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Police Chief Raises Concerns Over State Plan To Legalize Marijuana

The Chief is treading on thin ice here...…..Jay and his merry bandmates may be toking during their performances.....LOL" Feb 26, 19 9:37 AM

The Great Migration, And Its Legacy On The East End

These are the kind of minority folks that America needs! Not the kind who bring nothing to the table except hands for handouts!!!!!!! MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!!!!!!" Mar 6, 19 8:28 AM

Fisherman Recalls Harrowing Voyage And Rescue Aboard Pink And Purple Boat

Great job Coast Guard! Sink the vessel and save "the numbers".....I need a new blackfish spot. LOL Thank God everyone is safe!
" Mar 11, 19 8:53 AM

East Hampton Town Looks To Amend Live Music Permits

Allow the music to continue and make REASONABLE restrictions on noise levels. We are a beach town but at the same time folks should not be kept up at all hours of the night with loud music. I think a 10 pm curfew is reasonable.
" Mar 20, 19 8:37 AM

James Bradley Competes At Drive, Chip And Putt National Finals At Augusta National

Congratulations young man, Enjoy a sport you will be playing your entire life. Good job Kevin Smith in the coaching dept." Apr 18, 19 7:41 AM

Nine-Year-Old Elie Poremba Of Southampton Is Golfing Phenom

good luck young lady! Hard work beats luck every day." May 20, 19 12:02 PM

Three Longtime Montauk Teachers Will Retire

Best of luck to these hard working folks and thanks for the years of dedication! Brad, you especially will be missed as a "generational teacher".....You taught my parents also!" Jun 6, 19 11:59 AM

UPDATE: No Arrest Made Yet After Violent Death In Montauk; GoFundMe Page Created For Funeral Expenses

Because they already know who did it.....prior history of bad blood over a senorita!" Jun 7, 19 8:21 AM

One Bike Shop Closes, Another One Opens In Montauk

Good Luck!!! Hard work will pay off, the market is here." Jun 15, 19 8:22 AM

UPDATE: Whale Escapes Net Entanglement

Total B.S. I've been commercial fishing for 50 years . These nets are killing great white pups, seals, whales, sharks, etc. They should be banned!!! " Jul 16, 19 7:38 AM

Music Can Ring Out Again At Surf Lodge After Town Strikes Agreement With Owners

The place is still loaded with Citidiots!!!!! Make Montauk Great Again...….Deport the Hipsters!!!!!!!" Jul 19, 19 7:40 AM

Entangled Whale Prompts Criticism Of Gill Nets

These gill nets are killing great white pups, seals, whales etc. These gill net fisherman would kill every last bass in the ocean if they could. Totally unethical fishing. They have killed the sport surf fishing scene in Montauk, which in turn hurts the local economy(hotels, restaurants, tackle shops, taverns etc. I worked on a gill net boat for a few years back when and I saw what went on!!!!" Jul 24, 19 8:41 AM

In East Hampton, World War II Veteran Celebrates Purple Heart Day

Thank you for keeping America safe and in the hands of Democracy. God Bless you......THE GREATEST GENERATION!!!!" Aug 13, 19 1:54 PM

Twenty-Year Anniversary Noted At Lost At Sea Memorial

Still a beautiful monument.....RIP.....all who have been lost to the angry seas!" Oct 9, 19 11:23 AM

Army Corps To Explain Camp Hero Contamination At Thursday Meeting In Montauk

let sleeping dogs lie...…." Oct 23, 19 8:21 AM

Outpouring Of Support Helps Secure A Service Dog For Montauk Boy

You go Jimmy.....Ain't nothing holding you back buddy....God Bless you always." Oct 30, 19 8:38 AM

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