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Zwirn proposes action plan on town finances

I think in this day and age the people want more than three strictly formatted debates. The fact is we want to see the guts of each candidate's platform and we want to seem him defend it against questioning. " Jun 23, 09 9:05 PM

I think in this day and age the people want more than three strictly formatted debates. The fact is we want to see the guts of each candidate's platform and we want to see him defend it against questioning. " Jun 23, 09 9:07 PM

Perhaps you didn't know that Mr. Zwirn is now the deputy county executive and has been active helping the county executive on many issues for the entire county and that would include East Hampton. And to the contrary, I haven't heard Mr. Wilkinson speaking up at all, no letters to the editor and nothing in any head lines. It seems more that while Mr. Zwirn has been working silently to help the county, and town Mr. Wilkinson has been, I guess tending to his business.

Indeed, while Mr. Zwirn has lived out here for decades, Mr. Wilkinson just moved here in 2005. 2005!!!

It seems to me that the Republican operatives want to keep Mr. Wilkinson away from Mr. Zwirn so that all we the public will hear in the three staged debates are the safe pat answers from Mr. Wilkinson.

Let's just have many debates so we can see what Mr. Wilkinson really wants to do. " Jun 23, 09 10:45 PM

South Shore Press runs doctored photo of press conference

I have a hard time getting over Fred Towle's remarks when he was busted for adding a person to a published editorial photograph attempting to make present somebody who wasn't there. Presumably, he added the person without the editor's knowledge. Towle is in sales and marketing so he shouldn't have been writing or pasting photos. What's remarkable is that he feels there is nothing wrong with adding a person to a newspaper photograph, but there IS something wrong when you subtract a person from a photo. If the South Shore Press has any integrity they should subtract Mr. Towle from the entire newspaper." Jul 21, 09 11:26 PM

Schneiderman's opponents back out of race

Jay Schneiderman is not a Republican, Democrat, Green, Independent, Liberal, Conservative or what have you. Mr. Schneiderman has a deep political identity crisis that makes him try one party then another, then another one after that. Now it's the Democrats turn to learn about his allegiance. Maybe he will find himself." Jul 21, 09 11:36 PM

Ethics complaint filed against Zwirn

Once again the Republican hacks
Start the onslaught of mendacious attacks
Now a retired trooper
Tries to put us in a stupor
But shows again they are all quacks" Jul 28, 09 8:01 AM

And now an eery silhouette
Jabber jaws that he is upset
But it turns out that he
Is a politico wannabe
And says what he's told, you bet

" Jul 28, 09 9:40 PM

Grinning, he displays
A silly childrens poem
He should go to bed
" Jul 29, 09 11:47 PM

Sag Harbor condo project in doubt after code changes; lawsuit expected

Let's see, 8 plus 18 equals 26 divided by 2 equals 13, the number of units that East End Venture will eventually be allowed to build when a reasonable judge gets hold of this.

Sag Harbor gives up 5 units from the new rules as a compromise and East End Ventures gives up 5 units from the old rules as a compromise. That will save the village and the developer a whole lot of legal bills and aggravation with no promise that either side will win anything!

Save the tax money. Make the units nicer with the money you save. Be smart. " Aug 6, 09 5:13 PM

Montauk party boats busted for keeping illegal fish

Why doesn't the DEC go after the big fish?" Aug 12, 09 12:02 AM

Waiting game continues for McGintee

Did Mr. Hults or Mr. McGintee steal money from the town? No, they supposedly stole money from one town cubby hole to put it in another town cubby hole that was short. Yes, if true, it was wrong. Yes, if true, they should be punished. Fine them. But don't let them go to jail; one of them has been in service to the town for many many years. And the other, it appears, is going to turn against the other for leniency. Where is the pity?" Sep 8, 09 11:39 PM

Group hopes for Trader Joe's on the East End

Shouldn't we just patronize the more dedicated shops that serve good food that are already here? There are loads of good healthy food businesses all over the East End. Why threaten their good livelihoods for the sake of saving a few dollars? And why in the world do we want another large mega-corporation that after some time when the competition has been crushed will compromise their products as well as our health? Shop the local farmers markets and shops that sell organic food. One good reason you love it out here is because these kinds of place are out here. Leave Lake Grove in Lake Grove." Sep 14, 09 11:27 PM

Some confuse rocket for UFO

Interesting. Except I didn't know what a noctilucent cloud was. So off to Google I went and lo and behold I found a most interesting explanation in a capella at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xF2vSKINK0" Sep 21, 09 6:14 PM

Thiele leaves Republicans, joins Independence Party

Nah... it is none of the above. People aren't remembering their political history. Fred Thiele started the Southampton Party and won with it. Fred has always been sympathetic to third parties. Jay Schneiderman beat Supervisor Kathy Lester as a Green Party candidate with Republican backing. Frank MacKay, the Independent Party leader is as bright a powerful leader as the Democratic Party's Rich Schaefer. This is not a surprising move. Frank offered a better deal. Rick lost Fred." Oct 2, 09 4:07 PM

Seventh day of deliberations ends with no verdict in Oddone case

It seems to me the tragedy here is that there has been an effort by governmental entities to make sure that justice will be delivered to the defendant and the justice will be harsher because the deceased was a part of the government. This is understandable and maybe even necessary to maintain order. That the deceased was not doing government work when the death occurred should mitigate some of the time that the defendant should do, but because the government has been eager to demonstrate its solidarity it has also made the viewing public feel that justice is not being served.

