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Noyac Road Restrictions Not Viable Some Say

I find it funny that most of you are so fast to bash these truck drivers, whether right or wrong residential traffic is just as much if not more at fault then commercial traffic. As a resident and a landscape business owner I see this problem both ways but as I recall the majority of motor vehicle accidents that have occurred over the last ten year have involved residential vehicles. To add to that all accidents that I remember in the sag harbor fire district that have included a fatality have had nothing to do with commercial traffic. Maybe we all need to look at ourselves in the mirror and slow down a little bit. If you are so worried about kids getting hurt on this road maybe we should restrict traffic to people like the women that passed my landscape truck illegally in the oncoming lane with two little kids in the backseat. That wouldn't be right though she needed to get home by 5 to watch tv. " Apr 27, 12 8:28 AM

Drowning Victim Was Queens Man Who Struggled During Swim

It's very common for police to release basic information to the public but hold off on identity until family is notified. " Jul 1, 12 12:48 AM

UPDATE: County Road 39 Reopens Six Hours After Crash

That's what you get for living or working on this part of the island. There is 2 roads in and 2 out when there is a potential fatal you need to close the road that's how it works, if you don't like it move or work else where no one here will miss you. I also think its ridiculous that so many people are bad mouthing the police force in the area. You people find it easy to say they do such a bad job on a website, so I have an idea for you get into the law enforcement field and make the changes you feel necessary instead of crying day in and day out on here. " Jul 24, 12 7:33 PM

If I were an ex cop I would have to agree to bad I am a landscaper that isn't a pure idiot like you and wants everyone to cater to them. Lets open a lane so the hardworking people can go back west. What about the hardworking people that want to come back east? Oh wait they don't matter there not you. Right or wrong this is how police all over the world have done stuff for decades so god forbid you had a hard day of work today. Playing the worlds smallest violin for ya buddy I feel real bad. " Jul 24, 12 8:09 PM