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Cancellations Due To Hurricane Sandy

anyone know if Alternatives for Children is closed on Hill Street??? most likely , yes..." Nov 2, 12 9:09 AM

Barrister's Restaurant In Southampton Village To Close This Weekend

Ann's Luncheonette in the 50's....a full of memories corner....
" Sep 25, 13 3:37 PM

Eileen R. Essay Of Southampton Dies January 3

a beautiful lady inward and outward to all she encountered.....be at peace dear Eileen.....
" Jan 6, 14 6:11 PM

A Community Garden Will Take Root In Southampton Village

Miller Road in the village????....are you sure about that????" Jun 26, 15 9:28 AM

Southampton Town May Switch To Single-Stream System For Recycling At Transfer Stations

and perhaps a sturdier and a bit larger (the smaller size) green bag....same price....
" Jan 12, 16 1:04 PM

really.....what would that be....don't like adding MORE green plastic to our world...
" Jan 12, 16 4:33 PM

UPDATE: Kenneth Yerves Died In Tuckahoe Accident

totally agree...a horrible road...
" Jan 12, 16 9:36 PM

Sandy Hollow Affordable Housing Project In Tuckahoe To Break Ground This Summer

yes affordable housing....WRONG location....
" Apr 17, 17 11:53 AM

the track of land south of 39 on Magee Street (before the RR tracks...east side) .....not sure but I thought the town now owns this land....." Apr 17, 17 4:03 PM

One Kings Lane To Open In Former Rogers Memorial Library Building In Southampton

Another upscale seasonal storefront....
.this special place should house something for the year round community...
a terrible choice...." Apr 19, 17 10:36 PM

a SEASONAL retail....not what we need.....
" Apr 20, 17 10:06 AM

Animal Lovers Help Stray Cats In Hampton Bays

wonderful project....wonderful kids....will share this with my library staff...
" Nov 6, 17 8:40 AM

State Money Allocated To Renovate 'Beating Heart' Of Campus, But Stony Brook Has No Immediate Plan

My dad took me there for lunch on my 13th birthday...The Tucker Mill Inn...1956...a beautiful building back in the day...
" Jan 18, 18 5:32 PM

UPDATE: National Weather Service Predicts Up To A Foot Of Snow Wednesday

spring has sprung but the snow keeps a comin'......" Mar 19, 18 9:24 PM

Parents Vow To Fight Catholic High School's Closure

yes...I heard this too...money money money is always the way....keep up the fight, parents....
" Mar 21, 18 1:21 PM

Tuckahoe Road Closed For U.S. Open

Our village streets are cluttered and stuffed with McMansions...we had to fight fight fight for beach access (and it's not over).....we MUST hold tight to this PUBLIC road...and view..it's for ALL of us....
" May 30, 18 8:58 AM

Southampton Town Closes On Joint Purchase Of Lobster Inn Property

This is great news and will be a wonderful addition to our community. People are crazy to think that real estate tax revenue is more important than having public, recreational, and aquaculture access to our local waterways. I would take this deal any day of the week over a series of mcmansions being built and closing off the coasts even more so to the local community.
For all of you who don't like it, MOVE. Really, we need less people out here who consider development for the 1% as beneficial to our communities and environment." Jul 27, 18 4:07 PM

Southampton Village Police Department Revives K-9 Unit After Nearly A Decade Gap

Congratulations Topper and Officer Moore..for continued training and soon to be keeping us safe,,,,thanks...
" Oct 3, 18 9:22 AM

East End Natives Create Special Needs East End Network To Offer Services For Developmentally Disabled Adults

the south fork bakery has delicious baked goods...buy the cookies all the time...a wonderful environment for our young adults...thank you for all your hard work and love.
" Mar 21, 19 2:53 PM