Because of this, whatever the sentence is, if any, it seems that an appeal will follow soon and the tragedy will have to be repeated. My hope is that when and if that occurs the government should step back a little and allow the law to work its magic.

This is all so sad." Dec 11, 09 11:36 AM

Cigar Bar has liquor license suspended because of violence

I agree with Johnny Nova. The goakl here to to keep Sag Harbor the place it is. It appears also that at one time the Cigar Bar was a worthwhile establishment. I don't know if it always had a liquor license, but if it did and the customers weren't rowdy, then Bryon, I guess knew what he was doing.

My sense of fairness is to allow the current owner to have a wine and beer license for a period of time. That should rid the place of the heavy hitters. Then, after time, allow her to reapply for a ful liquor license, if indeed, she sees the value. It may be that a wine and cigar bar might just be the trick for all concerned." Jan 26, 10 11:23 PM

Bishop girding for fall fight

Gee, what a task master... I guess as congressman he should stop dealing with world and national affairs, the economy, the health care issue, and maybe twenty or thirty other issues in Washington and instead learn the addresses of all the municipalities in his district, such as Amagansett, Aquebogue, Baiting Hollow, Bellport, Blue Point, Bridgehampton, Center Moriches, Centereach, Coram, Cutchogue, East Hampton, East Marion, East Moriches, East Patchogue, Farmingville, Greenport, Hampton Bays, Head of the Harbor, Holtsville, Jamesport, Kings Park, Lake Grove, Mastic, Mastic Beach, Mattituck, Medford, Middle Island, Miller Place, Montauk, Mount Sinai, Moriches, Nissequogue, North Bellport, North Patchogue, Patchogue, Port Jefferson, Quogue, Ridge, Riverhead, Rocky Point, Ronkonkoma, Sag Harbor, Sagaponack, Selden, Setauket, Shelter Island, Shirley, Shoreham, Smithtown, Southampton, Speonk, Springs, St. James, Stony Brook, Wading River, Wainscott, Water Mill, Westhampton, Westhampton Beach, and Yaphank." Feb 2, 10 12:56 AM

My point is that the 1st Congressional District is large, probably a thousand square miles. That you can't forgive him because he forgot where Greenport Village Hall is seems like a very strange measuring stick. For your area, by the way, Bishop secured $1,996,822 for a Coastal Conservation Program. Bishop secured funding for a local defense company, creating jobs in the area. Bishop secured $500,000 for Greenport's downtown revitalization program. And, for Greenport, he secured nearly $4 million in Recovery Act funding for the Village of Greenport Water Treatment Facility." Feb 2, 10 9:31 AM

Weather service predicts a foot of snow; many closings announced

I expect sun and in the sixties. However, I should point out that I am in Tampa Bay. " Feb 9, 10 9:55 PM

County Road 39 to see minor widening project in the fall

How about Ernie's gas station across the street from Judge Kendrick's house with Ernie's dad Charlie and Merrill? Town Hall was where Saks Fifth is now. Back then there were no traffic lights east of SHV and only two in the village when Todd was running the Anchorage, where we went for pitchers of beer on a Saturday night after going to movies where Morley Quatroche was the manager. Tucker Mill hadn't burned down yet and the Scotch Mist Inn was going full time as was Dick Ridgeley's in Water Mill. Herb McCarthy was wearing his busboy shirt and Act Four was at the foot of Jobs Lane serving up huge ice cream sodas before Sip n Soda opened. Lest we forget the summers at the Parriish Art and the annual Fiesta! I could go on and on." Mar 31, 10 4:43 AM

Abrupt and tearful end to Stony Brook Southampton dream

Peconic (County) University, Peconic Bay Rural Transportation Authority, and Peconic County sounds like the proper response to decades of Western Suffolk getting the taxes from Eastern Suffolk. Allow this to be the kick-start to the independence movement that is now imerative after this insult." Apr 7, 10 7:02 PM

Gumbs returned to Shinnecock Nation leadership role by vote

Unfortunately, the point is lost because the Shinnecock tribe will be the owners, and gain directly by the profits, and not by taxes. Indeed the casino will likely not be on tribal land so the tax gains will be to the community in which it is located. Having the casino in Suffolk, as Lance Gumbs understands, is close enough to NYC to gain most of the gaming public, and offers the added feature of jobs for those members of the tribe that want work in addition to their share of the profit." Apr 18, 10 8:14 AM

With deadline looming, radio station still short of funds

I think a smart move would be to seek the directors from local private schools that have a curriculum around communication arts. Then make sure that the students interested in broadcasting used the station for educational purposes. The Ross School comes to mind but there may be other schools interested in to project. " Aug 14, 10 11:31 AM

Debate over Jewish religious boundary begins to heat up

Hmm! God must be very proud of his subjects." Oct 4, 10 6:11 PM

Fixing Mill Pond: A New Idea To Be Discussed Saturday

The Solar Bee was a mistake and so is this. "A spirit of innovation is generally the result of a selfish temper and confined views," is what Edmund Burke said. It is amazing the way history repeats itself." Dec 2, 10 1:42 PM