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Riverhead man stabbed to death in front of Hampton Bays Diner

Rice from Montauk is way out of line with his moronic criticism of the Southampton Police.I don't know the facts in this case and I know you don't either. What I do Know is that the Town police have the largest area to patrol on the Island and are understaffed to do so,especially on one of the biggest party weekends of the year" May 24, 09 6:33 PM

No rice,I am not a cop,or even love one.I just don't like people who before knowing anything about what went down use these forums to grind a personel ax" May 25, 09 7:24 AM

Developers present new plans for Tuckahoe hamlet center

This is a huge development on an overcrowded highway that already has several empty buildings." Mar 26, 10 6:43 PM

Susan L. Falkowski and John M. Parry to marry in September

The biggest congratulations!!!!!!!" Mar 31, 10 7:39 PM

Shinnecocks expect final word on recognition Tuesday

Congratulations to all the Shinnecock Nation,It's been a long hard fight with a long way still to go.We are all in this together and I wish you the best of luck." Jun 15, 10 8:47 PM

Michael Semkus, Sag Harbor Teacher And Coach, Dies Monday

I knew Mike as a fellow Southampton Town Guard and in my eyes he was never short of amazing.He was a throwback to the days when we practiced all around waterman skills,he was the proverbial fish in the water as well as amazing on land like when he ran from Sagg Main to Flying Point in twenty minutes a record in my thirtysix years of guarding.Of course we never really know anybody but this is really hard for me to accept as an overdose.Whatever the verdict is losing Mike is a huge blow,he will be missed and Saggmain will never be as safe again" Mar 23, 16 10:48 PM

Southampton Town Trustees Eyes Flying Point Beach As Drive-On Possibility

What an asinine idea.You really must have your head in the sand if you think opening up this or any other area will alleviate any 4x4 congestion,There are a thousand more SUV owners in every community who never go to the inlet but would instantly use the new access causing more fights as well as ruining the one place we can go to escape traffic.I support the trustee's but they need to stop listening to the knuckleheads at SABA who I at one time gave money to but are now overreaching by not only fighting for their beach but want to claim others as well" Jul 21, 16 12:39 PM

Sorry,I say knuckleheads lovingly,I know you are mostly good people who like me are just overwhelmed by the influx of newcomers" Jul 21, 16 12:53 PM

Of course the village will say that,they will do anything to get the problem off their hands but the answer is not to open up more beaches,That is like saying lets make county road 39 two lanes so it will be safer and we won't have any more traffic jams" Jul 22, 16 6:33 PM

Sorry if you feel disagreeing with you is insulting,but you are wrong.Just look around at all the fields and woodlands we grew up on that are now overpriced giant houses with probably at least two new SUV's in each driveway.There are also many thousands of us longtime locals who feel that the beach is the last place we can go to escape the madness.Last I checked you may drive on any beach anytime for eight months out of the year and for fifteen hours a day the other four,that is enough" Jul 26, 16 8:35 PM

Alright I apologize for knuckleheads but not my position" Jul 27, 16 7:40 AM

'Toxic' Relationship With Parents Forces Virginia McGovern To Step Down As Southampton Varsity Softball Head Coach

Have no idea what is going on in this situation but have known several coaches that have lost there jobs or have had trouble with overzealous parents.Sports like life is about learning to get along and adapt to situations that present themselves.A good parent will stand back and let there child learn" Apr 14, 17 8:04 PM

Young Birders Go On The Prowl For The Snowy Owl

It's a wonderful thing to teach the young to respect and appreciate our outside world.To bad a lot of adults have not learned this.I have seen an owl quite often this winter on my frequent walks through the County park,unfortunately I have also seen it harassed.on two occasions I have witnessed a guy with a camera lens near as long as I am tall feel he must get within ten feet of this bird.I can understand the excitement of seeing something unexpected or the need for a perfect shot but please people keep your distance from all our wildlife.It's a struggle for them to find enough food and wasting energy avoiding people could be the difference between life and death.Go Young Birders Club!" Feb 19, 19 7:51 AM