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Counter Protest By Immigrant Laborers Held At Southampton 7-Eleven

It's not a Mexican/American issue, its about all illegal aliens from any Country. I don't want illegal aliens in my Country from Asia, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Central/ South America or any where, its illegal, there are reasons for these laws. If you accidentally cross over the border of Iran while hiking you will go to prision for life, not get jobs, health care & free education for your children. They say all they want is the American dream...well the American dream is for Americans. Want to be an American, then serve in the Military, pay taxes & go through the proper immigration process as did our parents. Southampton Hospital was nearly bankrupt from all illegal births and false ids from injured landscapers, carpenters, etc. Some day some one should calculate the impact of illegal immigrants on the economy. If you read this & agree please post. If you don't agree obviously you have some working for you. Thumbs up to the guys standing up for our rights at 7-11. More people should be thanking you!

" May 4, 12 8:17 PM

Illegal men in numbers can occupy the side of road waiting for work.....but two legal guys standing up for our rights are a distraction & dangerous. What's happening to our Country? I understand most are protecting them because you illegally employ them.... what about all our jobless teens, middle aged & returning Military? Hire them!!!! " May 5, 12 8:39 AM

Oh I'm sorry your right....you give me an example of a Country where you are allowed to jump fence and work, live, & enroll your children in school illegally. " May 13, 12 6:56 AM