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Code Enforcement Officer Among Six Netted In Drug Sting

Everyone has something to say about Mr. Tumbarello because he is Code Enforcement.. what about the five other people involved in this drug bust? Funny how no one gives a crap about them.... No investigation into those arrests.. where's their background check, lets hear about their family situation.. Are they democrat or republican?? Oh that's right, they're probably not even registered to vote.. Are these 5 other people employed? I highly doubt that.. their form of employment was selling drugs.. Research that would ya.. Granted Mr. Tumbarello made a mistake, but he is no "drug-dealer" .. the real degenerates are being over looked because their nobody to the public eye.. i guess you all need something to talk about it.. so let me be Al." Apr 30, 12 7:14 PM

Oh yeah, just cause the drug task force said so, we must believe that's true, right? NOT ALWAYS. Just like the news is not always accurate. " Apr 30, 12 9:53 PM

One would assume he's suffering from addiction, that doesn't automatically make you a drug dealer... also, he is innocent until proven guilty." May 2, 12 7:27 PM

He made the mistake of USING drugs." May 2, 12 7:32 PM