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Southampton Elementary School principal faces uncertain future

Obviously that is part of the problem. When someone gets 13 weeks off a year pays less than anyone else towards health care and have tenure so you can't lose your job there is very little incentive to do anything but maintain the status quo. Southampton spends more per student than any other school district on Long Island which probably means more that anywhere in the country. If there weren't for all those mcmansions out there everyone would be paying 20k a year in property taxes and not getting much for your money.Westhampton Beach has the same number of students yet consistently scores higher on all tests and has better maintained schools. You need to have people who are qualified to do the job not just to look good to certain groups of people, whether that is african-american, native american, hispanic, white, green or blue. The peolpe in Southampton live in a fantasy world, this kind of waste would never be tolerated in the corporate world. School administraters should not earn more that the governor, not that he's doing a great job either. Thier sense of self importance is ridiculous your running a school not a multinational corporation or researching the cure for cancer. Good luck and I'm glad I don't live there." May 11, 09 3:25 PM

Give me a break. If these overpayed teachers and administrators had to work in any other field none of them would fine a job with the benefits they receive now, except for school phychologists or nurses none of these people could work in the real world. I agree that the parents need to help their children learn but why is it whenever a certain school's test scores are poor it's the parents to blame not the teachers and school officials. It's still a six hour work day with several breaks in the day.So when you add it up it's still less hours than most people put in. And every contract teachers have stipulate extra pay for every little thing they do, school trips coaching etc. The school taxes are the major reason it's so expensive to live hear. Nowhere in the country do teachers and administrators make this kind of money. No superintendant should make more than the governor, but as usual lets circle the wagons and protect ourselves and our sacred cash cow, the taxpayer." May 12, 09 9:29 AM

I see hampton teacher didn't address the benifits issue. School employees pay less into their healthcare than anyone else. I see that Tuckahoe teachers only pay 2.5% new employees 10%, well I pay 25% of the premiums for my healthcare and my retirement is all my own money not a garanteed pension with very little or no contribution as the school employees have. I would love to be able to take additional college courses so that I could bump up my salary and pension, no chance of that happening in the private sector. As far as for other professions they are not payed out of my pocket. I wonder if that teacher in Easthampton could afford to live in her house if her property taxes were 15 to 20 thousand as they are in many area of the island. Pretty soon the only people left here will be school employees. These school districts are totally out of control." May 12, 09 9:55 AM

Why is it that all teachers make a big deal out of having to pay for the additional college courses out of their own pockets, guess who paid for my education and that of my children, me who else. So give that a rest. The school year is 180 to 188 days with personal and sick days. The work week for the private sector is 260 days with anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks off, this is still 50 more days than a teacher. You get full time benefits and a very generous pension for working less than the average professional. Also don't equate your degree with a lawyer or doctor. I hope you don't think that a teacher with amaster's in say history is on the same level as a surgeon. I actually repsect the work teachers do, but please stop complaining how hard it is. Your job, benefits and retirement are garanteed, I wish could know the feeling of going to work everyday and wondering if you'll have a job when you leave at the end of the day. No fear of losing your house and everything else you've worked for. You all need a reality check." May 12, 09 12:00 PM

Something to think about, how come Westhampton Beach and Hampton Bays school districts, which have approx the same number of students, have budgets of 9 and 15 millions less than Southampton respectively." May 12, 09 1:55 PM

What would these teachers do if they had to contribute 300 per month for health care and had to put in their own money to a 401k with no garantee at the end. Lets do away with the pension system and let them save like the rest of us. Most teachers and administrators will actually recieve more in pension payments than they ever did in salary over the course of their careers. I also think everytime they get a 4% raise they can pay an additional 4% in insurance premiums. Taxes that support these ridiculous benefits are killing long island. You can't justify any of this. I have no problem with a teacher with 20 plus years experience making 75 to 90 thousand but how about contributing more to healthcare and retirement and ease the burden on the rest of us working stiffs. By the way your healthcare premiums cost about 12 to 15 thousand a year. So think of where you'd all be if you had to pay that and make contributions to retirement. The majority of long islanders are living week to week while the school employees just keep on taking." May 13, 09 10:23 AM

Southampton phys ed teacher McCready resigns post

Are you kidding me with this. Everyone is so afraid to step on anyone's toes. The guy was agreat teacher and Mr. Phillips would give a recommendation to a future employer, get some backbone people. I wonder how much money the school district pissed away on legal fees for this fiasco. Heroin people not a minor traffic accident. People make mistakes sure but he got caught not once but twice which means he probably was using it alot more than that. Who cares how nice he was, what if he was impaired while driving to school and ran over one of your kids. Good ridence." Aug 11, 09 12:45 PM

Price wants village to pay; serves Westhampton Beach with notice of claim

I don't know the specifics of this case but assuming the facts in th earticle are correct this is just another case of some spoiled lawyer thinking he can do anything he wants. Give me a break a 10 million dollar lawsuit against the village because he doesn't have a co. He's had 27 years to conform to the village code. Iwish we had laws in this country that if a lawsuit is brought against someone or some entity and it is deamed frivolous orwith no merit then the one who initiated it must pay all costs. this would eliminate all this bs lawsuits and shut up these idiot lawyers." Aug 19, 09 10:31 AM

T-Mobile wants to build cell tower in Speonk

No one in Speonk was notified of this. I also don't like the reference that Speonk is an downscale area, don't forget Remsenburg-Speonk school district maybe one of the best on Long island. Also what is the matter with these idiots in Southampton, they start to develope a water park off of Old Country Road and after cutting down trees and fencing in the property they decide to put it somewhere else. Don't ignore this area as it is the first town in the Southampton Township. No day laborers hanging out here and there is almost no crime. Last weeks murder of an immigrant was the first in at least 10 years. Why not put it on Speonk Riverhead Road as there are only light industries there and plenty of land nowhere near any residences. Vote this down or we will vote you all out." Sep 9, 09 10:31 AM

Shinnecock Indian Nation wins preliminary federal recognition

I have a great idea, let the "Shinnecock Indians" move to some barren upstate area and open their casino. Long Island is so overbuilt and crowded now. No more developement. That casino will never be allowed here." Dec 16, 09 11:34 AM

Suffolk County will stop using East End trailers to house homeless sex offenders

Why are we paying sex offenders 90 bucks a day to find shelter? Whoever came up withthat idea is an idiot. We need to stop being bleeding hearts. I know we can house them in trailers at the Riverhead jail and let them mingle withthe inmates. That seems fair. Who thinks that this is a good idea?" Jan 14, 10 2:08 PM

Bishop girding for fall fight

I will not vote for any imcumbant or anyone over the age of 60. Sorry I'm not prejudiced against older people but if anyone ever watches anything Congress or the Senate does you will realize that most of these people have been in office way to long. They are only interested in getting re-elected. They only care about getting enough people in ttheir districts to vote for them. They couldn't solve a national problem for anything. We so need term limits but since that would take an act of congress I guess you know how that will go." Feb 2, 10 11:00 AM

Suffolk County delays closing of trailers again

Why not put these trailers on the grounds of the Riverhead jail. I will vote out of office any politician who backs paying these sc______s anything. What the hell is the matter with these people are you so afraid to make a decision. Your all weak and worthless. I say put the politicians offices right next to the trailers." Mar 5, 10 1:19 PM