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Kabot says party leaders pressuring her to keep lid on financial woes

If the Republicans give Linda the nomination all is lost with the party, it would be a shoe in for the Dems. There are not too many, if any, Linda lovers left in the town, let alone the Republican party for her to win the primary or the November election. Malone's charisma alone is enough to dissuade Republicans from voting for Linda. " May 13, 09 10:38 PM

GOP passes over Kabot; nominates Conservative Party chair

Leave it to your teenage son to say "lets open a can of whoop-ass," not our supervisor. Show some tact." May 19, 09 12:30 PM

Police deficit the result of town officials' mismanagement, report says

Sea-TV Town Board meetings have been the greatest comedy on television this past year. Linda's lack of couth not only towards other board members but also to the public is disgraceful. Nancy has become a puppet for Linda, and the quarreling between the ladies has made me embarrassed to live in this town.
Southampton needs to get back to smaller government, lower taxes and a pay as you go philosophy. I've had enough of the town buying up and converting nightclubs into town properties that are under utilized. How can we continue to pay for these town centers and properties that are failing to give the town any financial return, its just common sense.

" Jul 20, 09 8:03 PM

Why should I move when we have to power to change what is wrong with this town? " Jul 20, 09 11:07 PM

Deal gives Kabot GOP nod for reelection

Supervisor Seat for Sale?
It didn’t take long for Southampton Town officials and party leaders to catch on to the politics of Illinois. This scheme sounds eerily familiar to the one I pulled this past winter. I just hope this one doesn't end in an indictment too.

Good Luck Southampton Town,
Fmr. Gov. Rod Blagojevich

" Jul 21, 09 3:12 PM

Kabot: Loss of Conservative Party line a 'betrayal'

Good for the TOWN Conservative Party, a party of integrity, They aren't going to give into Linda and her cronies as they attempt to blackmail and bully their way into office." Jul 28, 09 12:31 PM

You actually think Malone backed out of the primary on his own??? Stinchi gave into Linda in fear of himself, his mother and Heaney losing their seats on the GOP committee to Linda and her cronies. Ed Walsh (County Conservative leader) promised Linda the nomination not the Town Party. The SH Conservative Party had enough common sense not to nominate someone that their party members did not sign petitions for or would ever vote for. Linda does not run a government in accord to the political philosophy of Conservative Party. The Conservative Party has no loyalty to her and they owe her no favors. And I am sure the party committee members did not forget that she tried to layoff 6 police officers (take a close look at the committee members). So there is absolutely no reason for everyone to be all up in arms for her not getting the nomination. So don’t tell me I am spewing nonsense, maybe you need to read up on your facts before making blanket statements. " Jul 28, 09 11:04 PM

The deal was Linda would get the GOP nod and as a result would not continue to mount a race for seats held by Stinchi, his mother (Pat) and Skip on the GOP committee (that is right out of 27east). Unless you are Jim Malone, which I am quite certain you are not, don’t say that it was a better deal for him. Malone also received more signatures on his GOP petitions than Kabot, so why would he back out.
Malone did not broker the deal with Linda; Ed Walsh told her she could have the nod. Malone had enough decency to poll his fellow committee members and take into consideration that they did not support a Conservative nomination of Linda. It was the Conservative Party committee members who decided not to give Linda the nomination not Malone or Ed Walsh. Not giving Linda the nomination was a decision made by the Party not one person.
Why shouldn’t the Conservative platform be considered when nominating a candidate? Nominating someone who is not fiscally responsible does not go in accord with the beliefs of the Conservative Party.
And the retirement law is OPTIONAL not forced retirement after 20 years of serving the community for the police department.
" Jul 29, 09 2:41 PM

Eastport resident says McGann campaign illegally stuffed mailbox

Personally I have received mailings from Mr. McGann that had proper postage affixed to the envelope, as did other family members and friends. " Sep 23, 09 9:13 PM

Southampton Town department heads try to dodge layoffs

trurepublican you are right....time to put Summers back on the market!" Sep 24, 09 12:09 AM

Southampton Town deputy supervisor confronts, shoves PBA president over comments about budget

I'll say it again.....at least the titanic had a band!" Oct 2, 09 8:56 PM

If you are calling Jones an elected offical your wrong, deputy supervisor is an appointed position. Also you say he was threatned with false arrest....false arrest usually comes AFTER you arrest someone. " Oct 3, 09 12:21 PM

Man Who Died After Fall Off Long Wharf On Saturday May Have Been Intoxicated; Police Ask For Public's Help

I believe it was the Sag Harbor Police Department and the Harbor Master that pulled the man out of the water. " Nov 6, 11 8:59 PM

Sag Harbor Mayor, Police Chief At Odds Over Police Staffing

One part time officer working alone? No wonder why there have been a recent string of burglaries in the village. I'm not sure if anyone has been spending time in Sag recently but the town is a zoo. Great for businesses, but clearly makes a strong argument for a properly staffed police force. Because as we all know, most of these lovely people who visit our area do not police themselves. " Aug 31, 13 5:19 AM

Restaurant And Aquaculture Center Set To Open At Former Lobster Inn

The CPF board was actually against purchasing this property. They just make the recommendation to the Town Board and then they do what they want.....The whole thing seems a little fishy" Sep 1, 19 9:45 AM