aesthetically, and commercially for years to come. I will always get mu truck filled up there. Thanks Strong Oil!" Dec 29, 09 3:37 PM

Southampton Town considers future appointments

Nancy and Anna will have a tough time fighting crookhavens republican dictates. The new Mercedes Benz monstrosity on 39 is just the beginning.
The Chairman of the ARB tried to scale it down, but the Planning Board approved it anyway. Keep Mr. Charrier as Chairman of the Architectural Review board, he scrutinizes the machine's dictates and, is therefore, one of its targets!" Jan 22, 10 11:46 PM

Southampton councilwoman accuses supervisor of trying to 'control' her

Kill every farm, remove every tree..the developer's motto Yet look at the record, most recently "dark sky" law.. Nancy G has fought to save this Town from becoming Patchogue as much as possible. When she's gone, who will?" Jan 22, 10 11:58 PM

Look at the record fools! NG is hated by the Brookhaven machine that put Charlene and Skippy in their positions. Look at where they are now and se who has protected them at $150G's of taxpayer $$$. You folks should be thanking her for all the years of service to the community, unlike the Brookhaven imports that will suck this Town dry, and turn 39 into Rt 112!!! NG aint no rubber stamper, and the outburst is nothing more than an elected representative stating her position, and displaying honest feelings (God forbid!). " Jan 26, 10 11:31 PM

Go to the county payroll, check Skippy's deal with Levy. Then check brokhavens payroll, see the master money manipulator at work serving both parties so as to preserve her job. Both salaries are over 100Gs. Btw, Skippy, a TSH "conservative" candidate for supervisor, has replaced Ben Zwirn in Levy's gang of criminal democrats. The political mafia at work.
So, give credit to NG for surviving the big ugly!" Jan 27, 10 8:54 PM

Southampton Village building inspector fell short on certification hours

Obviously, the Village doessn't care about the education requirements. To begin with, 24 hrs is a joke, the BCNYS is rocket science, and ever evolving. The municipality should require, and subsidise a min of 40 hrs a year." Mar 18, 10 12:00 AM

Town code is easy, enforcement is hard

These are quality ofn life issues that no politician wants to deal with since the absentee landlord are their bigggest contibuters. And even if they did, they will get blamed for "increasing the size of town and village government." Or maybe civil rights issues will be scare tactics used by the opposing party to scare off the "do gooders." or maybe "freedom", and "prvate property rights" will be argued. Whatever, you're quality of life and peace will suffer by the inbred system of corruption that exists in anytown USA!" Mar 18, 10 12:11 AM

Building inspector training requirements go unmet

The SH Town Building Inspectors are not slated to become Peace Officers...who spreads this garbage. Also, maybe the paper should check the education status of the Town's Building Insp. staff! Many have Bachelors degrees, and always friendly when I go there." Apr 2, 10 2:24 PM

DWI charge in Sagaponack accident

That is their choice. If they were paid, all the better!" Jun 4, 10 10:18 PM

Republicans Challenge Forced Police Retirements In Southampton Budget As Political

70% of your $5000 tax bill goes to the school board. But we worry about a 2% increase on the 30%. Wow, $40 a year to keep the police veterans, the guy cutiing grass for the parks dept., the code enforcement officer making 40g, a planner, abuilding inspector, an environmental analyst, cops on the beat, etc. Did you question the Fire District purchase?
We cannot pay for what the Wall Street theives, and the Barney Franks, and the mortgage broker frauds, have stolen. Btw, 2billion a week in
Afganistan. Really folks. Get down to your school board and ask the administrators with 20 plus to step down...watch your tak bill really go down!" Oct 11, 11 8:57 PM

Altschuler Endorses East Hampton Town Supervisor Bill Wilkinson

Mr Moneybags cannot wait to have his associates in India start making campaign calls for Wikenson! Bishop is educated, local, and has created more jobs for the East end then the Hedge fund manager's "boy". That's what you get from a carpetbagger from New Jersey. Thanks Randy, we appreciate your "local" smithtown roots. " Oct 11, 11 9:07 PM

In A Reversal, Southampton Town Board Converts Budget To Preliminary Spending Plan and Adds Another Public Hearing

Let us not forget that the 4-1 republican majority was irresponsible for NOT RAISING TAXES the 1 or 2 percent needed to nuetralize fixed costs for the prior 8 yrs before ATH. This was accomplished by hiring the Brookhaven Comptroller to show small Town america "how it is done". Now ATH gets left holding the bag. Solution: We need more Brookhaven cronies to show us how to fix ATH's "mistakes". Right boys! (Don't forget to keep ignoring the 70% of tax bill that goes for "education")." Oct 15, 11 10:53 AM

Fleming, Scalera Win Southampton Board Race; Throne-Holst Reelected

Hmmm. The small town that has 3 reg republicans to 2 dems elected an independent party candidate. Analysis: the TOS republicans drink too much of their own tea party kool-ade! Furthermore, Nancy G, the only real republican this Town has seen for a while, will be replaced by a new Brookhaven puppet.
Oh well." Nov 13, 11 4:52 AM

Judge Denies Injunction That Would Have Allowed Temporary Religious Boundary

One of the topics not immediately apparent and, therefore, not discussed is how private entities like verizon, and national grid, accept applications (and fees) to allow the ervuv to be placed on the utility poles in the first place!
The exist to transport power and electonic communications and are given easements along the right of way. Are the private business entities to grant permits then, for pole attachments not related to the intended purpose for which the public easements where granted in the first place?" Nov 13, 11 5:15 AM

Southampton Town Board Poised To Adopt 2012 Budget On Friday

For the nieve, many of the elected actually are ordered to hire and fire from Mondello in Albany. I know people in politics. You do what you are told, or else. So, an independent like Nancy Graboski, or an ATH, or LK, are despised
by the big time manipulators. Nancy has just been replaced by one of the puppets." Nov 17, 11 7:28 PM