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Code Enforcement Officer Among Six Netted In Drug Sting

Code enforcement is a joke. 40 unrelated people living in a single family home and no one cares. They are destroying our neighborhoods quality of life, litter, noise, vehicles and nothing is done about it. But I bet if I wanted some drugs they would come right over. " Apr 19, 12 10:17 PM

This man was arrested for being a drug dealer NOT a drug addict. When did being a drug dealer become a medical condition that requires help? Being a drug dealer is a choice, a conscious choice. This "nice guy" has probably contributed to dozens of over doses and possible deaths. He coaches children? That makes this more appalling to me, portraying ones self as an upstanding citizen to cover your tracks? Helping one person while supplying another with drugs while profiting from their weakness? Working a job where he is expected to uphold the law, when he is actually breaking it? You want me to feel sorry for this guy? I think not!" Apr 22, 12 10:25 AM