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Proposed change to Southampton Village code would allow archers to shoot deer on their property

I bow hunt east hampton on county land but would like to hunt private land if I could. Pass it on. I carry proof on me that my record is spotlessly clean. 58 semi retired. Fishliny2@aol.com" Jun 12, 12 7:07 PM

Around East Hampton Town Hall: Board Discusses Deer Management Plan

Why not open town lands to Suffolk residents to bow hunt that are in good standing?????" Jul 4, 12 10:40 PM

North Haven Residents Want Ticks Gone Regardless Of Cost

Does anyone want a 60 yr old bowhunter help thinning the deers in their yard?
After a few weeks of hunting they will be in back yards only. Not the main woods." Aug 20, 13 11:45 AM

Remsenburg Residents Consider Hiring Bow Hunters To Thin Deer Herd

Sounds like at great idea at no cost to taxpayers. Way to go" May 6, 14 6:26 PM

North Haven Appears To Have Completed Its Deer Cull

The whole thing was a money grab, its all about money" May 20, 14 9:04 AM

Election time is Cull time. Cull them" May 20, 14 9:05 AM

East Hampton Village Preps For Deer-Spaying Program In January

Sure do all the doe and when they die there will not be a deer left on the face of the earth. Nice job. " Dec 18, 14 7:37 PM

First Phase Of Deer Spaying In East Hampton Village Wraps Up

Done at taxpayers expence again. Nice " Jan 21, 15 6:07 PM