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With a lean economy, more people want to peddle food

in a economy like we are currently in you would think small business's would be encouraged not discouraged. no one complains about the abundance of realtors or delis on every corner.....lisa grenci should be ashamed herself for the comment;

“Eight or nine people are going to be utilizing our public land and making a lot of money while our local businesses have to pay rent, insurance,”

does she think the trailers the vendors work out of are free? they in fact are very expensive, or what about the equipment in them? and is she that naive to think that they dont have insurance. she should think before she speaks next time. and the Press should do a better job at asking commen sense follow up questions.
their was an article in this weekends new york times about portland oregon, and how that city actually encourages vendors of all kinds. they have 400 and counting, as they recongnize it a great way to get a start in the food business. and a less expensive way for the public to enjoy a good meal or snack. the hamptons could take a lesson from portland in more ways than one. and if locals do not want so many vendors, landlords should try making rent affordable enough for small business's to have a fair chance at succedding without going deep into debt." May 11, 09 1:57 PM

Riverhead man stabbed to death in front of Hampton Bays Diner

what is wrong with you people? why are we all focusing on the business in which this horrid crime took place? why is no one concerned with the fact that there are are like 5 cops for every person in the hamptons, how could they not have responded any quicker? if anything, people should be mad at the ones we call "policemen". they are so busy following minorities around looking for a reason to pull them over and ticket them, they couldn't respond to a REAL emergency, and actually do their jobs correctly. and aside from the "policemen", what about this poor man who lost his life for what? you people who are worried about closing down the hampton bays diner should be ashamed of your ignorant, selfish, and idiotic selves. you, and the suffolk county police force. " May 24, 09 6:02 PM

vag from southampton is delusional and most likely a "cop". " May 24, 09 8:37 PM