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Counter Protest By Immigrant Laborers Held At Southampton 7-Eleven

Thank you
" May 5, 12 1:04 PM

See you soon, cant wait visit the harbor" May 5, 12 1:06 PM

Enforcement. Only" May 6, 12 2:23 PM

Im not a races and I apologize to your friend,But the sad truth is its impossible to get into america without flying,and because you cant fly without a passport,You cant come illegally. You might find someone that over stayed there visa but there in the database Except for mexico or canda which can walk in.Which would explain the larger population of south americans and canda enforces there immagration laws and right now there economy is better than ares so they have no reason to come here." May 6, 12 9:52 PM

I think you would of rather of had a drive threw,hiring hall right at the entrance of are lovly town of southampton. If Saving american jobs isnt productive,May you should move to Mexico.If southampton can demand us to be licensed and insured, we can demand them to up hold the law." May 7, 12 12:31 PM

We should send The bill to the country of origin from with they came.After all the reason there coming here is because there country is not taking care of its own people.We should send the home on a first class ticket,and let Mexico president pay,Calderon.IF we fined they 1,500 dollars a head.We could make a profit." May 7, 12 6:06 PM

Im glad you post alot,with this photo,Because every time you speak is another lost vote for are pres.Big thanks xxoo" May 8, 12 12:16 AM

I might be illiterate, but im right and you dont like it. Dude, just eat my miss spelled words ill see all your illegal friends home.Like it or not." May 8, 12 12:39 AM

All my video footage is being directly sent to the Attorney Generals office in Albany to the Workmens compensation Board,So beware to all contractors commiting insurance fraud. Any home owners coming in to pick up these illegal Workers will have there photes posted, Any aggression towards me will not be tolerated,All aggressors will be subject to prosecution and charge to the full extent of the law. " May 9, 12 7:06 AM

Randy Altschuler Unveils Jobs Plan

As long as politicians refuse to enforce immigration law we cant solve any budget problems Remember only criminals,benefit from criminality. While law abidden citizens,pay the price so be for you vote no were your politician stands on this issue, which affects all of us.........." May 9, 12 7:29 AM

Counter Protest By Immigrant Laborers Held At Southampton 7-Eleven

This comment is for the southampton press, If there so called counter protest was a success im sure you would have printed the story, But it was a complete falure. The reason we have this problem is because are police wont enforce are press is on the side of the illegals,Oh thats right dont you have any spanish edition. Not to mention the whole Town is breaking the law, including judges,police,and the politicians.But the one selling out the americans most is the Catholic Church. " May 10, 12 3:02 PM

Thank you,double standard,I appreciate the grammer lesson, I was raised in the getto, By wolves so my spelling, is not so great,But im and excellent fighter. " May 12, 12 8:40 PM

I was assaulted,the other day right in front of 7/11.He was arrested for assult,And was released in one hour.Every day these guys throw stones at me, not to mention death treats.Today one of them tryed to poor his hot coffee on me right in 7//11. Every day they get more aggressive. Its sad that americans will travel half way around the world to fight, but wont even stand up for there country. " May 12, 12 10:03 PM

D.A.'s Government Corruption Bureau Seizes Southampton Police Records

Im sure if they dig deep enough,They will find out there all criminals, especially the village police. If your in the there group,they are all willing to look the other way.Rather than up hold the law in which they were sworn to do.Were always looking at law enforcement, When lets not forget there always taking orders from are judges.B.L.W and E.B there the real criminals. There no such thing as equal justice, only selective enforcement. " May 16, 12 12:18 AM

Man Pleads Not Guilty In Riverhead Murder Case

wow, I seen this guy every day in southampton looking for work at 7/11." May 17, 12 4:03 PM

I agree with you, but I did see that guy every day in southampton. " May 17, 12 4:06 PM

Southampton Village Finds Discrepancies Between Signs And Code

Angel Perez invented,( selective enforcment) this guy is a joke,he will take your yard sale signs off telephone poles.or come down your street and give you a parking ticket. But he wont enforce, the loiterering laws on 250 day labors the stand on our streets,all around 7/11, suffolk national county bank, and the clam man. If this guy gets payed minimum wage its to much. I think he should be fired,Now,not tomorrow,not next week, Now !!! " May 23, 12 11:28 PM

Immigration Outreach Group Celebrates 10th Anniversary In Hampton Bays

We are looking for volunteers this weekend in southampton to help fight illegal immigration anyone and everyone is welcome.Will be meeting at 7/11 at 7am please bring cameras and or I pads." May 24, 12 1:28 PM

New York State Assembly Approves Law To Help Immigrant Students Get College Scholarships

Im working on a new project called Cash for Americans, If you need a job please come down to 7/11 in southampton any morning and go to work.
Retired people welcome." May 25, 12 5:18 PM

Quigley Working On Law To Curb Springs Illegal Overcrowding

Enforcement only is the only solution Start Deportation Now !!!" May 28, 12 8:31 AM

Riverside Prostitution Sting Nets Ten

Wow censorship, Let us be the judge,Give us an opposition to click on to see what you think is inappropriate. Be an outlet to the community stop with the censorship. " Jun 4, 12 1:07 PM

Pre-Dawn Raids In Hampton Bays Prompt Complaints

Enforcement is the only Solution, These raids most continue on a daily basis .
Lets not forget sister,(Even Heaven has a Gate). Start Deportation.........Now" Jun 10, 12 9:55 PM

Hampton Bays Students Urge School Board To Keep Spanish Teacher

78% no wonder were all broke," Jun 14, 12 1:43 PM

No body really cares,about this teacher,asta la pizza teach.
" Jun 22, 12 10:04 PM